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BREAKing Card: Hip and now!

BREAKing Card: Hip and now!

BREAKing Card!

Greetings PUCLlonians! Did you miss me?… I didn’t think so… but nonetheless welcome once more to the new, improved, and hopefully more interesting BREAKing Card, where we analyze, critique and breakdown our favorite TCG news! The “news” part is new, because talking about what is hip and now is what is hip and now… right? Anyhow, since Pokémon is leaking more information than our shady politicians, we got a lot to talk about! Let’s get this party started with none other than our favorite Gen 1 Grass Starter! The original party starter, Venusaur!

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The new “Red and Blue Collection: Venusaur  EX” is out in stores since Wednesday, July 13 for a mere penny of $24.99. While the American version comes with a Venusaur EX promo, a Venusaur figure, and four Generations boosters, the European version has the same items, but swaps out the figure for a jumbo card (sorry Fluffiest Whimsicott!). The Venusaur EX included might not be very competitive but for collectors it is one heck of a pretty card. Its first attack, Poison Powder, does 60 damage and poisons your opponent active Pokémon while its second attack, Jungle Hammer, does 90 damage and heals 30 damage from Venusaur EX. While both might sound interesting, they are way too expensive for their own good. Nevertheless this is a great collection box and you shouldn’t miss out.

Venusaur-EX-Red-Blue-Collection-1 Venusaur-EX-Promo-XY123 Venusaur-Figure-20th-AnniversaryVenusaur-EX-Red-and-Blue-Collection

For all of you Pokémon BREAK aficionados, the next BREAK Evolution Box is also out, this time featuring Ho-Oh and Lugia! Sitting pretty at a retail price of $24.99, this box features Ho-Oh BREAK and Wobbuffer BREAK, with a little bit a Lugia as well, a jumbo Ho-Oh BREAK promo and of course five boosters. If you enjoy these legendary birds then this deal is for you, otherwise I would skip it if you’re more into the competitive side. Man, Ho-Oh can’t catch a BREAK! (Get it, cause it has a BREA…. Nevermind)

Break-Evolution-Box-Ho-Oh-Lugia Ho-Oh-BREAK-XY154 Ho-Oh-XY153 Wobbuffet-BREAK-XY155 Lugia-XY156


Next we have Genesect, that bug Pokémon that I have never been able to pronounce correctly, arriving in a new promo Metal card. A basic Pokémon with 110 HP, weakness to Fire and resistant to Psychic, carries two attacks and frankly neither are particularly good. For one Metal and one Colorless Energy, Linear Attack does 30 damage to one of your opponents Pokémon while ignoring weakness and resistance. Its second attack, Destructor Beam, does 90 damage for three Metal Energies and allows you to discard an Energy attached on the opponent’s Active Pokémon if you flip heads on the coin. Competitive wise this card is garbage, but for a collector it is truly a work of art. I mean… LOOK AT IT!!!


It’s sooo pretty!

My favorite news of the week goes to the announcement of “Pikachu & New Friends” blisters coming in November! This is our first Sun and Moon cards to be released! It will feature exclusive holo promos of Pikachu, Rowlet, Litten and Popplio! Consider this as the “lead-in” product to introduce the latest generation of Pokémon to the TCG world. If history is any indication we will see this new set arriving in stores February 2017. No matter whom your favorite Gen 7 Stater is, you can’t miss out in owning the first ever printed versions of their cards!


But wait, there’s more! The new Metal Fairy Pokémon Magearna now makes an appearance in the TCG! This promo card has 80 HP and two attacks, but neither is worth discussing. Again this is for the true collector or metalheads (Looking at you Viger!). However two blisters were announced for Steam Siege that includes the Volcanion and shiny Gardevoir pins to collect! I know what Thatch is spending his pokedollars on!

Magearna-Promo Steam-Siege-Volcanion-Pin-Blister Steam-Siege-Mega-Gardevoir-Pin-Blister

Lastly we got Yvelta BREAK, Greedy Dice and Ninja Boy confirmed for Steam Siege, which is great news however it is almost confirmed that Karen (the Night March Killer) will not make it in time for Worlds. This is especially troublesome as Pokémon Ranger did indeed make the cut making most Night March counters vulnerable to its powers. Although many are quick to assume that this means Night March is this year’s Worlds Championship winner deck, I still hope to see a surprise underdog in the lead! Go Paul!!

66-Yveltal-BREAK 102-Greedy-Dice 103-Ninja-Boy


The hero we need, but apparently don’t deserve…

That’s it for the news! If you haven’t listened to it yet please check out our most recent PUCL TCGcast where we discuss the rotation in much more detail and also have an exclusive interview with none other than Paul Johnston, 3rd place finalists in the US Pokémon national Championships! Until next time, keep on TCGing!