BREAKing Card: Keldeo EX vs Rayquaza EX Battle Arena Review!


Welcome PUCLonians to another instalment of BREAKing Card, where we analyze, critique and break down our favorite TCG. This week has been one of big news! I mean, we have 4 new Pokémon announced, two new Z moves (Eevee ‘s Z move is life) and we had the new Play Pokémon format be officially announced. However, one piece of news has been drowned amongst the rest and that is the release of the Battle Arena Decks Rayquaza vs. Keldeo! This bundle of joy brings us a collection of amazingly important cards at a incredible price! How incredible you ask? I’m glad you did because that is what we are discussing now!  First let’s start with what it brings:


Keldeo Deck

2 Keldeo-EX

2 Blastoise

2 Wartortle

3 Squirtle

2 Milotic

2 Feebas

1 Octillery

1 Remoraid

2 Lapras

1 Articuno

1 Regice


1 Arche’s Ace in The hole

1 Bianca

2 Dive Ball

1 Escape Rope

1 Fisherman

1 Karen

1 Lysandre

1 N

1 Professor Birch

2 Professor Sycamore

2 Professor’s Letter

2 Rary Candy

2 Rough Seas

1 Shauna

1 Skyla

2 Superior energy Retrieval

1 Teammates

1 Tierno

2 Ultra Ball

1 VS Seeker


8 Water Energy (FOIL)

7 Water Energy


Rayquaza Deck

2 Rayquaza EX

2 Eelektrik

3 Tynamo

2 Raichu

3 Pikachu

2 Dedenne

1 Zekrom

2 Zapdos

2 Victini


1 AZ

2 Battle Compressor

1 Bianca

2 Float Stone

1 Karen

2 Level Ball

1 Lysandre

1 N

1 Pokemon Fan Club

1 Professor Birch

2 Professor Sycamore

1 Professor’s Letter

1 Shauna

2 Skyarrow Bridge

1 Skyla

2 Switch

1 Tierno

2 Ultra Ball

1 VS Seeker


4 Fire Energy (FOIL)

4 Lightning Energy (FOIL)

2 Fire Energy

5 Lightning Energy


The decks themselves are built beautifully. I mean look at them! They are so amazing that it would be a crime to take them apart… of course that won’t stop me. The amount of money you are saving by buying this Battle Arena Deck is staggering! You have important Pokémon cards that work in both Standard and Extended formats, incredibly powerful Trainer cards that are “must have” for any players and some foil Energy cards that are so very pretty! So let’s go ahead and run down as to exactly we are saving here.

**Hidden Rare is not the one included**

VS Seekers

Wow… the mere idea that they have added two of these in the deck is mind blowing! VS Seeker is a four off in any competitive decks. VS Seeker allows you use any Supporter in you discard pile again! If you have four Vs Seekers and four Professor Sycamore in your deck then that means you can use that Supporter up to eight times! Needless to say that this card is a gem, considering that this deck includes two, I would buy two Battle Arena Decks to have a full set of them.

Price: ~$13.99 x2


Octillery (XY BREAKthrough)

This was a total surprise, considering how recent this card was released. This reddish octopus is a very interesting card. It’s ability “Abysmal Hand” lets you draw cards until you have 5 on your hand. This is basically Shaymin! Except you draw one less time… and it’s a stage 1 Pokémon so you’ll need to evolve it… but otherwise is a great substitute for that flying rat. This set only includes one, but sometimes that is all you need.

Price” ~$14.29 x1



Ah yes! One of my favorite cards ever in the Pokémon TCG. N is the type of card that may give you the necessary boost to go ahead while simultaneously screwing your opponent mercilessly. This rival allows you and your opponent to shuffle each other’s hand back into their decks and draw the same amount of cards as their respective prizes. If they have fewer prizes than you, then they draw fewer cards! It’s fantastic! Plus the face of your opponent as they lose their whole strategy in their hand back into their decks. Oh the pain… oh the tears…

Price: ~$2.49 x2


Keldeo EX (Black & White 7: Boundaries Crossed)

Keldeo EX is a beast in extended. Its ability “Rush In” allows you to switch it to the active position at any time. Combine that with a Float Stone which gets rid of any retreat cost and you have yourself and escape goat for all situations. Not only that but its attack “Secret Sword” is not too shady neither! For 3 Colorless Energies it does 50 damage plus 20 for each Water Energies it has attached. This is a very powerful card. Now, it is worth knowing that this card is not allowed in Standard and is only available to play in expanded. FIGHT ME NIGHT MARCH!!

Price: ~$4.99 x2


When you add up the value of these cards alone it ranks up to $57.23 in a set that only has the retail value of $29.99!! As you can already tell, this is one hell of a deal you cannot miss! I, as Lord of the PUCL TCG, hereby put my seal of approval to what is one of the best bundle deck sets that the Pokémon TCG has ever released. What do you guys this; will you be buying this set? How many? Let us know on the comments bellow and remember to stay tune here in PUCLPODCAST.COM for all you Pokémon needs.

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