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Breaking Card: Pokemon on a Budget

Breaking Card: Pokemon on a Budget

Poor man’s decks!

Welcome Puclfans to the newest issue of Breaking Card where we analyze, critique and break down our favorite TCG. I know many of you look at the Pokémon TCG and say “I can’t get into that, I’m broke”. I can’t lie; it can be a very expensive hobby. Unlike the video game where you just need to pony up the $39.99 plus tax and be done with it, the TCG requires a lot more investments in order to stay up to date with it. There is, however, ways to play competitively and still save your wallet the agony of bleeding out the greens. Here are a few tips on how you can play TCG on a budget like a Boss… without a job.

Singles with benefits!

One big thing to know is that, if you are on a budget, you need stay away from boosters packs. This is how they get you and it is by far the least efficient way of getting the cards you need. The best way to get what you need and spend the least amount of money is to go online or your local store and buy singles. Yes, you might feel that spending $5 on a single card might be hard, but it is always better than blowing through dozens of pack and not running in to one. Go online and find a good deck list and make a budget, if a particular card is to expensive try finding cheaper alternatives. The TCG is the only medium where we can cheerfully say, “single is better”.


Bee Vengeful… on a budget.

Vespiquen has always been my favorite card from Ancient Origins. It has a good amount of HP for a stage 1; it has a powerful attack in Bee Revenge and is freakishly fast to set up. To top it all off, its cheap! You can build a deck around Vespiquen under $40 easily as most the cards you need to make it work are pretty accessible. Make sure you include four Battle Compressors to put Pokémon (and Supporters if you have VS Seeker) in your discard pile to feed its attack, Forest of Giant Plants to pull off those turn one evolutions and Ancient Origins’ Eeveelutions for type coverage and you have yourself one epic deck. If you find yourself lacking in money, you can’t go wrong with this honey… I hate myself.


Work that Night Shift!

Speaking of small bugs that can kill you, Night March is another fantastic deck that consists of no EX and no high expense. Phantom Forces brought us a few sneaky Pokémon with the move Night March, which is like Bee Revenge but instead of 10 for each Pokémon in your discard pile, its 20 for each one that also has Night March as an attack. There are three cards with this attack: Lampent, Pumpkaboo and Joltik, and all of them can be acquired for a very low price. Joltik – $0.25, Battle Compressor – $4.99, the look on your opponents face when you beat him with a 30 HP tick… Priceless!


See? Getting into the Pokémon TCG is not that hard. Deck building is half the fun in this game, and to build it on a budget is part of it. I did not mention trade as an option on this article because to do that you need extra cards, but since we want to stay away from booster buying, trading becomes obsolete. Tell us of other ways to save money, or what was the biggest deal you ever got on a card. As always, stay tune at Pucl for all your Pokémon needs!