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Breaking Card: Top 5 cards in Ancient Origins!

Breaking Card: Top 5 cards in Ancient Origins!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Grass!

Greetings PUCLfans and welcome to another installment of Breaking Card where we analyze, critique and break down our favorite TCG. Ancient Origins is upon us and with it comes an amazing amount of fantastic cards that just beg to be collected or played. To celebrate this grand day I wanted to tell you about my Top 5 cards from Ancient Origins and the ones you should be on the lookout to buy, collect or trade. Now without any further delays, here are my Top 5 cards from the Ancient Origins set!

No. 5 Dark DenialGiratina EX Bandit Ring

Let start this list with Giratina EX at number five in our list. This dark price of Pokémon is one great card that will cause fear and terror (more like annoyance and frustration) to opponents everywhere.  Standing on 170 HP is pretty standard for a Basic EX Pokémon and having Fairy type as the weakness is a good advantage on today’s meta-game (because of the lack of it). Its Pokémon ability (Rebellious Wave) is not too shabby either. It prevents all effects and damage done to it by Mega Pokémon, which we all know they are beginning to dominate the battlefield. Its attack, however, is where all the fun lies. Chaos Veil does 100 damage and prevents your opponent from playing any Pokémon Tool, Special Energy, or Stadium cards from his or her hand.  Giratina EX has return to let us know that he is still the beast that guards the Distortion Dimension, and is planning to bring you in!

No. 4 Sharing is caring… NO!

Jolteon Bandit RingFor number four we have three very awesome Pokémon, and one of them happens to be my favorite! Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon are tied since they all do basically the same thing, albeit a little different. Their Pokémon Abilities (Electric Effect, Flare Effect and Aqua Effect respectively) grants all Stage 1 Pokémon on your team with the same type of that of the Eeveelution in play. They all retain their original type as well which makes them dual type Pokémon. This allows you to pick and choose the type that would give you the edge on that game. Rayquaza EX is a threat? Give Lightning power to your team with Jolteon. Mega Sceptile EX won’t die? Flareon will bring the heat for all your Stage 1. These three cuties are great tool cards that will serve as the Swiss Army Knife for any Stage 1 deck. Plus, Jolteon is king!

No. 3 Too much mulch…

Giant Plant Forest Bandit Ring
Number 3 on our list is one Stadium card that should not be under estimated, because if you do you will end up being swallowed whole by Audrey II (those who got this reference, I love you). Giant Plant Forest allows all Grass Pokémon to evolve at any time with no wait needed. This means you can evolve your Oddish to Gloom and then to Vileplume all on the same turn. Given that Ancient Origins brings with it a slew of amazing Grass Pokémon helps cement the possibilities that exist for this card. Having access to this speed grants Stage 1 and 2 cards the ability to compete with EX cards that would normally would outclass them.  This is a must have in ANY Grass deck, and can you imagine the size of the avocados in that forest?

No. 2 Party starter Hoopa!

Hoopa EX Bandit RingWith the new movie on the horizon, it’s no surprise Hoopa is the main focus of this set. To top it all off it’s an amazing card! Hoopa EX’s Ability “Bandit Ring” allows you to search your deck for, not one, not two, but up to 3 Pokémon EX cards and places then on your hand. Yeah, you heard right. Hoopa EX drops down and says “Let’s get this party started” and immediately fills your Bench with more EX monster that you can store in your PC. Huh? What’s that? It has an Attack? NO ONE CARES! Like Shaymin EX (Roaring Skies) before it, you don’t want to attack with it at all; its ability is all you need to build up your game in just one turn. You set the place, your opponent sets the time, and Hoopa EX will bring the party!

No. 1 All hail the quen!

We have now reached the top of our list and it pleases me to say that the number one card for this set (at least in my Vespiquen Bandit Ringopinion, which is law) is not a grand EX, nor a powerful Supporter card, but a simple Stage 1 Pokémon, Vespiquen. With only 90 HP you might be asking yourself how this card can be the best one in the set. Well, the answer lies on its second Attack, Bee Revenge. The spirit successor of Flareon from Plasma Freeze, Bee Revenge deals 20 damage plus 10 more for each Pokémon in your discard pile. For those who played with Flareon know that this is an amazing attack capable of dealing epic amount of damage for just a Double Colorless Energy. But wait, its Grass so it can evolve quickly with Giant Plant Forest. It’s a Stage 1 so it can gain the benefits of the Eeveelutions. It has only 90 HP so it can be searched with Level Ball (also a reprint from Ancient Origins). Ariados (Ancient Origins) can’t poison it… Its super effective against Seismitoad EX and Primal Groudon EX… it has no retreat cost… it’s not an EX so it cost just one Prize… I can just keep going and going about how amazing this card is and I probably should but I will just say that Vespiquen is my number one card in Ancient Origins and I am excited to build a deck around this BEEauty!

That ends our top 5 cards from Ancient Origins, released today in the US and Europe. This set is full of amazing cards, not just these five, so make sure you go through the whole set list and see what other surprises are in store in the excavation. Let me know what you guys think, do you agree with my list? Do you have your own? What is the card you are more excited about? Let us know and like always, stay tune to PUCL for all your Pokémon needs!