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Category: #150 Celebrations

P.U.C.L. #150 PUCL Celebrations

Thatch, Sarge, Bocefus, Scron, Dr. Shamu, and Ethan all get together to celebrate PUCL in this live episode of PUCL! We go over the news, and talk about how we got into PUCL and thank everyone who makes the show possible! Mailbag: What is your favorite pokemon origin? Email that and anything else to puclpodcast@gmail.com …

P.U.C.L. #150 Live Feed

Everyone can listen to PUCL’s 150th episode live right here: [mixlr url=”https://mixlr.com/puclpodcast/embed”] It starts at 2 PM- 4 PM Eastern. This player will also be on the chat website. So feel free to show up!

P.U.C.L. #150 Celebrations! Retro Episode: P.U.C.L. #1

Hey Guys, in anticipation for the 150th Episode this weekend, October 5th, at 2PM Eastern, when we will record it live so you guys can listen in, we have decided to put out our older episodes for you to listen to in a remastered form. So here is the first this week with P.U.C.L. #1 …