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Pokemon Catch-Up: Looking Back At Season 1

Welcome to Pokemon Catch-Up and our special post where we look back at season 1. Pokemon Catch-Up is a post series where we look back at only the most important Pokemon episodes and follow Ash along in his journey per the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing List. Today, instead of covering an episode, we’ll jump into […]

Pokemon News Issue #138

  Hey guys! I’m not dead!   Now that that is out of the way, welcome to the newest issue of Pokemon News! Today, we actually have some worthy news to talk about in this gigantic wasteland of nothing between main series games. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.   First up, […]

S01E80 Pokemon Catch-Up: “Friends to the End”

Are you pumped? I sure am! Why? Because this is Pokemon Catch-Up, a post series summarizing only the most interesting Pokemon episodes (according to the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing List). If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that Ash lost at the Indigo League. This episode wraps up the season and shows Ash reflecting back […]

S01E79 Pokemon Catch-Up: “Friend and Foe Alike”

We are so close! Ash is in Indigo League, he’s passed his preliminary matches, and he’s facing off against his close friend. record scratch/freeze frame You might be wondering how we got here. The Pokemon Catch-Up series goes through the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing list which pares down the enormous list of Pokemon episodes just […]

S01E78 Pokemon Catch-Up: “A Friend In Deed”

Welcome to Pokemon Catch-up! The one and only blog post series detailing Ash’s Pokemon journey through the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing List. As always, because of differing numbering, I advise to rely more on the episode name than the episode number to find the right episode. Ash has so far defeated the preliminary 4 challenges […]

Pokemon News Issue #137

  Holy Magikrap! It has been a long time! The news has been high and dry these past few weeks. But at long last, I’ve finally got some stuff to talk about, mainly movie news, but it will do. So let’s get to it.   The biggest news this week, and the previous weeks, concerns […]

S01E77 Pokemon Catch-Up: “The Fourth Round Rumble”

Closing on the preliminary rounds, we’re almost caught up with season 1 of Pokemon. Hello and welcome to Pokemon Catch-Up! The premier blog post series following Ash’s journey through only the most important episodes as per the Pokemon Fast Track Viewing List. Today’s Episode: Season 1 (Indigo League), Episode 77: “The Fourth Round Rumble” Synopsis […]

S01E76 Pokemon Catch-Up: “Fire And Ice”

Well hello there! Welcome to Pokemon Catch-Up, an article series based on a curated list of Pokemon episodes and their overviews. Can you hear the stadium cheering? Because I can as I review today’s episode where Ash faces off against yet another opponent in the Pokemon League. In the last episode, Ash’s Krabby evolved into […]

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