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How to do Damage Calculations by Yourself!

Have you ever wanted to determine how much damage your Pokemon’s moves will do to an opponent before you use them? Well, this simple guide below, created by yours truly, will show you how to do it! There are few times as good as while the 2015 PUCL Ultimate Underground Tournament of Champions is going […]

In the Meta: Abomasnow

Happy Holidays to all my dear Puclonians! It must have been pure serendipity that my article posting day landed on December 25th! So, as I pound into the night on my forge known as a keyboard in order to spread competitive cheer, I wish you all a merry Christmas / Kwanzaa / Hanukkah / Festivus […]

In the Meta: Ferrothorn

With body of steel, and whips of lead, this Pokemon makes any trainer feel a sense of dread. It crushes its foes with barbs of iron, and leeches their health so that they become tired. It sets up spikes that damage the feet, and uses sharp rocks to tenderize its meat. It crashes and spins […]

In the Meta: Umbreon

Possessing the best defensive bulk of any of the Eeveelutions, and a great ability in Synchronize, Umbreon stalks its way into the limelight of PUCL this week. Considered to be the “coolest” of the Eeveelutions by many, it’s actually Glaceon (Obviously, since it’s an Ice-type), Umbreon does not disappoint since many attacks just seem to […]

In the Meta: Beedrill

  With a vengeful gaze expressing its decade long ire of being nearly forgotten, the original bee Pokemon is back and ready to take back the honey. As perhaps some type of sadistic trick, Nintendo has decided to revive the original arch-nemesis of any fledgling Pokemon trainer by granting Beedrill a mega evolution. With a […]

In the Meta: Glalie

Emerging from the shadow of momma Froslass. Mr. Otaku, Glalie, has come out of his cave to seek vengeance against all who used to make fun of him for being a momma’s boy. Armed with a unihorn and a terrific neck beard, Glalie is back and ready to kamikaze against those who have accrued his […]

In the Meta: Skarmory

Slicing through the wind, a storm of blades madly cuts through the densely particulated wind from which it sired. With a brisk maneuver downwards, the tall, shining avian deftly grabs its prey in its mighty talons and returns to its lair in esteemed victory. This week in “In the Meta” perhaps the greatest knight of […]

In the Meta: Weezing

Floating its way into PUCL’s spotlight this week is the most fragrant of the vagrants in the Pokemon world. This Pokemon has been around since the beginning of Pokemon, and although rivals try to claim its role as the smelliest, they all ultimately fail time and time again. Skuntank and Garbodor merely adopted the stink. […]

In the Meta: Absol

Coming down from the mountains for its PUCL debut is quite possibly one of the most interesting Pokemon currently in both the Over Used and Under Used metagame, it’s the shadow of destiny, the angel of darkness, and the weatherman of disaster, it’s Absol. Abundance is a word that adequately describes Absol in most areas. […]

In the Meta: Mega Charizard X

  Impatiently awaiting trial for his crimes against Pokemanity, the ferocious overlord of the Over Used tier known as Mega Charizard X continues to reign over his subjects with blazing hellfire while boasting impressive offenses and physical defenses. Yes, it’s true. Speculation has been circulating that our dear friend Megazard X’s head could be next […]

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