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The Foresight: A Money Making Guide

Hey PUCLonians! Welcome to the third edition of The Foresight! Where I guide you on how to become the best there ever was! The last two articles showed you how to breed and train your Pokemon to be the best competitive Pokemon they can be, but everything that makes these things easier costs money! So […]

The Foresight: An EV Training Guide

Hey everybody! Welcome to the second edition of The Foresight! An article where I guide you wonderful PUCLonians through the wonders of Pokemon training! My last article took you through the wonders of IV breeding. It would be good for you to know that I have updated the guide to include Omega Ruby and Alpha […]

The Foresight: An IV Breeding Guide

Hey guys! The Roleout was burning out, so I thought I’d start a new series! The Foresight is a series based on competitive guides to being the best like no one ever was. The first in the series is about Breeding for IVs. I will start with talking about the tools you will need for […]

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