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Locke On: Champion Geo44241

Hello PUCLonians! I need to offer some apologies about the lateness of this one. It is I, HexManiac Locke, with a late interview of our Ultimate Underground Tournament of Champions Champion, Geo44241. Just moments after witnessing Geo’s Mega Gallade lash out with the most Zen-like of Headbuts and striking down Winmor’s Breloom, fans rush the […]

Locke On: Coming Soon!

Hey Puclonians, Locke here, and no I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve sent out requests to members of the Pokemon world, and am working on receiving some responses. In the meantime, I am setting up an interview with our very own Ultimate Underground Tournament of Champions Champion, Champion Geo!   Interviewing can be a difficult task, […]

Locke On: Serebii Creator Joe Merrick

Greeting PUCLonians, This time we have a very special guest. With news breaking all over the world, and rumors flying mere hours before the latest Pokémon Direct, I hit the streets seeking interviews with anyone noteworthy. Never did I expect to run into today’s guest. An exclamation mark burst wildly above my head as I […]

Locke On: Trainer Thatch

And now, coming to you prerecorded from outside the Lavender Town Radio Tower, the one, it’s the only, LOCKE ON! And welcome to the 8th installment of Locke On, I’m your (hopefully) favorite interviewer, HexManiac Locke, with me today is (hopefully) your favorite PUCL President, Cool Trainer Thatch! But seriously, this interview has been a […]

Locke On: Ethan

Hey there PUCLonians, I had to hunt far and wide for this week’s interview. Your (hopefully) favorite Eternal Rival finally located his quarry, your (hopefully) favorite Master of Movie Ceremonies, Ethan. Did you know that the Lavender Town Radio Tower has its own subterranean multiplex movie theater? Neither did I, until today when I stumbled down […]

Locke On: Scron

Holy Heliolisks PUCLonians! It’s your (hopefully) favorite interviewer with the hard hitting questions back again! After several busy weeks in the field, I have whittled it down to just a few more interviews to go, including one I was both very excited for and dreaded immensely. My boss is a busy man, your (hopefully) favorite […]

Locke On: Viger

This Just In PUCL Nation! HexManiac Locke here live on the scene of the News Room. The story on the floor is that we have found your (hopefully) favorite reporter hard at work…. He’s asleep. Apparently the slow pace of News these past couple weeks  has lulled him asleep. I will have to wake him […]

Locke On: Mr. Maximus

Konnichi wa PUCLonians! This week we got to hunt down your (hopefully) favorite soft spoken Host, Mr. Maximus. It took me some time to track him down, the Lavender Town Radio Tower is a big place, but it wasn’t until I stopped looking inside and gazed out the window that I found him! He was […]

Locke On: TheFluffiestWhimsicott

Hey there Multi-layered PUCL vegetables (PUCL Onions), Here we are again as you join me in meeting and greeting our esteemed overlor- HOSTS! I wasn’t certain where to find our (hopefully) favorite fluffy Italian writer; TheFluffiestWhimsicott. I spent hours looking through the Radio Tower for her. Luckily her partner wanted me to find her as […]

Locke On: Dr. Shamu

  Hello again my PUCL friends! Once again you are welcomed to join me on my exploration into the people who keep PUCL running and get a little insight on how they roll. Today we have slipped into the Laboratory of one of PUCL’s Masters of the Metagame and Council Member, Dr. Shamu. As I […]

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