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PUCL Game Corner #017

In this episode of Game Corner, Bird Keeper Cobra goes up against returning competitor, Clod9. They are joined by Scron and Sublime Manic, who intensify their trivia rivalry. On today’s show, they play “Cliff Hiker”, “Where in the World is Looker?” and “Pokemon Password”. Check out our new t-shirt store! Don’t forget to like us […]

PUCL Game Corner #016 – Trivia Wars

We are back for Season 2 for Game Corner! In our first match of the new season, Dennis the Mimikyu Maniac enters a battle of wits with h3nz. They are joined by Lord Jushiro and The Fluffiest Whimsicott and play “Where in the World is Looker?”, “Dex Tac Toe”, and “Fuchsia City Feud.” Check out […]

PUCL Game Corner #015 – #PUCL10 (after dark)

In this special episode of PUCL Game Corner, we broadcast live from Thatch’s office during the wee hours of the PUCL10 live stream. Prof. Snag is joined by Thatch, Dr. Shamu and Scron. They play Pokemon Headbanz (Who’s that Pokemon?), Fuschia City Feud, and Are you a boy or a girl? Even Professor Snag gets […]

P.U.C.L Game Corner #013 Tournament of Champions (Part 2)

In the second part of PUCL Game Corner’s Tournament of Champions, Ashe Nightwind does battle with The British Gent while Dooley Noted goes up against Babbleloo in matches of “Are you a boy or a girl?” The winners of these matches play “Who’s that Pokemon?” Tournament Bracket Check out our new t-shirt store! Don’t forget […]

PUCL Game Corner #011

In this episode of Game Corner, VGC competitor FrostPupper joins up with Zcron in a battle of the sexes against Ashe Nightwind and the Fluffiest Whimsicott. They play “Are you a Boy or a Girl?”, “Cliff Hiker”, and “Pokemon Password”. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Tumblr, subscribe to our Subreddit, and most importantly […]

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