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Thorn/Rose Volume 6: Name Rater

Howdy howdy PUCLpeeps, Thorn/Rose Volume 6 is complete, on time, and looking foxier than your high school English teacher. I had a lot of fun with this issue as I surprised myself daily with the leap in art quality. Seriously, if you ever want to get better at drawing, make a monthly comic and be …

Thorn Rose Version, Issue 5: Thief

Summary: A ten year old child has no business wandering through monster infested woods attempting to battle and capture a myriad of walking natural disasters. However, after the very old and incredibly senile Professor Hemlock confused Thorn for a senior Ranger, that’s exactly what happened. After the very naïve boy’s first wild encounter he realized the …

Thorn/Rose volume 4: Endure

Heyyy PUCLpeeps! Heeeeeeeere’s Thorny!!!! And the return of Zangoose 😉

Thorn/Rose 4th installment late, but here is something!!

I’ve had issues with this one compounded by family matters. But since I have some free time at work I figured I could show you the basic parts of my comic process! As well as give you a sneak preview ;D So, after writing the first thing to start with is the “Thumbnails”. A thumbnail …

Thorn/Rose Version, Volume 3: Ally Switch

Hey Puclpeeps!!! Yes, i’m late but… Fallout 4, huh?! Hahaha, anyways, i’m super excited for this one. Not only does the story really get going now, but crazy sniz is goin down, yo. Hope you all enjoy!!!

Thorn/Rose version #2: Confusion

Hey PUCLpals! Here it is, hope you enjoy it!  

Thorn/Rose Version #2 will be late :/

Due to having a huge project thrust at me and my team earlier this week my drawing schedule was messed up. BUT! I will have it all for you late tomorrow night. I live on the west coast so the east coasters will probably want to wait until Saturday morning. But i’m very excited for …

Thorn Rose Version

Thorn Rose Version-Part One: Endeavor Hello PUClpeeps! I’ve got the first part of my monthly comic ready for you! This comic is in response to everyone who is a little older and wanted a Pokemon comic to grow in subject matter along with them. Since we have a wide variety of ages I kept it …