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PDL: Picks , Plans, and Personality

PDL: Picks , Plans, and Personality  Welcome Sports Fans… wait what is it… Puclonians. Alright! Welcome Puclonians to another PDL article. The PDL Commissioners have analyzed all the applications and have decided to go with these coaches: Norwalk Nosepass- Hydra  DC Crobat- Bigby Pittsburgh Piplups- Zcron Detroit Pyroars- Dr.Shamu New Jersey Jolteons- DizzyD Salt Lake […]

New P.U.C.L. Tournaments!

Hey Everyone! I’m happy to announce to you that our new tournament schedule is in full swing! Shamu and I have put together a schedule for the next few months that should take us all the way until September. So without much left to do here are my super special announcements! P.U.C.L.’s Prepare for Trouble Tournament […]

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