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PUCL Trivia Challenge #6 Update

Hey Hey Puclonians! This is a long due update on the 6th and final PUCL Trivia Challenge of the year. I recently wrapped up finals at college, and the next month and a half will be all PUCL. I said last time that I posted that I would reveal the prize for this time. Well, […]

PUCL Trivia Challenge #6

Hey Hey Hey Puclonians! There were quite a few trick questions in the last one, so good job to those of you who managed to overcome that barrier. This next one will be easier, I promise. 😉 All submissions were pretty good, but our leader board leaves the highest scorers as being TheFluffiestWhimsicott with a […]

Trivia Competition #5

Hey Puclonians! Sorry for the wait on this competition. We saw a bit more involvement in the last competition in my last post, so thank you for that. As for this competition, there will be some pretty cool prizes at the end, so hold your horses. As for the last competition, we had two perfect […]

Trivia Competition #4 Update

Hey Puclonians! Concerning the 4th PUCL Trivia Challenge, we didn’t receive close to what we had been getting in participation as before. The prizes will still go out, but I would like to do a final call for submissions. We put on events like this for your benefit, and it’s at great cost to our […]

PUCL Trivia Challenge #4

A hearty hello to all Puclonians once again! Last week’s trivia challenge went quite well, and I’m looking forward to seeing much participation again. This time around, we received two perfect responses from…   The Fluffiest Whimsicott and Bocefus! Congratulations to both of you! After flipping a coin, Bocefus has been determined the winner this […]

PUCL Trivia Challenge #3 Update

Attention Puclonians! The 3rd PUCL Trivia Challenge will be at 12 AM on Monday 9/14/15. There are revolutionary prizes this time around such as: 1. A Metal Charm Keychain featuring Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Meowth, and Psyduck 2. A Charmander Plush Doll (New) 3. A badge of your choice from the Kanto Region (Enamel / Laser […]

PUCL Trivia Challenge #3

Greetings once again to all you trivia hungry Puclonians! Last week’s competition was a resounding success with a three-way tie for perfect submissions along with numerous other replies! The three perfect contestants this time were: R.Sigma, TheFluffiestWhimsicott, and ThatsBushLeague! After assigning each of the flawless participants a number from one to three, I grabbed my […]

PUCL Trivia Challenge #2 Update

Hello Puclonians! Just a friendly reminder that you have until Sunday night on the 30th to submit your responses for the 2nd PUCL Trivia Challenge! The winner will receive the Trivia Challenge badge alongside a prize of their choice from the three options below! 1. A custom designed dice bag with a Pokemon and color […]

PUCL Trivia Challenge #2

A merry hello to all Puclonians once again! It’s your omnipresent host Scron with another exciting Trivia Competition! Congratulations to Snag for winning last week’s competition! Please e-mail your choice of last week’s prizes to and submit for the trivia badge to receive those as soon as possible. All contestants can view the answers […]

PUCL Trivia Challenge #1 Update

Attention Puclonians! The trivia competitions for PUCL will now have a two week period for question submission. The winner will be announced during the upcoming trivia challenge! If you want to win prizes, give it a try. The link to the first challenge is below.

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