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Zcron’s Random Tutorials for Pocket Monster Success #2

  Welcome to Issue #2 of Zcron’s Random Tutorials for Pocket Monster Success, where I will provide insight on how YOU can be successful in the wide world of Pokemon ranging from battling to role-playing. For the second issue, I’ll be discussing some popular Pokemon mods that you can add to 5 very popular games. Also, from here […]

PUCL TCGcast Episode 55 Delay

Hello everyone! As you might have noticed the podcast is going to be delayed. I encountered an error editing it which caused me to lose all the work I have done to it (about 4 hours of editing). Due to personal, happy life changing, issues I wont able to have it ready today. The show […]

P.U.C.L. TCGcast #054: Victory Road! The North America International Championships!

Some say that Jushiro is joined by Sublime and the 2018 PUCL Champion D-Babs to talk about what we could expect from the North American International Championship! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Tumblr, subscribe to our Subreddit, and most importantly Review us on iTunes! Twitch: Support PUCL by purchasing a shirt or by donating […]

PDL Week 12 Recap

PDL Recap Week 12 We have concluded the last week of the regular season of the PDL. Let’s take a look at the final games before we head into playoffs. DEP vs. TOT: 6-0 NWN vs. HEH: 3-0 VAV vs. BFS: VAV Forfeit COG vs. NJJ: 6-0 SHS vs. SLC: 4-0 NYY vs. NJJ: 4-0 PIP […]

PDL Recap Week 11

PDL Week 11 Recap Week 11 down and only 1 more to go! Let’s hope for some exciting games and see how the regular season rounds out over the next 2 weeks before playoffs. DEP vs. SHS: 1-0 NWN vs. COG: 0-1 HEH vs. SLC: HEH Forfeit VAV vs. TOT: VAV Forfeit BFS vs. JAX: 1-0 […]

PDL Week 10 Recap

PDL Week 10 Recap 10 weeks down and 2 to go. Let’s see how we got to this week: DEP vs. BFS: 0-6 Forfeit NWN vs. NYY: 4-0 TOT vs. HEH: 6-0 Forfeit VAV vs. SHS: 0-6 Forfeit COG vs. BEN: 5-0 SLC vs. NJJ: 5-0 PIP vs. JAX: 0-2 HFW vs. MIL: 2-0 ITA vs. […]

PDL Week 9 Recap

PDL Week 9 Recap The final stretch before playoffs has begun and there are several teams fighting for their shot at playoffs DEP vs. ITA: 0-2 NWN vs. TOT: 6-0 HEH vs. PIP: 0-5 VAV vs. LOL: 0-6 BFS vs. NYY: 6-0 COG vs. BAL: 0-1 SHS vs. NJJ: 6-0 BEN vs. AUK: 0-5 SLC vs. MID: […]

PDL Week 8 Recap

PDL Week 8 Recap We have a lot to discuss this week from Playoffs to an interview with The Fluffiest Whimsicott so let’s jump right into Week 8, DEP vs. NYY: 0-1 NWN vs. BFS: 3-0 HEH vs. NJJ: 4-0 COG vs. VAV: 2-0 TOT vs. SLC: 0-3 PIP vs. BAL: 0-2 HFW vs. JAX: 6-0 […]

PDL Week 7 Recap

PDL Week 7 Recap The buzzer goes off as the teams return from half time here in the PDL. We got one more half to go to the regular season before playoffs, let’s see how well these teams did in their first week into the second half of the season. DEP Vs. VAV: 0-3 NWN Vs. […]

PDL Week 6 Recap

PDL Week 6 Recap The Season is half over and we have had a lot of ups and downs already this season. This is going to make the second half even more exciting to watch and report. DEP vs. DCC: 0-1 NWN vs. MID: 0-5 HEH vs. VAV: 0-5 BFS vs. MIL: 5-0 TOT vs. MIN: 0-4 […]

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