Hey Guys we have added a donations button to the website! We would really appreciate any support you can give us !(Though we would like to suggest only giving donations larger than 50 cents because that is about the amount taken by paypal for each transaction). You may also be wondering what we are planning on using your donations for so here is a list below.

  1. The first 100 dollars we raise will be used to fund the site since that is the yearly cost of running this magnificent community.
  2. Any money that is raised over 100 dollars would go to purchasing prizes for give aways and the postage required to ship them.
  3. I have always wanted to  start PUCL merchandise and this will be the capital we need to start up professional PUCL shirts!
  4. We are always looking to improve the podcast, and if we come upon better recording software or a microphone we would love to buy it. 
I would like to thank all of you who do donate! You get a badge for doing so, and long live PUCL! May this serve as a inspiration to all of us so that PUCL can become more than we could ever expect.