FanFeature Chapter 92

Hey guys! Happy Monday, and welcome to this week’s ONLY installment of FanFic Feature. From now on, I will only be posting 1 chapter/ week on Mondays. Without further ado, here it is!


Chapter 92: The Final Route!

The afternoon sunlight slashed through the thin clouds and burned Eli’s eyes. Eli knew that this would be a frontier in his journey, as he was ready to go into the last route of Perodia. Eli walked through the paved roads of Perodia, looking at all the people that were ready to take the same steps as Eli. Eli could see a multitude of powerful Pokemon that roamed next to the trainers. Eli decided that he would let his Arcanine out and look measure his lead Pokemon’s strength of the other trainers. Eli could see that there were Pokemon that would fall in a heartbeat to Eli’s Arcanine- Shiftry, Venasaur, and Mismagious. However, there were also Pokemon that Arcanine would have a tougher time with such as Rhydon and Nidoking. Eli knew that Arcanine was his best bet against the Elite 4, but he would not be good against many types of Pokemon. Eli walked with his Arcanine to the glimmering gates of goodness known as Route 15, and prepared for the joy that lied ahead.

As Eli walked onto the front of Route 15, he knew that this route was going to be less of a wild Pokemon overhaul and more of a fierce clash of trainers. Eli could see that there were a few punk trainers that were blocking the entrance to Diamond Plateau, the final frontier of the Perodia Region. Eli had his Arcanine out in front of him, pacing the path and making sure that no one could interfere with his trainer. Eli knew that Arcanine was his most powerful and trustworthy Pokemon, making him the star of Eli’s team. While Eli walked, he thought about what Pokemon he would use against the first Elite 4 member, Trace, who specialized in Rock type Pokemon. Eli knew that Arcanine might be able to compete if there was a land-locked Rock-type, but Eli decided that it would be better to keep his Pokemon out of the fight. If Dragonite was back to full strength, then he would be able to cancel out Aerodcatyl with ease. However, the other two Pokemon that Trace could use troubled Eli. If they were landlocked, then it would be easier for Eli to win. He could simply use his Bulbasaur and make a Leech Seed barrier and grow his power before he powered through his opponents. Eli knew that he would need more than just Bulbasaur and Dragonite, so he thought of other tactics that he could use to beat his opponents. He knew that he could use Alakazam and manipulate the lower speed of his opponents. Eli knew that this was probably the best method, as Jolteon and Crobat would not do much to the powerful Pokemon. Eli had planned out his entire strategy for battle without one conflict with another trainer. Eli was surprised at first that he had not run into any wild Pokemon, but then he assumed that they had been scared off by the trainers. Eli continued to walk as he thought about the champion battle and what it could entail. Eli knew that Zach liked to use weather, preferably sandstorms, to his advantage. He could instantly use the Sand Stream ability that his Tyranitar could possess and summon up the weather, saving him a turn. Then, he would be able to ride out any attacks and let his best Pokemon, Excadrill, get all set up to sweep the team. Eli knew that he would only be able to use Arcanine on Breloom, and that it was probably not worth using at all. Alakazam would be the best counter for Breloom, while Dragonite may have a chance at stopping the sheer force of Excadrill by matching his power. Tyranitar would most likely fall to Bulbsaur, and those would be the Pokemon that Eli would have to use. Eli was ready to enter Diamond Plateau when he was stopped by the two punk trainers that he had seen earlier. He pushed Eli with his gloved hands and Eli stumbled backwards, causing Arcanine to let loose a low growl. The man laughed at Eli’s Pokemon, as his Blastoise pounded his fists together in anger. Eli knew that this would be one tough battle if it happened, so he opted to try and talk his way out of it.

“Look man, I really don’t want any trouble. I’m sorry that I ran into you, I was thinking about the Elite 4,” said Eli. The man stroked his orange beard and looked back at Eli with his crooked grin. He cracked his knuckles and looked at Eli with his Cheshire Cat grin. Then, he looked at his Blastoise who jumped forward, pouncing onto Arcanine. He then pointed his massive jets downward, ready to blast an attack that would finish Arcanine. However, Eli knew that he would be able to avoid this. He called out to his Arcanine in a superbly confident manner. “Yippers, use Extreemespeed to escape the attack and then use Close Combat to hit him from behind!” cried Eli. Arcanine slipped through the grasp of Blastoise to evade the oncoming attack. Not one second later, a blast of water came from Blastoise’s jets. Then, Arcanine came behind the shelled beast and slammed his paws into him so hard that his shell began to crack. Blastoise had just used the move Hydro Cannon, meaning that he had to wait a turn to move again, which only encouraged the onslaught. Arcanine continued to pound Blastoise into the ground until his shell cracked, leaving him open to the final smash from Close Combat. Blastoise was left lying prone on the ground as Eli walked on by with his Arcanine into Diamond Plateau.



End of Chapter 92

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