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FanFic Feature Chapter 100

FanFic Feature Chapter 100

Hello guys! Welcome to the 100th chapter of FanFic Feature! I hope you guys enjoy!


Chapter 100: Loose Strings

That was it. Eli’s journey was over. No matter how hard he tried, he could not take that battle back. His knees buckled as he resisted the urge to spill tears out onto his stressed face. Eli extended his limp arm out onto the field and sniffed before withdrawing the lifeless Dragonite back into the Pokeball that he had first contained him in. After the massive dragon was recontained in the Pokeball, Eli waved to Zach before slowly shuffling down the stairs of the all-too familiar podium and walking out of the battlefield. However, while he was leaving, the crowd roared in appreciation- not only for Eli, but for his Pokemon- as Eli made his way out. This caused Eli to look up at the crowd and force a smile before removing his Pokemon World Tournament hat and waving it to the crowd. After the roars of the crowd subsided, Eli put his hat back on and walked out of the battlefield. The crowd truly helped soften the blow of losing the biggest battle of his life, and Eli was thankful for that. However, it was now time for Eli to go and venture back out into the world of Perodia. Eli opened the heavy door before allowing the true wrath of tears to pour down his face. As Eli’s face was shrouded with tears, he shuffled over to the healing machine and withdrew all of his Pokemon. Then, Eli took inventory on what Pokemon he had left. Arcanine, his trusty ace, was the last Pokemon that was alive after the onslaught of battles known as the Elite 4. Eli didn’t take the time to clip all the dead Pokemon’s Pokeballs to the backpack- he threw them into the biggest pouch and released his Arcanine so that his loyal partner could stand right next to him. As soon as Arcanine was released, Eli hugged the Pokemon’s coat of fur looking for relief after the loss. In return, Arcanine nuzzled Eli with his snout, which caused Eli to smile for a split second. Arcanine had been with Eli for so long, and Eli was relieved that he could spare him after the Elite 4. After letting all of his tears leak out of his eyes, Eli pulled down his Pokemon World Tournament hat and had Arcanine walk right next to him. Arcanine led the way out the door by pushing the barrier open with his head. Eli followed Arcanine’s path out into a crowd of reporters who were all looking for a quick word from Eli after the loss to Zach. However, most of the reporters moved out of the way of Arcanine, who had proved that he was a fierce contender during his time in the Elite 4. Thanks to Arcanine’s successful space creation, Eli was able to fight his way out of the Elite 4 building and get out to the rocky path that Eli had come in just a few hours earlier. It was amazing how much could change in just a few hours. Small light illuminated the houses that were few and far between in the city. Judging by where the moon was, it was nearing 11:30 PM. Eli could either try and get a room in the undoubtedly packed Pokemon Center, or he could try and head back home by riding his Arcanine. Eli decided that he should try and get back, as his parents would undoubtedly be missing him, as he had not been home in a few months. Eli rubbed Arcanine’s head as he jumped aboard the 6 foot tall hound. Eli whispered the plan into the Pokemon’s ear while he adjusted his hat. Arcanine nodded, showing that he was ready, and then began trotting down the rocky path. While Eli was laying on Arcanine’s back, he pulled out his pocket watch that he had obtained on his journey. For a moment, he smiled at the brazen sight of the object. Then, his eyes watered up as he remembered that Dragonair had gone down with Eli to fetch that object. Eli sighed as he realized that he needed to remove himself from the mental prison that this journey had put him in. Eli wrapped his arms around Arcanine’s thick neck as the trusty steed paced down the road. Finally, after a few minutes, Eli had reached the edge of town. Eli looked over the route where strong wild Pokemon could wreak havoc on other trainers. Eli knew that this route would be difficult at any time, but Eli would try to get past these two routes quickly in the night, while the other Pokemon were asleep.

“Yippers, I hope your ready. I’m going to hang on and your gonna use Extremespeed to run your way through the route. Got it?” asked Eli. Arcanine nodded in agreement with the plan, and in moments, the dog was dashing as fast as he could towards Cobalt Town. Eli could hardly make out the Pokemon that he was passing, but he knew that they had no chance of catching up to him because of the immense speed of the prominent Arcanine. However, Arcanine must have been moving just a little too fast, because when the Pokemon hit a small bump, a large rush of blood ran up to Eli’s head. The influx of blood caused him to pass out. The last thing that Eli could remember was Arcanine’s warm mane pressing against his face as he slipped into a strange, alternate world. While Arcanine and Eli rapidly moved around on the surface of the world, Eli drifted around in a strange world. Haze floated around, so much so that Eli could hardly see a few feet in front of him. Eli swung his arms around in front of him in attempt to feel out a wall or boundary, but he was having no such luck. The haze seemed to let up near Eli’s ankles, so he crouched down to his ankles and tried to see what his surrounding were. Eli now was not prohibited by the smog, but by the darkness. The ground pressed up against Eli’s face, and it sent a chill down Eli’s spine. Small shadows seemed to dance around in the darkness, but Eli could not analyze them quickly enough to form them into distinct shapes. The fear of laying on the ground caused Eli’s heart to clench up in distress. But in a way, the ground was comforting. It was desolate. It was quiet. Eli curled up on the ground and waited. In a short amount of time, Eli’s eyes were starting to droop. Eli had just dipped into the second dark world, sleep, when the scream of a winged beast woke him up. Instead of waking up on the icy floor, Eli woke up in the comfort of his own bed- in Cobalt Town. Arcanine’s massive tongue was enveloping his face. Eli tiredly rolled out of bed and patted his Arcanine on the head. It was weird to be home.

Eli pulled on a fresh set of clothes and walked down the stairs, still tired after the emotional charge of the previous day. When Eli came downstairs, his mother was sitting at the table with a strange man. Eli briefly wondered if his parents had separated, but his fear was denied when the conversation stopped when he walked in. His parents would always continue to talk when Eli came in, so Eli’s next task was to find out who this man was. Arcanine stalked behind Eli as he walked up to the table. His mom smiled as he walked up.

“Hello Eli! I’m so glad to see that you have returned from your trip!” She stood up and hugged Eli, which kind of made Eli cringe due to the fact that there was a complete stranger sitting at the table. His mom sat back down at the table before continuing the conversation. “Eli, I’d like for you to meet Scott. He is the director of the Battle Frontier in the Hoenn Region. He has scoured the face of the world for some great Pokemon trainers to compete in a major competition. He can give you more details. It’s completely up to you whether you go or not,” divulged his mother. Scott stood up and shook Eli’s hand. Eli was part excited about seeing someone as prestigious as Scott here, but he was also repulsed. He was wearing a weird pair of sandals with a Hawaiian shirt. Given that the climate of Perodia was rather temperate, this didn’t make much sense to Eli. However, Eli took his mind off of the aesthetics and listened to what Scott had to say.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to be meeting you Eli. I must say that I have been impressed with your battle style. I have found a few more trainers who I believe are at the same caliber as you. This is why I give you this ticket,” explained Scott. Scott handed Eli a ticket and smiled up at him through his chubby face. “I have this ticket for an exclusive boat ride to a secluded island. Many people think that there may be a rare Pokemon on this island. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity. Since there are only a limited number of trainers can go, this ticket is free and anything you catch you can keep. Since the limited capture law is not in effect on this island, you are free to get anything you want. It will be an all out struggle to get the rare Pokemon. Are you up for the challenge Eli?” asked Scott. Eli looked at his mom, who smiled in return. Then, Eli looked to Arcanine. The sly dog put out an apt smile. Eli took the ticket from Scott’s hand and thereby agreed to the journey. “Tomorrow at 6PM there will be a boat leaving from Dysporium Town. Come prepared with a plethora of Pokeballs and your strongest Pokemon. I guess that I will see you there Eli,” finished Scott. Scott then shook Eli’s hand and walked out the door, grabbing a doughnut from the plate on the table on his way out. Eli was off on a new adventure. Hopefully, this one would be a better ending and foster good competition. Eli opened up his pocketwatch, and the hand on the clock started up once again.