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FanFic Feature Chapter 94

FanFic Feature Chapter 94

Hey guys! Welcome back another installment of FanFic Feature! Enjoy this weeks chapter!


Chapter 94: Locked and Loaded!

Eli walked down the winding gravel road while pondering all of the events that would be coming tomorrow. Eli could see the sun dropping down over the horizon, and he knew that it would be a good time to head back to the Pokemon Center to crash for the night. While Eli was walking down the road, a person dressed in a suit with a cameraman positioned to his right stopped him dead in his tracks. They ran towards Eli, heading downhill as fast as they could. When they finally reached Eli, he stuck a microphone in his face and beckoned for his cameraman to turn on the camera. Then, the reporter stepped into the shot and asked Eli a question.

“Hello! I understand that you must be the challenger for tomorrow’s Elite 4 match, am I correct?” asked the man. Eli nodded as the man in the suit put on a cheesy smile. Then, he asked his next question, despite Eli’s array of confusion. “What are your thoughts on the challenge tomorrow?” asked the man. The microphone was then thrust back into his face and was looked at to answer the question. Eli looked blankly into the camera for a moment before the wheels in his head began to turn, generating an answer to give to the news station. Eli knew that this was Perodia 7, the leading news station in all of Perodia. They covered all news from the region, and they were able to broadcast all of their findings to the entire region. Eli cleared his throat before giving them a half-assed answer.

“Well, I’m excited for the match tomorrow to say the least. I know that it will be a challenge, undoubtedly the biggest one that I’ve faced so far, and I hope to put on one heck of a show,” finished Eli. The cameraman then barged in and knocked Eli out of the shot before signing off. He shook Eli’s hand and walked off down the road. Eli was so confused by the incident that he walked back down the road and found his way to the Pokemon Center where he opened the door and found his way inside. A small girl who had likely just seen the news story greeted Eli at the Pokemon Center. Eli waved to her and walked on by, claiming his dorm room in the Pokemon Center. When Eli got inside his dorm room, he set his backpack down and thought about the match ahead of him tomorrow, against Trace. Eli could only use 3 Pokemon against Trace, so he would have to choose wisely. Eli knew that he would need to use Alakazam, who was fast and powerful enough to make a dent in the defenses that Trace could throw at him. Eli was could also use Bulbasaur, who would be super-effective against his opponents. He knew that Bulbasaur was undersized, but he also knew that he could drain the power of his enemies using Leech Seed. That aspect of his game alone guaranteed him a spot on his 3 main Pokemon for the next battle. Now, Eli would have to choose from the last of him 4 Pokemon to join the team. Arcanine was a definite no, and Crobat would also have to sit this one out. That meant that Eli would have to choose from either Jolteon or Dragonite, and the choice was clear on who was the most powerful. Jolteon would be weak against the ground type attacks that Trace could dish out, and Dragonite would be immune to them. Eli knew that he would have to choose Dragonite, even if it was a tough pill to swallow. Dragonite’s arm had been making a steady recovery, but Eli knew that it would revert back to its painful state if Dragonite took a bad hit. Eli hoped that Dragonite’s injury would cause him to be more efficient with his power. Dragonite had never been very efficient with his power, and he usually had to do a lot more work for a massive amount of damage. Eli knew that if he could not dismiss these thoughts soon enough that he would never get to sleep, so he shifted his mind away from that subject and rolled into the small bed that the Pokemon Center had provided him. Within minutes, he was sleeping soundly, waiting for the final marks of his adventure to begin.

The next day seemed to be gone in a matter of minutes to Eli. He had slept in during the morning, waking up just in time to grab some lunch before going to the Pokemon League stadium, where he sat in on a press conference that the League had required him to attend. He was able to answer some questions about his journey before meeting all the members of the Elite 4. Trace was surprisingly short, standing at about 5’10”, which was only a couple of inches taller than Eli. Nate, the second member of the Elite 4, was a scrawny guy with a gruff beard. He stood at a taller height than Trace, but was still very short. Lucia was the third member of the Elite 4, and she was the youngest of the bunch. She was only 22, but she had the fighting spirit and experience that made her seem older. Joel was the most intimidating of the bunch. He stood at about 6’4” and was wearing a cut-off t-shirt and faded blue jeans. His muscles represented how his Pokemon were: strong. Finally, Eli was taken into a modern looking room where he dropped off his 6 Pokemon. From there, he selected his 3 Pokemon that he was going to take into battle: Dragonite, Alakazam, and Bulbasaur. After being briefed on the rules, one of the security guards opened up the door and revealed a battlefield with thousands of screaming fans surrounding it. Eli stepped outside, signifying that his Elite 4 challenge had begun.



End of Chapter 94