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FanFic Feature Chapter 99

FanFic Feature Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Zach

Eli had sped up to a peppy trot as he reached the door. The crowd seemed to scream towards him from every angle, and it created an eerie feeling for Eli as the buff security guard opened the door for him. Eli rushed through the door and into the locker room as his heart raced. As much as it would have looked like that Eli had crushed Joel 3-0, that battle was dangerously close to turning and causing Eli to lose 3-2. Eli continued to flow through his analysis as he sat down on the red leather couch. Arcanine had absolutely carried the team so far as he had wiped out one of Joel’s Pokemon, trumped Lucia, and gave Nate one heck of a worry. Eli thought about taking Arcanine into the next battle, but he would still require further thought on whether he was going to take that route. Eli deposited his three Pokemon into the healing machine, leaving him with 4 choices for the Champion Battle. As the healing machine buzzed and revitalized his Pokemon, Eli went over the options that he had. Dragonite, Jolteon, Bulbasaur, and Arcanine were the 4 Pokemon left that Eli had. These were not great options for Eli, but they were all that he had. Bulbasaur had taken the previous battle off, allowing him to heal up for the Champion battle. Bulbasaur would be a powerful threat to all of the ground type Pokemon on Zach’s team, so Bulbasaur would be a lock for Pokemon to take. Eli withdrew his Pokemon from the healing machine and moved on to the next selection. Since Eli had a stalling threat in Bulbasaur, it would probably be a smart idea to carry at least one of his aces with him in order to take out Zach’s perennial threat, Excadrill. Dragonite would have to be on the top of his game to take out Excadrill. Eli had seen this Pokemon in action before against Team Eclipse, and it had gashed all of the defenses that they could throw at him. Eli would need to find an innovative way to finish his opponent if he was going to take out Zach and be crowned the Champion of Perodia. Since Arcanine had carried the team, Eli would put off his selection until he had to decide between Jolteon and Arcanine. Eli withdrew Dragonite from the healing machine and clipped the Pokeball inside his backpack. Eli then pulled out his watch to check the time. As Eli flipped open the rusted face of the pocket watch to check the time, he jumped back as he realized that the watch had stopped working. The time had stopped at 10:17 PM. As Eli flipped open his PokeDex to check the time, Eli saw that it was 10:32 PM now. Roughly 15 minutes ago, Eli was in a battle with Joel. This eerie signal leeched some time off of Eli’s selection block. With a sense of urgency, he swiveled the chair back to the healing pod in order to choose his final Pokemon. Joleton and Arcanine were the two Pokemon left in the machine. Either of these two Pokemon would be solid contenders. Both were susceptible to the vicious Ground type attacks that Zach’s Excadrill could dish out. Jolteon could not effect Excadrill with any of his Electric type moves, but Arcanine’s best moves required a ton of energy- which the fiery dog didn’t have. Neither of the Pokemon would be great options for Eli in the battle, but Jolteon was fully rested and capable of dealing with any Pokemon besides Excadrill that Zach carried. Plus, Zach was more than likely to prepare ahead of time for Arcanine. Eli had used Arcanine in almost every Elite 4 battle so far, so it would be predictable to use him in the last battle. So, Eli withdrew Jolteon from the healing machine and clipped him to his backpack. Eli then stood up and turned his Pokemon World Tournament hat backwards before nodding to the security guard. The man then spoke into the headset in his ear before pushing the door open and allowing Eli to enter. As Eli stepped out, music began to play in the background. Apparently, they gave more hype to the challenger in the champion battle. This was one of Eli’s favorite song, and he mumbled the words through his smiling face. Eli waved to the roaring crowd and laughed as he realized that many others were singing the song along with him. When one of the major lines in the song was playing, Eli shouted it out, which prodded the crowd to explode in excitement. Eli then turned his hat forward again and climbed up to the podium as the music gradually faded. Now, it was time to get down to business. Then, a new song popped onto the radio. This song pushed the limits of how fast Eli’s heart could be beating. Zach came out dressed as casually as possible. He had a pair of grey, comfortable basketball shorts on with a long sleeve shirt. A beanie rested on his shaggy hair as a pair of slick glasses were hovering on his nose. Like Eli, he had a backpack on his shoulders. Zach pumped his fists as he walked out onto the field. He then scaled the stairs and walked up to the microphone. While Zach waited for the crowd to quiet down, Eli scanned the field for a quick analysis of what was going to be protruding his plans in the battle. The ground was all sand, which likely played off of the stregnths of Zach’s best Pokemon, Excadrill. Eli was snagged out of his daze by the voice of Zach.

“Welcome everyone! Rarely do I get the chance to fight people for the title of Champion! And even rarer do I get the chance to fight against one person who I have teamed up with before! Eli, I have been anticipating this battle for a long time! I knew that you were talented enough to make it this far. While we are both good friends, don’t expect me to take it easy on you! I will not hold back in this battle, and I have the strength to ‘kill the puppy’. Now, let’s get this battle underway! Tyranitar, come on out to battle my friend!” shouted Zach. The skilled trainer whipped a Pokeball out of his bag and onto the field in one fluid motion. Eli shuddered as the Pokeball flew towards the field, as he knew that this Pokemon would likely be a cornerstone for any Pokemon that Eli could try to throw out against Excadrill. When the green dinosaur burst out onto the field, a stream of sand was summoned onto the field. This would provide a huge boost in power to all of his ace Pokemon- including Excadrill. Eli knew that Zach was here for a reason. Excadrill was an extremely versatile Pokemon, which would allow Zach to just let his two other Pokemon set up for the behemoth. Now, Eli had the chance to sway the crowd in his favor and overthrow the champion.

“I’m glad that I could make it here today, Zach. It has been a long road, but I won’t get into that sappy crap. We both know that I am here today to take you down. It has been my goal to become champion, and I will stop at nothing to ensure that this happens. I know your strategy, and I’m sure that you know of my prediction. I can only hope that I can take down your Excadrill. I am not fooled by Tyranitar- he is just a pawn for you right now. JJ, come on out and take this supporter out of the match, now!” cried Eli. Eli then imitated the way that Zach threw that Pokeball out onto the field and released his Jolteon. Jolteon’s diminutive body was even harder to see in the sand, and Eli knew that this weather condition would be a major factor for the rest of the game. Since Eli was technically the challenger in the battle, he was obligated to make the first move. Eli knew that he would have to use power moves from the beginning. There would be no time for beating around the bush with gimmicky moves like Double Team from Arcanine in this battle. “JJ, let’s start this battle off strong! Use Thunderbolt, now!” shouted Eli. Jolteon generated a burst of yellow light which traveled from his erect furs to the hard shell of his opponent. The massive Pokemon faltered back a tad, but then stood back up in order to protect his balance. Eli understood that this would be a difficult Pokemon to take down, and that Eli would need to be persistent in the battle in order to win. Now, Zach could make his first move in the battle.

“That was an impressive move, Eli. However, I know that you can do better than that. And, you MUST do better than that in order to win. My Tyranitar will show you the immense power that it required in order to take down a Champion! Use Crunch now, Tyranitar!” bellowed Zach. Tyranitar’s dark eyes hummed in through the sandstorm, and the powerful dinosaur’s jaws became engulfed in a dark aurora before jumping towards the smaller Jolteon. Jolteon would have normally dodged the attack with ease, but due to the sandstorm, he was enveloped under the immense power of the attack. Eli winced as his Pokemon was silenced under the power of the attack. This Tyranitar could be Zach’s weakest Pokemon, and if it wore down one of Eli’s best special attackers this fast, then Eli would have an uber difficult time wiping the floor with Zach like he had destroyed some of the other gym leaders and Elite 4 members. Eli now had the chance to make another move. Eli needed to get lucky in order to take down this Pokemon, as it would suck to get down in this battle early.

“Alright JJ, hang tough and fire back another powerful attack! Hit him up with another Thunderbolt, now!” shouted Eli. Jolteon once again engulfed himself in a massive aurora of electricity and prepared to blast his opponent with another boom. However, when Jolteon attempted to launch off the attack, he crippled and fell to his knees due to the previous attacks that Tyranitar had made. Now, Eli was panicking. This turn would be a key turning point in the battle, and a loss of momentum here would mean that Eli would be suffering for the rest of the battle. Jolteon showed no signs of recovering off of the attack, so Eli had to concede that his turn was over and give Zach the option to move again. Zach now had the option to finish the battle, and Eli would take a beating if Tyranitar could pull out a KO.

“Tyranitar, good job on your last move! Continue to use that same power and effort to blast Jolteon with a SuperPower to make sure that this battle can be closed out here!” roared Zach. Eli called out to his Jolteon to try to dodge the attack, but it would be difficult for the stealthy, camouflaged Tyranitar to be detected by the keen Jolteon. Eli could not see many details through the sand, but he could see Tyranitar’s dark eyes and glowing bronze fists as he punched the snot out of Jolteon. Eli knew that this would be the death of Jolteon. There would be no 2 ways about this, and Eli would need to just work around it for the rest of the battle. A small tear rolled down Eli’s cheek as he knew that he would never be able to see his electric fox ever again. The Eevee that Atlas had given him would never again roam the battlefields and electrocute any opponents that went up against Eli. Eli’s head dropped as he returned Jolteon to his Pokeball using the red beam of light that originated from the convenient orb. Eli then swapped Jolteon’s Pokeball for Bulbasaur’s, who would be the next man up in taking down any Pokemon that Zach decided to send out onto the field. Eli then pulled himself out of Jolteon’s tragedy and tried the best that he could to put that match behind him. Then, he look back up towards Zach with his eyes watering.

“I must admit, I did not expect your Tyranitar to be that strong. I should have switched out to preserve my Pokemon, but alas, hindsight is 20/20. I now must move onto my next Pokemon in hopes of taking you out! Come on out, Syntha!” shouted Eli. Eli hurled the Pokeball containing Bulbasaur out onto the field, which was now Eli’s best choice to getting back into the battle. Bulbasaur would be able to launch super-effective moves against both Tyranitar and Excadrill, if he lasted that long. Eli, since he lost the last match, had the option to go first. “Syntha, make him fear you after this blast! Hit him with an Energy Ball, now!” shouted Eli. Bulbasaur shined a few beams of neon green light through the shroud of sand and launched an orb of energy towards his opponent. This attack seemed to do much more damage to Tyranitar, and the massive dinosaur fell back and splashed into the sand. Eli pumped his fists as he knew that Tyranitar was now close to being knocked-out of the battle. However, Zach seemed happier about this than Eli thought he would be. Zach seemed amused that Eli was making a comeback like this.

“Well, well, well Eli. It seems that you had some more vigor in you than I first thought. After the loss of your Jolteon, I thought that you would get in your own head for the rest of the battle. However, that seems to be the opposite of the case right now. However, I’m sure that my Tyranitar will quickly change your mind about how resilient that you are. Tyranitar, hit him with a Stone Edge now!” shouted Zach. Tyranitar swiftly flipped over and jumped back up to his bipedal nature before pumping his fists up into the air. By doing this, pointed stones darted from the sand and shot up right into Bulbasaur. Eli grimaced as Bulbasaur was pelted by the powerful attack. If Eli went down 2-0 in the battle, there would be no chance of him recovering. Additionally, he would lose his very first Pokemon that he gained on his journey, and there would be nothing that Eli could do to change that. Eli now had to choose his next attack carefully. If he went for another Energy Ball and KO’d Tyranitar, then it would be a tie game at 1-1. However, Eli knew that if Energy Ball did not get the job done that Tyranitar would make the rest of this battle a living hell for both Eli and his Pokemon. Eli decided to take a risk and attack, hoping that Bulbasaur could exert enough energy to finish his opponent off.

“Alright Syntha! This could very well be our last battle together. Let’s make it count! Hit that Tyranitar with a brutal Energy Ball! Pull through the pain Syntha!” urged Eli. Bulbasaur again charged up a powerful Energy Ball with Tyranitar written all over it. He then launched the attack and smashed Tyranitar back into the sand. Eli waited for Tyranitar to get up and finish his opponent like he did with Jolteon, but there was no second chance for Tyranitar this time. Eli smiled as he knew that he had evened the score with Zach. This would be a huge momentum swing now, as he could viably win this battle if Zach had 1 more ground type Pokemon before Excadrill. Zach returned his Tyranitar to his Pokeball, but still kept a calm expression on his face as he carefully selected his next Pokemon.

“Well, you Bulbasaur is powerful for its size. However, I have another grass Pokemon that will crush any chance of you winning this battle. Breloom, come on out!” cried Zach. Zach slung the Pokeball out onto the field and unleashed a Pokemon that looked strangely like a mushroom. Eli knew that this Pokemon would be one who could strike for both speed and lethality, so Bulbasaur was not a great matchup for this battle. Bulbasaur was better when he was in a slower pace, but now was not the time to risk Dragonite being out onto the field. Eli decided to stay in and attempt to use a Sludge Bomb to take out the frail attacker. Eli knew that Breloom would be aimed at softening up all of the other Pokemon for Excadrill, so a quick knock-out would be beneficial to Eli. Now, Zach looked ready to move and would not be denied from punishing his enemies. “Alright Breloom, time to show this Bulbasaur why you need some bigger size to get the job done! Use Mach Punch, now!” shouted Zach. Eli clenched his fists in anticipation as Breloom darted towards his opponent and landed a powerful, uncontested punch. Bulbasaur went flying back, and Eli knew that Bulbasaur didn’t stand a chance. The Champion had just annihilated his first Pokemon, Bulbasaur, in one swift motion. Two emotions immediately flooded Eli’s brain: anger and sadness. The thought of losing his trusty Pokemon made Eli sad, but Eli also wanted to seek revenge on any Pokemon that did that do his partner. A loud noise rang out across the battlefield when Bulbasaur hit the outer borders of the battlefield, showing that the small green dinosaur had been defeated. Eli withdrew the Pokemon to his Pokeball and clipped it inside his backpack. Dragonite would be a perfect revenge killer in this situation.

“Zach, I didn’t want to use this Pokemon against you. He is often a loose cannon, and he will stop at nothing to avenge his fallen allies. Buddy, come on out and show this Champion what you are made of!” cried Eli. Eli slung Dragonite’s Pokeball out onto the field and smirked as the massive beast towered over his opponent. Eli was tempted to prod Zach about his Pokemon being smaller now, but he resisted that temptation and moved on to getting his battle strategy set. “Alright Buddy! Go on out and use Outrage! Avenge all of the Pokemon that we have lost on this journey! Fight for Darryl, Diglett, Houdini, Screech, Syntha, and JJ!” bellowed Eli. Dragonite engulfed himself in a blue flame and let loose an audible roar as he soared up into the air. He flew above the swirling sandstorm and crashed into Breloom, flattening the sly Pokemon into the sand below its feet. Eli smiled, as he knew that he had just evened the score at a relatively low cost. However, the excitement faded from Eli’s face as he saw Dragonite clutching his arm that he had broken just a few weeks earlier. This was not a good thing for Eli’s hopes of winning. If Dragonite could not go full power, then Eli was better off forefeiting. However, since Dragonite was locked into Outrage and he was Eli’s last Pokemon, then he really didn’t have any other options. Eli would have to try and find another strategy that would benefit his chance of winning. But first, Zach had the chance to move. Firstly, Zach withdrew his Breloom into his Pokeball and switched it for the Ultra Ball that he had obtained his Excadrill in.

“This is one of the most exciting battles that I have engaged in so far, Eli. Even though I feel that I have been ahead for most of the time, you have never rolled over and accepted defeat as an option. You know that if you keep fighting that you will be in it until the very end. I applaud you for that, but now, I will have to end all of your chances of winning. You have seen my next Pokemon in action before, and he is the main contributor to my team. His immense power is unlike no other Pokemon that I have ever trained, and he has never lost a battle when fighting by my side. Excadrill, come on out and finish this battle!” shouted Zach. He spun the Pokeball out onto the field and grinned as the crowd went crazy. The mole crossed his arms and stared Dragonite down, as it to examine any weaknesses that the Pokemon might have. He then nodded and gave his trainer the signal that he was ready for battle. Since Breloom was the last defeat in the battle, Zach had the first move for this match. “Alright Excadrill, use Sword’s Dance now and pump up your attack! We both know what is coming next, so prepare for it!” shouted Zach. Excadrill crossed the drills positioned on each of his arms and pointed them up into the air. Eli knew that this attack would be a detriment to the chances of Dragonite living off an extremely powerful move such as Rock Slide or Iron Head. However, since Zach started off with a move that would boost the skills of his Pokemon, Eli had one chance to cap the battle off.

“Buddy, this is you chance to finish the battle! Try as hard as you can to fight through the pain and hit him with that Outrage!” shouted Eli. Dragonite again jumped up into the air and soared above the heights of the swirling sandstorm. Eli could hardly stop from shaking as his Pokemon took a nose-dive towards Excadrill. If this attack worked, then there would be little chance of Excadrill living off the attack. However, Dragonite’s broken arm would be a huge factor in this attack. When Dragonite was about to make contact, Excadrill did something that Eli would have never seen coming. The sneaky mole ducked under the sand for protection, causing Dragonite to slam into the hard ground due to lack of control. Then, Excadrill jumped up from behind Dragonite, where the Champion’s Pokemon had burrowed to, and smashed him with a plethora of rocks. This attack was Rock Slide, and it was super effective against Flying types like Draogonite. Eli fell to his knees as he realized that his dreams of being champion were over. There was no hope left for him. Eli mustered the strength to return his Pokemon to his Pokeball and walk off the field, barely being able to control the agony that had built up inside of him. The journey was over. Eli had lost.