Mr. Maximus


Tuesday 8-10pm Eastern

Gym Type: Ghost

IGN: Maximus

Friend Code: 3566-1718-6893

Defeat Me to Earn:

The Soulseer Badge

Soulseer BadgeIntroduction

I’m trainer who always like a good laugh. Me and my Pokémon LOVE to play pranks on people, most of them of innocent fun. I care deeply for the friends that I have made over the years, both Human and Pokémon. I loved Ghost Pokémon and enjoyed hanging out with them at night. We would go flying at night under the moon, scaring scoundrels causing trouble, and playing hide and seek (believe me it’s amazing what Ghost Pokémon can do to hide. Living up in Hoenn I used to love watching Phoebe of the Elite Four battle, didn’t hurt that she was cute too. Even though Ghost Pokémon have the fewest Pokémon on their roster, having only 34, they are whimsical creatures that should never be taken lightly especially if you do something to cross their path. With that said, Ghost is one of my favorite types to fight beside on my team.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t even like Ghost Pokémon as much as other types when I were younger. I used to think they were a bit creepy when I heard about them in school. One day after school, three bullies came and started messing with my friends and myself. We tried to get them to leave us alone, but they wouldn’t. I remembered what a Pidgey did one time when I tried to catch it by hand (cut me a break I was 8). I knelt down toward the ground, got the bullies attention and used a “sand attack” of my very own. I told my friends to run while the bullies were distracted. They got away, but I was not so lucky. When I was caught they dragged me to the old orphanage, which was boarded up all around, with some debris in the front. Somehow they were able to pry one of the doors open enough to stuff me inside. By the time I got back on my feet and tried to get out as I came in I noticed that the door didn’t budge, which made me think they put something in front of it. I could hear them on the other side laughing on how the orphanage has a new kid to look after as I heard their footsteps walking away. I tried the door again and even some of the old, boarded up windows in the same room but it was no use. I slumped down trying to think if I should venture throughout the building or say put, but as I was thinking I was getting mad. I wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for those bullies. My thoughts shifted from “How am I getting out of here?” to “How am I getting those bullies back?” I didn’t even notice something watching and floating above me. There was a Shuppet just staring at me with a smile as my face went a bit pale. Neither of us made any sudden moves, but the Shuppet started to float off. It flew off it turned back at me as it looked like it wanted me to follow it. I did and led me to a hole in the wall in one of the random rooms that was covered. It was dark when I got outside and I needed to get home and plan my revenge. The Shuppet then rubbed against me as it wanted to know what was on my mind. I seemed to have made a new friend and knew he wanted to help. As for those bullies, let’s just say those bullies were never the same and neither was I.