Welcome to the PUCL Summer League!

This once-a-year event will allow all Puclonians to test their mettle against our ten gym leaders! By the end of the league, anyone who has collected 8/10 badges will be qualified to participate in the Summer League Tourney for a rad prize! In order to claim a badge, submit a request for the badge under the badge tab with a battle video between you and the leader.

All PUCL gym leaders have pledged two hours every week that they will be in the PUCL chat box and be available to battle challengers. For the 2015 League, the gym leaders and their times are:

All times are in Eastern

Reveneight – Sundays (2PM – 4 PM)

DrShamu – Sundays (9 PM – 11 PM)

Scron – Sundays (9 PM – 11 PM)

Thatch – Mondays (6 PM – 8 PM)

Misty –¬†Mondays: (8 PM to 10 PM)

MrMaximus – Tuesdays (8 PM – 10 PM)

LightLink5000 – Wednesdays (10PM – 12PM)

GatorMaximus – Thursdays (8 PM – 10 PM)

Justin РFridays (7 PM Р9 PM)

Viger – Fridays (8 PM – 10 PM)

Please check out the individual leader pages for more information!