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In the Meta: Crobat

In the Meta: Crobat

Warning: The author of this article is incredibly biased to Crobat’s usefulness in nearly every competitive battling scenario.


Absolutely perfect in form and function, the magnificent beings known as Crobats bless us with their divine providence nearly every day. While some trainers are more appreciative of their eternal sacrifices, others choose to regard this fantastic Pokemon as a simply “better than average” battler. Such a notion is absurd, however, and I shall make the necessary steps to convince all who will take the time to read a few of my choice words on this matter of Crobat’s utmost superiority.

With one of the highest base Speed totals, 130, of all the non-mega Pokemon, though Crobat is sure to receive one soon enough, Crobat can be a nasty foe when used by a trainer who thoroughly understands its intricacies. Sitting at 90 base power, Crobat’s next highest stat is that of Attack, which may not seem impressive at first, but can be heightened when necessary. Crobat’s other stat totals include 85 HP, 70 Special Attack, and 80s in both Defenses. While not necessarily spectacular, Crobat’s defining attribute is its fantastic move pool access.

Crobat’s greatest STAB move is Brave Bird, which deals a whopping amount of damage with the liability of recoil. Nearly every Crobat running a physical set chooses this move, though some have been known to carry a low HP boosting berry or Focus Sash and run Acrobatics instead. On the spectrum of Poison moves, the greatest physical one it can learn is Cross Poison, possessing an unremarkable 70 BP, but increasing the critical strike chance instead. Perhaps the most effective way to use Crobat lies in understanding the outstanding support it can provide to a team. Able to serve as a quick scout, Crobat can deal some damage with a fast U-turn before zooming back to a replacement Pokemon to tank a hit for it. When using exceptionally tanky team members, Crobat can be quite tenacious. There are two moves, both incredibly useful and often a point of debate on which one is better, which greatly aid Crobat’s team at the cost of a move slot. The most obvious of these is Defog, which can remove entry hazards. Unfortunately, given Crobat’s Flying typing, Stealth Rocks deals 25% of Crobat’s health in damage on a switch-in, but this is the only entry hazard to have any effect on it. Be careful to observe the opponent’s team and scout for potential Defiant ability holders such as Bisharp since their Attack can get significantly boosted after an Evasion loss. The other notable support move is Taunt. Given Crobat’s incredible speed, few things other than Prankster users can out-Taunt a Crobat. The contention between Taunt and Defog lies in the fact that Taunt can prevent and Defog can remove if you know what I’m saying. This decision ultimately lies in a matter of personal preference. Roost can be run to offset potential damage from Crobat’s Brave Bird attacks, but does eat up a move slot likely used better elsewhere. An unconventional trick to deal with walls as a Crobat is to run Toxic so as to put them on a clock. If wanted as an unbeatable Breloom counter, run Sleep Talk, as all of Crobat’s mentioned attacking moves will usually OHKO when using the predictable sets.

A magnificent Pokemon such as Crobat cannot possibly be just used for these roles. Although slightly jankier, Crobat happens to possess the move Nasty Plot, which can allow it to become a veritable special sweeper even with a Special Attack base total of 70. The move of choice here will be Sludge Bomb since it deals the most damage and has a nice 30% chance of poisoning the target. The last two moves should be picked from the following 3, but they all have excellent reasons for their usage. My personal preference would be to choose Hidden Power Fire in order to deal with common threats including Mega Scizor, assuming Crobat isn’t Bullet Punched to oblivion first; Ferrothorn; and Mega Metagross. The next would be Air Slash given the STAB bonus it would assign alongside Sludge Bomb, but lacks in terms of overall coverage when compared to the two other choices. The last choice I’m suggesting is that of Giga Drain, which can certainly destroy entire teams not prepared for a powerful, HP restoring move. Shadow Ball used to be a valid choice for inclusion, but has fallen behind in terms of fungibility in coverage and power. Items are variable based on the moves which are run, but Black Sludge and Focus Sash are top runners for sure.

A good team can help to finesse Crobat’s immense power, but Crobat is more than capable by itself. I personally enjoy using an Assault Vest Eelektross set with my special Crobat to tank most of the hits, but other great options include Heatran and Chansey on the Special Defense spectrum, and Hippowdon and Mega Slowbro on the physical side of things. If a special Crobat is run without Hidden Power Fire, be sure to include Pokemon that can remove major Steel threats from the opposing team.

In this article, I have expressed my undying love and affection for the Pokemon known as Crobat. Rather than simply posting some generic spreads, I have decided to personally assist any Puclonian looking to spice up their Crobat experience with a personalized spread and move set. Simply post your team or what you are looking for in the chat below, or send it to my e-mail at bscron@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you all! Crobat is a true friend that will do everything in its power to simply make your team better in every regard. Remember this Puclonians, because my Crobats will always be the very best.


(Below is one of my favorite pieces of Crobat fan art. Credit to sharkjaw on the superb design.)

crobat vs. volcarona