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In the Meta: Diggersby

In the Meta: Diggersby

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Disclaimer: It is entirely circumstantial that this article has been released right before Easter. By no means consider that there is any sort of correlation that Diggersby, a Pokemon that looks severely like a rabbit / bunny, is being released the day before children search for eggs with candy inside that were hidden by a mythical creature that looks seriously like a rabbit / bunny.

Good! Now that the air has been cleared, we can begin to talk about how this Pokemon can make people scream “DiggersbyTho!” to the skies. For some reason, Nintendo enjoys making rabbit-themed Pokemon exceptionally hard-hitting: first by giving Azumarill and Diggersby Huge Power, and then by giving Lopunny a great mega-evolution. Either way, deciding to do Diggersby instead of one of the more top-tier of the rabbits is my defiance to the man, so you can complain avidly about it in the comments below. You can expect Lopunny or Azumarill at another time. Enough of a tangent. Diggersby is one (of several) bunny Pokemon that you do not want to mess with.

For those not familiar with the ability Huge Power, it doubles the attacking power of any Pokemon with it. Basically, it’s an identical copy of Medicham’s Pure Power ability. With Huge Power, Diggersby’s less-than-spectacular base Attack of 56 is given a chance to shine. A decent move pool befitting of any Normal-type also accompanies Diggersby, so that confident, bucktoothed grin isn’t without reason.

Diggersby’s roles are limited due to his relatively low stats, but he accomplishes those roles well. This puts him in the BL region of competitive battling. Scouting is generally the best role for Diggersby since running a Choice Scarf is the easiest way to make its Speed stat bearable. Access to U-turn is integral to this position due to the switch-out potential. Two nice STAB attacks in Return and Earthquake also wander their way onto nearly every Diggersby set. The last move on a Choice Scarf Diggersby should be either Knock Off or Wild Charge. Knock Off initially seems like the better choice until some research is done and you find out that, most of the time, a Diggersby can 2HKO a Skarmory (After Stealth Rocks damage) with Wild Charge. This is no easy feat, and given the prominence of Skarmorys, a convincing option to consider. Knock Off is also a great choice for dealing with non-mega Slowbros, and generally hits pretty hard against everything else the first time around.

Alternate Diggersby sets draw their power from being unexpected. Rather than running a Choice Scarf on this one, choose either a Life Orb, Focus Sash, or Choice Band. Considering longevity, Focus Sash is the best option, and should be run if one wants to use Swords Dance on Diggersby. Life Orb helps by providing a bit more power off the bat, and Fire Punch complements this item nicely. With the added power of Life Orb, this allows Diggersby to still deal with Skarmory while also dealing with Ferrothorns and Forretresses. When not assisted by the speed of Choice Scarf, run Quick Attack as a move to compensate for those last few HP points that you couldn’t quite get. Return and Earthquake remain as staples.


Exactly What You’d Expect a Diggersby Set to Be

Jolly or Adamant Nature (Jolly with Choice Scarf lets you outspeed Adamant Excadrill with Choice Scarf)

252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 Defense



Diggersby may have a pretty simple outlook on battling, but it can certainly complement the right team. Before that, there are a few rules to running Diggersby.

  1. Never try to 1v1 an Azumarill unless its HP is significantly low
  2. If Lopunny has Mega Evolved already, Diggersby cannot outspeed it with Choice Scarf
  3. Accept your role as the lesser rabbit, but in that your power lies.

Good teammates for Diggersby are solid wall breakers like Kyurem-B and Mega Heracross, as they make cleaning up much easier. Try to imagine Diggersby as the janitor of your team. Be sure to run a Flying-type to deal with annoying Grass-types like Mega Venusaur. In order for 2HKO-ing Skarmory to work, keep in mind you need a Stealth Rocks setter, so that’s integral as well.

A nice perk of this confident rabbit is its impressive power against other offensive Pokemon, lending significant viability to its Quick Attack move when in tough spots. It may not be as adorable as Azumarill or Lopunny, but Diggersby is just smiling and waiting to hug you in its huge ear-arms. So put on your bandanas, put on some chill sunglasses, and use Earthquake til’ you win. Remember this Puclonians, and your DiggersbyTho will be the very best.

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