In the Meta: Doublade


DoubladeOften fantasized as a sort of epic weaponry for their trainers in many fanfictions, the Generation VI sword Pokemon are no laughing matter when it comes to battling. Although Aegislash almost made it back to OU by a narrow margin, it was deemed too powerful and remains in the Ubers realm. However, its purple comrade remains in the region of fair game. Also deemed powerful by the Smogon lords, Doublade has recently been moved to the UU tier after continuously dominating RU as an incredibly effective spin-blocker and physical sweeper. Even in UU, this duo remains formidable as an opponent.

Doublade has a rather dubious ability in No Guard, allowing all of its and its opponent’s attacks to land flawlessly. Unfortunately, none of Doublade’s moves complement this ability, and it proves to be more of a handicap than anything else, granting many powerful and super effective moves 100% accuracy against Doublade. Another dubious trait of Doublade lies in its typing. While the ghost-typing makes it an excellent spin-blocker and negates super effective Fighting moves, Doublade picks up an unfortunate weakness to the common move Knock Off. Combined with an incessant reliance on Eviolite as a held item, Knock Off can deal major damage while also removing this integral piece of Doublade’s arsenal. For this reason, running a bulky mega evolution like Blastoise or Abomasnow on a team with Doublade is not a bad choice so that there is a reliable switch-in against notable threats including Krookodile and Absol. Steel-typing grants a weakness to Ground and Fire, but their general physicality allows Doublade to tank many of their hits with an Eviolite-boosted 150 base Defense.

Doublade’s 110 base attack stat proves threatening by itself, but truly can demolish entire teams after one or more Swords Dances. Complemented by a STAB priority move in Shadow Sneak, the true powers of this bladed duo begin to shine. Other moves befitting this haunted weaponry include Iron Head, Shadow Claw, and Sacred Sword. Iron Head provides Doublade’s most powerful STAB attack other than a minimum speed Gyro Ball. Walls like Florges are completely annihilated by either of these moves. Sacred Sword is perhaps the greatest coverage move Doublade has access to. Empoleon and Snorlax both take major damage from this move, and a predicted Sacred Sword onto a Heliolisk switch-in can be devastating. Unfortunately, there are quite a few Normal types in UU, which render Shadow Sneak useless. For this reason, entry hazard setters are good companions for Doublade to deal with persistent threats including Heliolisk. Shadow Claw is another STAB attack Doublade has access to. Often, any mix of Shadow Claw, Sacred Sword, or Iron Head works in filling the first two slots, with the others being occupied by Swords Dance and Shadow Sneak.

Other than the standard UU set, Doublade possesses a niche among the Toxistallers in OU. Access to Sleep Talk allows consistent recovery, while taking minimum speed ensures a 50/50 chance for a hard-hitting Gyro Ball or a crippling Toxic. Instead of Sleep Talk, Pursuit or Sacred Sword can be run instead. Pursuit traps common OU Psychic types like Lati@s, Gothitelle, and Alakazam. This set proves more effective in the OU metagame given its inherent saturation with physical (Rather than special) sweepers.


UU Doublade

252 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Defense or Sp. Defense

Adamant Nature


OU Toxistall

252 HP / 252 Sp. Defense / 4 Defense (0 Speed IVs)

Sassy Nature


With Aegislash being forcibly removed from most competitive outlets, Doublade has risen to the challenge. Proving to be a formidable defensive tank, while also dealing major physical damage, these are some cursed swords I don’t want to mess with anytime soon. So grab your Doublade, dance around for a bit, swing madly at your opponent, and sneak up behind them; this is all while they’re draining your life-force out of you. Remember this Puclonians, and your Doublade will be the very best.

Doublade 2

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