It’s that special time at PUCL again where the staff gets to annoy our benevolent founder with ample “Happy Birthdays” and merry cheer. Other than sending Thatch a picture of Napoleon Dynamite, I shall honor his creation of such a fantastic Pokemon-themed community by analyzing the singles viability of another one of Thatch’s favorite Pokemon, Electivire. Regrettably, I have already written about Feraligatr, so Electivire is just gonna have to cut it, and I’m not writing about Thatch’s other bloody favorites like Diggersby, Diglett, Delibird, or Dunsparce. So sit down, buckle up, and get ready to go on the wire with Electivire.

Well, you may not be shocked by this tidbit of information, but Electivire hasn’t exactly won any medals lately for outstanding performance on the battlefield. While it has access to passable stats, it really just lacks that extra punch to make it stand out. Not surprisingly, this “Ape?” has been isolated in the realm of Never Used Pokemon so that it can bully the other misfits of the Pokeverse. I move to say that it is more than capable of fulfilling said purpose, and possesses the tools to do so in the neat ability, Motor Drive. This ability raises Electivire’s Speed stat by one level every time that it is hit by an Electric-type move. Unfortunately, you’ll have to really be able to predict your opponent if you expect them to willingly hit an Electivire with a Thunderbolt or T-wave. This helps compensate for its not quite up-to-par Speed if you manage to foil the opponent’s dastardly attempts to incapacitate the rest of your team. With an Attack stat of 123, you’re going to be dealing significant damage with any hit. Don’t expect too much sweeping potential unless you decide to run Choice Band or have a type advantage in moves. Fortunately, Electivire possesses a vast physical move pool to work with.

The most important move on pretty much any Electivire is Wild Charge. The recoil damage is well worth the power that this move can dish out. Unfortunately, NU Ground Pokemon are not unheard of *coughcough Seismitoad* so you won’t be able to Wild Charge / Choice Band combo your way to victory most of the time. It is for the sole reasoning of remedying the NU Whiscash and Seismitoad problem that is is very optimal to run Hidden Power Grass on an NU Electivire. Grass Knot can work as well, but HP Grass deals more. The other physical moves worth noting are Cross Chop and Ice Punch, as these promote the greatest  deal of overall coverage. A combination of Wild Charge, Cross Chop, Ice Punch, and HP Grass will  form your average NU Electivire. Other moves that could be run in replacement include Earthquake, Rock Slide, Dual Chop, Double Edge, and Brick Break (If you are terrified of dual-screens users for some reason). These moves can all be seen on singles Electivires, and I recommend you check out this week’s Double Trouble if you want Electivire’s VGC viability. As for Electivire’s item, you’re going to pretty much be limited to Life Orb, Choice Band, Choice Scarf, or Assault Vest. I think Choice Band has great potential for success and failure, while Life Orb is considerably more balanced. A Choice Scarf can turn Electivire into a formidable and unpredictable revenge killer, while an Assault Vest can enhance longevity against special attackers if you’re just using Electivire as a filler Pokemon with no specific role.


General Electivire (Life Orb, Choice Scarf, Choice Band)

252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 Sp. Attack (If HP Grass) / 4 HP (If not HP Grass)

Naive Nature (If HP Grass) or Adamant/Jolly (If not HP Grass)


A. Vest Electivire

252 Attack / 164 HP / 92 Special Defense

Adamant Nature


Consider using the beautiful Swanna or Mantine on your NU team to bait out Electric-type attacks to trigger Electivire’s Motor Drive. Use common team-building sense. Basically, don’t use Garbodor and Electivire on the same team because of the common weakness to Earthquake. Remember that you always want to balance your team and be prepared for any scenario. Other than that, Electivire seems like a Pokemon that can function well on just about any team.

WELL, it’s not going to be slaying Cthulhu any time soon, but it gets the job down when you want to simultaneously name your Electivire “Mr. Tibbles” and bully your opponent. Focus on every game, and wait for an opportunity that Electivire can crash into the battle with a boom. Remember this Puclonians, and your Electivire will be the very best. Although it probably couldn’t 1v1 Thatch’s Feraligatr. On second thought, it probably could. You get the point though.