The P.U.C.L. League is rooted in community at P.U.C.L. and now has come to a full form. Every year, P.U.C.L. will host the 3 following Events.


  1. The Ultimate Underground Tournament of Champions

This is P.U.C.L.’s annual tournament that will consist of physical prizes for the top finishers. Anyone in the P.U.C.L. Community can join, the only requirement is that you have a puclpodcast.com account.

The Winner of the U.U.T.C. will also be crowned the “Underground Champion” for that year and be entered into the Hall of Fame.

UUTC Hall of Fame

This tournament will usually take place around the beginning of January of every year, and run until the rounds are over.

Check out the UUTC Tab for Sign-ups, Rosters, and Brackets whenever it’s going on!

2. The Prepare for Trouble Tournament 

This is P.U.C.L.’s Annual VGC tournament. Each year it is based on the VGC rules that are currently in effect for that year.

2018 Start Date: TBA – Listen to the show!

PFFT Rules

3.The P.U.C.L. Summer League

This is the traditional style league that veterans at P.U.C.L. will be familiar with. Every Summer P.U.C.L. will host a League in which you will battle gym leaders in order to win 8 badges. These 8 badges will allow you to enter a tournament at the end of the league and the winner will win a varying prize.

The only requirement to sign up for this tournament is that you must have a P.U.C.L. account to be able to receive badges. Other than that no other requirements must be met.

We always look for gym leaders to help out, if you would like to apply, registration will become available as summer approaches.

The annual Summer League will Start at the end of May and Badge collection will end at the beginning of August. The League Tournament will then start immediately.

Summer League Hall of Fame

2016 Start Date: TBA

Summer League Rules

No Sign Ups Required


4. PUCL Draft League

PUCL holds about two draft leagues a year, but this is down entirely through our discord server. A link to the discord can be found here https://discord.gg/JZKCKxV

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