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Locke On: Champion Geo44241

Locke On: Champion Geo44241


Hello PUCLonians!

I need to offer some apologies about the lateness of this one. It is I, HexManiac Locke, with a late interview of our Ultimate Underground Tournament of Champions Champion, Geo44241.

Just moments after witnessing Geo’s Mega Gallade lash out with the most Zen-like of Headbuts and striking down Winmor’s Breloom, fans rush the field. I manage to get down on the sidelines and catch Geo just as he was heading into the back.

Locke: This is Locke on scene at the finals of the Ultimate Underground Tournament of Champions, I’m down on the field with our new Champion, Geo44241! Everyone is wondering, how does it feel to be crowned the Champion?

Geo44241: Hi Locke, it feels unbelievable. Just an intense rush of emotion and happiness.

L: That was some skilled battling throughout the brackets, is there a match or moment that stands out?

G: There is actually. All of my battles were challenging, but after talking with Trainer Thatch we decided that my journey could have a slogan, just #1%chanceiamsupposedtobehere (1 % chance I am supposed to be here). That is because in my very first match against Emil, I was playing from behind. He had a very effective stall combo of Mega Sableye and Clefable, and the only thing I had left of note was Mega Gallede. So things were not looking good. I went for broke, and launched the ice punch against Sableye and got the freeze. So then when Emil switched for the Celfable, I was able to get another freeze! It was crazy! That allowed me to get a few swords dances up and win the match.

But really all of my matches have had some memorable moments, that one just takes the cake.

L: *There is a moment of silence from Locke, the cheers of the crowd all that is heard over the microphone.* Wow. I was busy with my match and didn’t get to see that one, a fight for the ages with the RNG speaking firmly that you deserved to continue. A pair of freezes is a daunting dice roll to be forced to take.

For every PUCLonian I interview I like to find out where they came from. How did you come across PUCL and the tournament you are now the winner of?

G: Well, I met Thatch in the program we are both attending; he found out that I play Pokémon. And after sometime he told me about PUCL and the things he does with PUCL, like the UUTC. And the first thing I ever did was participate in the little cup tournament. It was actually my first competitive experience. So to sum up I started playing with Thatch and got into PUCL through him. Without him I don’t think I would have ever found PUCL.

L: You’ve only been competitive since the Little Cup tournament last year?

G: Yes that’s true. It’s been a lot of practice since then though. I got to train with Thatch so he showed me the in and outs of OU format, through little cup. With that base, I picked out a team, and took it to Showdown to practice. And I played a ton of matches with it. All the while continuing to theory craft situations with Thatch.

L: Your team turned out to be a lot of the OU powerhouses, which of them is your favorite from the team?


G: Well for those who might not have followed I suppose I should show my team again. I am running, Ferrothorn, Lando-T, Heatran, Clefable, Rotom-W, and Mega Gallade. And I would have to say my favorite is Gallade. He was just so clutch for in so many matches. It is hard to think about making a team without him.

L: Is Gallade your favorite Pokémon overall?

G: You know before this I would say no. But after the UUTC, that answer, for now at least, is yes.

L: You mentioned before playing Little Cup to learn the basics of the OverUsed meta, which meta would you say is your favorite?

G: Oh that is a tough question. They really are pretty different. LC seems to be dominated by fast Pokémon that hit hard. It is really tough to stall when your Pokémon only have 19HP. So you see a bit more variety in the OU meta. But the LC meta just has a smaller pool of viable Pokémon, so it is much easier to pick up. Can’t say I really have a favorite.

L: Have you thought about dipping into other metas? Random or the various Metas of the Month on Showdown?

G: I have. I really like single random meta. And I am trying to learn VGC before PUCLcon, but that is proving a bit tougher haha. If you notice I am not in the PFTT.

So it is a work in progress, but not quite there yet.

L: I can’t blame you, I’ve been interested in learning VGC, however I can’t wrap my head around getting started on it. Do you have any advice for those who are just starting out, or thinking about starting to get into the competitive side?

G: If you are looking to get into the competitive side of things I would recommend starting with Little Cup. Look up a team and spreads and just see what works. The great thing about Showdown is that is quick to find and play matches. Take your mistakes and see what would have worked better. Don’t worry so much about optimizing your team in the beginning. If you found a strong team, you can do pretty well with it, even if it has a glaring weakness.

The best thing about the singles is that it is much easier to follow. Just one Pokémon and one move per turn. A lot easier to predict things. Probably easier to pick up than doubles format. But seeing as I haven’t really learned doubles yet, I don’t think I can really speak on that.

L: Looks like we are running out of time, many other people want to talk to the man who just won the UUTC! I’ll let you go after one more question; what is your favorite part of PUCL?

G: Probably the community. Full disclosure here, I only listen to podcast every now again, but I do enjoy the community a whole lot. Every person I have met has been super nice, and even in all of my matches no one was salty about losing. It is just a great place to be to talk and be a part of the Pokémon world.

L: The only salt I know of in PUCL is in the great seas of Hoenn. There we go, you got the freshest scoop here folks! As long as I don’t lose track of the tape I should have it ready for you the weekend after the end of the UUTC! Thank you very much Champion Geo, here is to your victory!

G: Thanks Locke!


Locke: It’s almost as though I knew I was going to lose the tape and have to tear apart my office looking for it. Well, I found it, and got it all squared away for you! Your Champion Folks! We will see if he maintains it next year!

Until I Locke On to another target,

HexManiac Locke