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Locke On: Dr. Shamu

Locke On: Dr. Shamu



Hello again my PUCL friends!
Once again you are welcomed to join me on my exploration into the people who keep PUCL running and get a little insight on how they roll. Today we have slipped into the Laboratory of one of PUCL’s Masters of the Metagame and Council Member, Dr. Shamu. As I look around the lab, I can see countless simulations running simultaneously. Various Pokemon battling a multitude of opponents to see which combinations will come out on top.

I was lucky enough to catch him between programming simulations, and got to pick his brain a little.

Locke: Dr. Shamu, you are nigh an expert at understanding the use of Pokémon in battle, but how did it all start? How did you begin your Pokémon journey?

Dr. Shamu: In the very beginning, I got Red version when I was around 4-5 years old. I myself couldn’t really play it so my mom played it in my stead, and I would watch. Competitively, I started when PUCL was having a tournament about 3-5 years ago, but I wasn’t really that deep into it and ended up relearning the meta when X+Y came out.

L: That must be a very fond memory of childhood, given how it so strongly influences the present. So a few years back, you found PUCL, how did that happen?

Dr.S: If I remember right, I just searched Pokémon on iTunes and found them that way.

L: Were you looking for a podcast specifically or just a general net of content?

Dr.S: I think I was just curious to see what was on there for Pokémon content in general.

L: What about PUCL drew you in? With other options out there to grab, what made PUCL unique?

Dr.S: I enjoyed the humor and at that time, I don’t remember even seeing any other options there.

L: That is possible, and even likely; PUCL is the longest running Pokémon Podcast on iTunes, and with a name like PUCL, it stands out a bit. Speaking of names, one of the greatest authors of time once asked “What’s in a name?” What is in your name, Dr. S?

Dr.S: So i really liked a joke from Jeff Dunham, which the punch line had to do with Shamu, so I tried making it my gamertag on Xbox, but it was taken so I added Dr to the front, resulting in DrShamu.

L: Many people wonder, myself included, what is your doctorate in?

Dr.S: That is a secret that i can’t tell you. Not yet at least.

L: *Laughter* Very well, the mystery will have to be solved another day. Somewhat less of a mystery is your mascot. We all know Shuckle is your signature Pokemon, but is it also your favorite? We have heard you hold such passion for many different Pokes on the show.

Dr.S: Over the years I’ve had many Pokémon that i called my favorite. Shuckle is just ranked higher than the others.
I should also add that I still have many favorites as well.

L: Are there a few that spring to mind and why?

Dr.S: Poliwhirl was the first Pokémon that i loved, and I couldn’t really tell you why, since a good chunk of these were from my childhood and i have no clue why I liked them. I also liked Ledian, Azumarill, Lugia, Kingler. Kyurem-B and Hoopa-U are also ranked high in there, and i just like them due to their monstrous appearances.

L: Also on the topic of favorites, we know that you are a master of the metagame, but which format is your favorite?

Dr.S: I would say i enjoy Little Cup the most out of the actual competitive formats, but if we are just talking about having fun, Challenge Cup is where it’s at.

L: Do you play Little Cup with Tatch often? And what is the Challenge Cup, that’s not one I’ve heard before?

Dr.S: We’ve played a little bit, and Challenge Cup is pretty much Random Battle, but without actual competitive sets.

L: Your experience with these various formats translates well for your role as PUCL’s Tournament Organizer; do you enjoy managing the tournaments?

Dr.S: I do enjoy organizing and managing them, but lately it’s been a bit rough since I’m now working.

L: Is there a PUCL tournament that you enjoy the most?

Dr.S: I’d have to say I enjoy the Summer League the most.

L: What about the Summer League makes it your go to?

Dr.S: I guess it’s just being able to battle everyone without feeling that i have to win.

L:  A little more of a relaxed environment, something indicative of PUCL culture.

Dr.S: Exactly.

L: If you had to pick one thing that was the worst part of working on PUCL, and one thing that would be the most awesome, what would they be?

Dr.S: I guess the best part of PUCL is meeting people with the same interests.

L: You can never know enough Pokemon players, espescially with your skill level putting you a cut above most locals. I think there is time for one last question before your next simulation is ready to run, is there anything you’d like to say to our listeners?

Dr.S: Please sign up for the UUTC, you all have until January 9th to do so(Shameless Plug).

L: You heard the man folks. Thank you so much for your time, Dr. Shamu, we look forward to the tournament and to the next time we hear you on the podcast. For now, I will let you get back to your secret world takeover plan, I… mean… simulations.

Alright PUCLonians, our favorite Doctor is working hard on bringing you premium tournament content. Remember to sign up for the UUTC today if you haven’t yet, as this will be your last chance (as of publication). Next time I will hunt down another victim, I mean subject and cast a Hex, I mean ask some questions that should spark your interest.


Until I Locke On to a new target,
HexManiac Locke