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Locke On: Ethan

Locke On: Ethan


Hey there PUCLonians,

I had to hunt far and wide for this week’s interview. Your (hopefully) favorite Eternal Rival finally located his quarry, your (hopefully) favorite Master of Movie Ceremonies, Ethan. Did you know that the Lavender Town Radio Tower has its own subterranean multiplex movie theater? Neither did I, until today when I stumbled down a deep dark corridor that led down down down into the depths. Finally, I came out into a cavernous room that lead to screenings of each of the Pokemon Movies.

If you’ve ever wondered where Ethan goes for those months when he isn’t on the podcast, this is it. After checking a few theaters, I found him alone in one, watching the credits roll at the end of the second Pokemon movie.

Locke: Hello my eternal riv- I mean Ethan, do you have a moment for an interview between movies?

Ethan: Whoa! Jeez, startled me there! Um, sure. I guess I have a few minutes.

L: I will open as I do each of these, you’ve followed PUCL for a long time, since around episode 60, how did you come across the podcast?

E: Well if memory serves, I believe I started listening during the buildup to the release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I had lapsed as a Pokemon fan at that point and skipped D/Pe/Pl. I was really huge into podcasts at the time and searched for a Pokemon podcast to listen to. I listened to an episode of PUCL and something about it resonated with me.

L: What was it that pulled you in? PUCL was very rough around the edges at the time.

E: The hosts were accessible. I felt like they were just Pokemon fans who wanted to talk about Pokemon. Some of the other Podcasts that have come and gone throughout the years have this air of falsehood to me, whereas PUCL is still pretty down to Earth.

L: As time progressed that led you to become a writer under your now disused pseudonym “MrThingy”, what led you to become part of the, at the time, “PUCL Crew”?

E: Wow, am I ever glad that I used a pseudonym. Some of those early articles are pretty rough.

I felt like I could bring another perspective onto the podcast. I was one of the youngest crew members at the time which gave me a different outlook on things. This can be seen time and time again when Thatch and I playfully bicker over third gen.

L: Speaking of Third gen, it’s your favorite generation of Pokemon, this is well known, is it just because it was your first or is there more too it?

E: My first generation of Pokemon was actually second gen, but I’d say the bulk of my playing time in my youth was spent with third gen. Something about the Hoenn region speaks to me. Maybe it’s the exploration elements. Exploring Hoenn feels like a grand adventure.

L: On the grand adventure, you are known to be a fan of Eevee, like myself and many others, but if you had to choose a favorite Eeveelution, which would it be and why?

E: Difficult choice! I’d have to go with Espeon. I really like the color purple.

L: Interesting! Given your fighting type gym last summer I did not expect a psychic type.

Your Movie Nights have been a PUCL staple for some time, and your first Movie Podcast was a success, are you excited to be doing more with the movies?

E: Well, having balance is important for any team!

Thanks! Pucl Movie Club is a great opportunity for me to do something for PUCL that’s uniquely “Ethan”. I’m looking forward to covering every single Pokemon movie. I watch them so you don’t have to!

L: Is there one specifically you are looking forward to, or perhaps particularly dreading?

E: I’m particularly looking forward to Pokemon Heroes. As of right now, there aren’t any that I’m too concerned about.

L: Do you intend to watch both the Reshiram and Zekrom versions of that years movie?

E: What I’ll probably do is have my co-hosts watch one version and I’ll watch the other. From what I understand the movies are almost identical, so we can just compare notes.

L: As I said before, you used a pseudonym for a long time, why did you decide to change the name?

E: I had an extended period of absence from PUCL at one point. When I came back I felt like I had changed so much that calling myself Mister Thingy would be dishonest. I decided to go by my real name instead.

L: Much like you, PUCL has changed a lot from the time of Mr Thingy, is there anything about what I like to call Primal PUCL that you miss?

E: I do miss the PUCL block. It was pretty rough, but I always had a good time watching.

L: I almost missed one of the most important questions! How did you start in Pokemon?

E: Weirdly enough, I actually can’t remember exactly when I first became aware of Pokemon. I got a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Crystal for my fifth birthday, but I’m fairly sure that I was cognizant of Pokemon before then.

L: Looks like the previews for the next one are about to start; I’ll squeeze in the last couple questions. If you had to pick a best and worst part about working for PUCL, what would they be?

E: The best part is definitely getting to be with such great people. I love the PUCL crew and all of the PUCLonians. The worst part is probably having to fit it into my schedule. I love being involved in the community, but time management is difficult

L: Is there anything you would want to say to the readers out there?

E: Thanks for listening! We have another episode of PMC coming this month so get excited for that!

Thanks for the interview man, this was fun!

L: My pleasure, looks like your usher is bringing you some more popcorn, I’ll take the chance to sneak back out and get this all on paper! Thank you for letting me interview you.

There you have it PUCL peeps, the long awaited interview with my Eternal Rival, and I didn’t even challenge him to a death battle once… I MEAN he’s such a chill dude… Yeah, that’s what I said…  Anyway, this means that we are nearing the end folks, perhaps we are in for a few surprises next time!

I give this Interview two Eevee ears up!

Until I Locke On to a new target,

HexManiac Rival Locke