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Locke On: TheFluffiestWhimsicott

Locke On: TheFluffiestWhimsicott


Hey there Multi-layered PUCL vegetables (PUCL Onions),

Here we are again as you join me in meeting and greeting our esteemed overlor- HOSTS! I wasn’t certain where to find our (hopefully) favorite fluffy Italian writer; TheFluffiestWhimsicott. I spent hours looking through the Radio Tower for her. Luckily her partner wanted me to find her as much as I did, after passing through the offices for a third time I heard a scream of surprise. I rushed into what turned out to be TheFluffiestWhimsicott’s office only to find a rather irritated Italian in a room full of cotton!

Locke: Um… Are you alright Ms. Fluffiest?

TheFluffiestWhimsicott: Just Fluffiest, please. And I’d be all right if this ball of fluff hadn’t decided that my entire room needs to be a ball of fluff, as well! You’re picking this all up, Whimsicott!

L: She really does have a certain Ability in pranking. If I help clean up, do you have a few moments to answer some questions?

TFW: Oh, please, no help needed. She can do this on her own. It’s her fluff, after all. In fact, feel free to sit down on it, it’s rather soft.

L: Oh thank you. We met you a while back when you wrote a novel… I mean e-mail, to PUCL for the mailbag. How did you find the Radio Tower all the way in the European Region?

TFW: Rather simply, actually. I Googled the phrase “best Pokémon podcast”, and there PUCL was, in a player.fm playlist, luring me in with an image of Suicune and the immortal title “OOOOOO Shiny”. How could anyone resist such eloquence?

L: Eloquence is indeed one of the things PUCL is well known for; at least it is now that we have writers of such quality. How did you go from writing weekly episodic entertainment in the form of e-mails, to PUCL’s prolific publisher of Topical Types?
(Remember alliteration folks!)

TFW: I believe the best answer to that question is… fast. I found PUCL on September 12th, I wrote my first Mailbag that night, and my first article went up on October 5th. PUCL was looking for writers at the time; I obviously loved writing (as the parched throats of any host unlucky enough to have to read my email could testify) and I loved the idea of doing something to help the people who entertained me so much… it was almost a no-brainer. Luckily Scron agreed.

L: Scron has a knack for curating written content. It seems like you were caught quickly by the charm of the podcast. What drew you to the culture that is PUCL?

TFW: Well, Thatch and whoever he had were funny, competent and never condescending. I loved them and the podcast immediately… but I think I really knew I had struck gold when the commercial for the peaceful, relaxing Lake of Rage resort came on (screams of people running from rampaging Gyarados and Hyper Beam sounds in the background included).

L: The commercials seem to be a real fan favorite; do you have a favorite one?

TFW: The Lake of Rage one is pretty high on the list, but I think my favorite has to be the one for Unown Cereal, where everyone reads the words in their bowl and Bo goes: “Mine spell Ooooooooooo!” And Thatch says: “Bo. You’re eating Combeeos.”

L: Well, at least he was eating a balanced breakfast. Like me, you are a connoisseur of what I like to call Primal PUCL, do you have a favorite moment from the old days?

TFW: Wow. Difficult question. Things that make the list are certainly Sweeper Kid, the PUCL Cow and Team Shadow… but perhaps my favorite thing is not a moment, per se, but all the ongoing narratives, such as the ones surrounding the mysterious location of Thatch and Sycamore (Canada? An Undisclosed Breakfast Establishment? Thatch’s room?), a Green Tauros rearing ground on the Himalayas, and Pokeman’s epic orphan-saving, self-sacrificing adventures.

L: With PUCL’s long history, it would be difficult to pick a specific one. Speaking of picking, how did you come to pick Whimsicott as your… Pokémon? Your mascot? Is she your favorite Pokémon?

TFW: Only on some days- OW, Whimsicott, stop throwing Berries at my head! Ahem. My tastes are very fluid, so there are occasionally times in which another Pokémon is my absolute favorite in that particular moment (likely candidates are Leafeon and Eevee). But a good deal of the time, ever since I met her in Gen V, it’s been Whimsicott. I played through Black with her, even though I had started with Snivy, and thus already had a Grass type. She took down Drayden’s Haxorus single-handedly, without the need for a Fairy typing! (Prankster Cotton Guard, people. Feel the power of the fluff.) Such a trusty companion.

And now that she is Grass/Fairy (as opposed to pure Grass, dear Thatch and Ethan), she’s actually both of my favorite Types! And she’s still flying on the wind (a concept near and dear to my heart, acrophobic as it may be). So, while I am as far from a Prankster as you could get, I still think Whimsicott is perfect for me.

L: While your companion may be a Prankster, I think you have a bit of Infiltrator deep in your soul. You got into PUCL’s ranks quickly, and remain an integral part, as well as getting great scoops on Types and Gym Leaders. Your interviews in those articles could be said to have inspired what I do now!

TFW: My interviews were inspired by those done in the earliest days of PUCL (although mostly subconsciously, it took me a while to realize that). So you were actually inspired by Thatch himself, we could say!

As for the Infiltrator thing… well. I am a Chlorophyll Whimsicott. The whole #praisewhimsicott and “Whimsicott for new PUCL President” debacle was not real. You have seen nothing. This is not the Whimsicott you are looking for.

L: This is not the Whimiscott I am looking for…

TFW: You will continue your interview as scheduled.

L: I will continue the interview as scheduled…

*Cough* Oh.. Um where was I? Oh yes! We have heard plenty of adventures in various forms of Nuzlocke, do you have a favorite version to; excuse the pun, Locke on?

TFW: Well, I only ever finished a Nuzlocke on FireRed, but I think my preference goes to Gen VI. I love the mechanics, I can use Pokémon Amie if I want an extra emotional kick, I can get as close to a randomizer as I can on a legitimate game using Wonder Trade… Plus, even without Wonder Trade, the huge amount of available Pokémon in X and Y guarantee that the catches you get will not be too predictable.

L: It would allow for a great variety, speaking of variety, what is it like being the only female member of the Blackthorn Council?

TFW: … I don’t know? I mean, I’ve been the only girl in a group of people before, but I never had many specific thoughts about it. I think I tend to bring a softer perspective to the Council discussions, and its fun to amuse the others by squeeing loudly about cute stuff, but that is as much about my personality as it is about me being female.

L: In a community like ours, it doesn’t surprise me that gender isn’t a major consideration. It has been the stance of the community for so long that all are welcome, so it doesn’t shock me that this question is so easily answered!

TFW: Very true.

L: If you had to pick a best and worst part of working for PUCL, what would they be and why?

TFW: The best part is undoubtedly getting to hang out with all the fun people on the staff. I call you all my friends when I talk about you to people (I do that a lot) and I mean it. The worst part… probably that it takes time away from my actual Pokémon playing!

L: Despite the comfort level of all this fluff, I do have to get this transcribed, so I think I have time for one more question. Is there anything you want to say to any of our listeners?

TFW: Yes. Whimsicott was never a Flying type. Pecha Berries are delicious. Don’t be too much of a Prankster, but don’t be afraid to catch an upward draft and soar above the lines from time to time. Oh, and Whimsicott says to keep it fluffy.

L: T hat reminds me! Little Whimsicott, if you ever really want to know what goes on in that Empoleon you like’s dreams, I know a Poke or two who would be happy to oblige!

TFW: She says to keep your Dream Eating buddies away from her boyfriend. She looks rather menacing; I’d listen, if I were you.

(And don’t say she doesn’t look all that menacing; she’s a Whimsicott. It’s all relative.)

L: Well… I will take that under advisement. That’s all the time we have! Thank you very much to TheFluffiestWhimsicott for taking time away from being pranked in order to answer our questions!

TFW: Hey! I do other things with my time. But thank you for the interview, it was very enjoyable.

L: Alright PUCL peeps, looks like Whimsicott has her work cut out for her. I had better let my Haunter know to leave that Empoleon be, unless I want one of those pranks to head my way! Don’t forget to #PraiseWhimsicott. Catch us next time when we talk to another of the Council Members, and hopefully avoid raising the ire of their Pokémon pals. This is your Ghost Host with the Most from the Coast signing off!


Real footage from inside the office of TheFluffiestWhimsicott

Until I Locke On to a new target,

HexManiac Locke