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Locke On: Viger

Locke On: Viger


This Just In PUCL Nation!

HexManiac Locke here live on the scene of the News Room. The story on the floor is that we have found your (hopefully) favorite reporter hard at work…. He’s asleep. Apparently the slow pace of News these past couple weeks  has lulled him asleep. I will have to wake him up if I want an interview…

Locke: Oh… Um.. Viger? Excuse me, I hate to wake you, but do you have a moment?

Viger: *Snoring*

L: Viger? Oh… This doesn’t make for good radio… Mr. Viger? HEY!

V: HUH WA WHU whoa!!! Don’t sneak up on me like that.

L: Terribly sorry, I didn’t mean to attack you then come out of the shadows and attack you. I was merely wondering if you had a moment for an interview.

V: Interview? Well then, I’m all ears.

L: Very well, like each of the interviews I do, I like to open with a little background. How did you come to find the PUCL podcast in all the myriad sources that is the Internet?

V: Well, to put it bluntly, I learned about PUCL from both Bocefus and Scron. They’re two of my closest friends and both of them told me that I should definitely look into PUCL, as they needed more authors for things such as the news. So I applied and “bam”. I became the news writer.

L: What about the podcast made you want to stick around? What kept you coming back to PUCL’s warm embrace?

V: It was pretty much the people running the podcast itself; Thatch, Bo, Ethan, and all of them. The energy they brought and the topics and information that they discussed, mixed in with a little humor here and there always made every episode different from the rest. The variety kept my interest, you could say.

L: Variety is said to be the spice of life, perhaps its also the spice of PUCL. Speaking of varieties, there are hundreds of varieties of Pokemon, how did you find out about them and which was your first?

V: *sigh* Perhaps I’ll get some “hate” from this, but I never actually played the original Red and Blue versions all the way through. I was far more invested in the anime than the games. After my falling out period during middle school when the 3rd generation was beginning to end, I read about Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in an issue of Nintendo Power and saw Dialga and Turtwig. I also had a brand new DS, so I thought, “This is where my Pokemon journey really begins.” So I went out and bought Pokemon Diamond and chose Turtwig as my first ever Pokemon, and the rest was history.

L: A grass type? That’s a surprise for someone who loves steel types so much.

V: If there was a steel type starter, I would’ve picked it. But between Infernape, Empoleon, and Torterra, I just fell in love with the Continent Pokemon’s design. That being said though, you are right, my favorite type of Pokemon is of course Steel.

L: Magnemite being your favorite of the type, and thus your favorite pokemon, correct?

V: Absolutely! Best Pokemon ever created hands down.

L: Where does this love for metal and the little magnet ball stem from? Why is Steel your favorite, and why Magnemite for that matter?

V: I’ve always had a knack for machines and technology. So to have a type that revolved around that theme just fit so well with me. But why I love Magnemite is a completely different story.

Magnemite shows the idea that the world of Pokemon is endless, even when it was just the first generation. Out of the 151 that existed, only Magnemite, Magneton, and Porygon were inorganic; they were machines rather than actual living creatures. They brought about the idea that literally ANYTHING could become a Pokemon, even a pile of trash or an ice cream cone. When you put a metal ball, three screws, and two magnets together, and call that a Pokemon, you’ve basically opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to the future of Pokemon.

Plus he’s just so darn cute.

L: *Chuckling* He is pretty cute. In that world of technology and machines, you managed to land yourself as the news hunter of PUCL. Are there a secret news sources you have garnered over your tenure?

V: Not really. I try to report on news that is worth reporting on. News about future games, CoroCoro leaks, tournament news and movie trailer are stuff I want people to know about. The usual Pokemon Shuffle update and stuff like that isn’t something I like to report on.

L: Is there an episode in particular you remember very strongly, one you were on, or maybe even one you weren’t, that stands out as something special?

V: The one episode that I remember the most is our ORAS Live Special where everyone that could met up and we discussed everything ORAS now that we had the game. It was so much fun to have almost everyone on and enjoying themselves. Lots of jokes were made and we did around three Pokes of the Episodes, which included Klefki and Whimsicott.

L: Your competitive choices seem to put a lot on chance, do you trust lady luck or is it faith in your Pokémon?

V: I like to think its a mix of both. Chance is what separates Pokemon from almost every competitive game out there, and that’s why I like it. Chance can either help you or hurt you, and its up to the luck of the draw to see what outcome happens.

Though I should probably start working on strategies that don’t involve so much chance.

L: Perhaps, one too many coin flips going the wrong way might drive someone insane! Looks like some of these tickers are about to pick up speed, time for my last couple questions. If you had to pick, what are the best and worst parts of working for PUCL?

V: If I had to choose, the best part about working for PUCL is not only working with some of the most amazing Pokemon fans on the council, but also getting to meet many amazing Pokemon fans that come to listen to the podcast and write in for the mailbag.

But if I had to choose one thing that is the worst, is probably……uh……hmm………you know what. I got nothing.

L: Fair enough! These tickers are really picking up, is there anything you want to say to our readers before we let you get back to the news?

V: Well, if you want to know what’s happening in the world of Pokemon, check out Pokemon News every Friday here on PUCL. And if there isn’t an issue uploaded that particular Friday, then that means nothing happened as far as news goes.

L: Thank you Viger, I will let you get back to watching for noteworthy news sliding across these tickers!

And that’s the way it was. Good Night PUCL nation, and good luck.

Until I Locke On to a new target,

HexManiac Locke