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Favorite Pokemon

All of them (except for Stuntfisk)


Once a resident of famously gloomy Lavender Town, Hanakane packed up and travelled across the region of Johto where he quickly made a name for himself. He commanded the respect of local trainers and police alike after defeating a renegade Rocket faction with the help of his loyal Stantler.

However, tragedy befell Hanakane when Stantler passed away due to an unknown illness, throwing him into a spiral of grief and gambling which ultimately culminated in his prolongued hiatus from pokemon training.


After losing all his money at the Game Corner, Hanakane was left with little choice but to beg for money outside the Goldenrod Magnet railway station.


It was there that he met a friendly Pidgey who stopped by each day to accompany him. The two of them grew closer together, as Pidgey would fetch food for his new friend, while Hanakane would scour the floor for bread crumbs to feed Pidgey.


Eventually, they set off together by the Magnet rail tracks on a quest to return to Hanakane’s ancestral home in Lavender Town.


They slept on the side of the tracks, surviving on leftovers and rubbish chucked from the window by passengers aboard the inter-region train. The road was long and hard, as they were often attacked by groups of Rattata, and got into daily scraps with feral Aipom trying to steal their food.


Day became night, summer became autumn, and Pidgey became Pidgeotto. One cold and wet morning, after seeing his partner collapsed from exhaustion on the rail tracks, the injured Pidgeotto dragged Hanakane with his claws and flew him through the skies for hours until they arrived at a pier on the outskirts of the Galla region, which he had mistaken from afar for Kanto.


Fast forward 13 years, and the pair now head the Normal Gym they both established in Gainsboro Town – a once small, subarban town-turned-metropolis in central Galla.


On weekdays, Hanakane uses the revenue from his gym and donations to provide food and clothing for formerly aspiring trainers at his Shelter for the Homeless, helping them to get off the beaten track.


But on weekends, he resumes his primary duty of gym leader and accepts challenges from all trainers, conferring on the victors the “Primal Badge” – aesthetically designed to resemble the Chinese character “ping” (píng 平) meaning “balance” and “equilibrium” – a concept he hopes to pass on to trainers and non-trainers alike.


Hanakane and his trusted partner Pidgeot – now known all over Gainsboro as Vedrfolnir – are hoping to meet a lot of new trainers and their pokemon at this year’s Summer League, and they eagerly look forward to learning from those encounters.