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Pidgeot and Arcanine


My name is Jim, I’m 22 and I’m from Renmark, SA, Australia. Im also fruit farmer for a living, not real exciting but its like growing pecha berries!

I have been a fan of pokemon since i was 6 years old. My obsession started as collecting the trading cards and watching the anime. When i was 7 i got a gameboy advance for Christmas. And among the games i recieved was a gameboy colour game. Long behold, pokemon crystal! I then started playing pokemon blue and yellow (even though they were old by now) which furthered my love for the little creatures. I have owned at least 2 games of every generation up til gen 4. As much as i loved it, i ended up taking a few year hiatus from pokemon eventually buying X and not long after OR. Im keen to meet more members of the PUCL community and hope one day to competitive battle.
All the way from Oz,