Mystic Mayhem: SUMO Speculation on Mega Espeon and Umbreon


Greetings PUCL People! My name is Merlin, and this is the second of a short series of articles all about my speculations about the upcoming games Pokémon Sun and Moon. These articles will focus on what I hope to be new Mega Evolutions, new traditional Evolutions, and some possible new Pokémon that could make their debut in the Alola Region.

Now before I begin, these are my own opinions and not facts, and I would love to have discussions down below about your guy’s opinions. So without further delay, let’s start speculating! Today’s topic is Mega Espeon and Umbreon.


(You can visit the artist’s page here: _Top_Five_Hopes_For_Sun_and_Moon_by_DantNess/

These are not the Mega Pokemon everyone is expecting for the new generation; however, I believe Espeon and Umbreon are the perfect candidates for Mega evolution in Pokemon Sun and Moon. I came across this picture by DantNess when I was searching for a Pokemon Sun and Moon photo, and the idea of turning these eeveelutions into Mega Pokemon got me very excited.

Lets start with WHY I believe these too fluffballs will be getting Mega evolutions in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Firstly, Espeon and Umbreon are the first two pokemon that were designed with the sun and moon in mind. They were the first pokemon to evolve via combination of Happiness and the time of day, with Espeon evolving during the daytime and Umbreon evolving at night. Although Espeon doesn’t outright look like a “sun Pokemon”, It’s pokedex does reference air currents and feeling shifts in the weather, which are things usually associated with daytime. It is also a psychic pokemon, and until the introduction of the Fairy typing, psychic was the type most associated with “light”. Umbreon, on the other hand, is completely lunar themed. The rings on it’s body, the black fur and mysterious eyes are all components that gel together to form a moon/nighttime pokemon.

Now we move on to WHAT I think would become of these pokemon if they were to Mega evolve. I think Espeon would transform into an elegant psychic/fmega_umbreon_and_espeon__sun_moon__by_heroxeus12-da1dr2bire type, as shown in this art by heroxeus12, and Umbreon would add fairy to it’s dark type. Espeon’s typing makes sense because adding flames to it’s design and tacking on an ability like drought would make it feel like a true “sun pokemon”, and add to the elegance it already has. I could see it getting large boosts to its special attack and speed also, and becoming a real threat on the battlefield. Although it does technically gain 3 weaknesses, however the fire typing neutralizes the bug weakness, and if it is a drought user it also neutralizes the water weakness, leaving it with 4 weaknesses total.

Umbreon is where I think things could get very interesting. Adding the Fairy typing makes sense, because both Fairy and Dark pokemon are lunar and night-based. After all…Umbreon is the moonlight pokemon, and most Fairy moves involve the moon. With a mega evolution, Umbreon has a chance to break free from the toxic-wish stall that has become the
standard moveset on him. I believe if Umbreon were to get a Mega, it would be to counter (as it did in gen 2) Espeon’s Mega. I could see small stat boosts to both defenses, maybe 20 points or so, and getting a substantial boost to either it’s attack or special attack, to make it a threat. It would get a new ability, probably called something like “eclipse” and would turn the battlefield into a moonlit scene, boosting Dark and Fairy moves and also healing them for 1/16th of their health per turn.night_fall_umbreon_by_abusorugia-d4nn6ju

The only issue I have with this Mega Umbreon is that with the addition of Fairy type, it would have 5 weaknesses, because Fairy does not resist itself. That is something I hope changes also in the Pokemon Sun and Moon (mostly because I always thought my mega Altaria shouldn’t die to one hyper voice). This is something that I think could cripple Umbreon, because defensive Pokemon with more than a couple weaknesses often get very little play.

These are my thoughts on just two of the many possible Mega Pokemon that will be introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Please leave your comments, questions, or future article topics in the box below!


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