Mystic Mayhem: SUMO Speculations on Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio


Greetings PUCL People! My name is Merlin, and this is the start of a short series of articles all about my speculations about the upcoming games Pokémon Sun and Moon. These articles will focus on what I hope to be new Mega Evolutions, new traditional Evolutions, and some possible new Pokémon that could make their debut in the Alola Region.

Now before I begin, these are my own opinions and not facts, and I would love to have discussions down below about your guy’s opinions. So without further delay, let’s start with everyone’s first question: “What will the starters become?”

Rowlet-Litten-PoplioWARNING if you haven’t seen information about the starters yet or just want to know more about the cute lil’ guys, I’d recommend reading Viger’s article, which is kemon-news-issue-96-sun-and-moon-starters-legendaries-and-more/  

When the starters were first announced I had several ideas, some perhaps rather crazy, about what the new starters would look like and what type they would be in their final evolutions. My thoughts immediately centered around Rowlet because I have almost always started every Pokémon game with the grass starter, and I loved his design. He is the first owl Pokémon since Hoothoot and the first dual type starter since Bulbasaur, so my hopes are very high. My thoughts on Rowlet are that he will either stay a grass/flying type, or he will evolve into a grass/steel type.

As a grass/flying type, Rowlet will join a very small group of Pokémon, with some interesting members: Tropius, the Hoppip line, and Shaymin. Although none of these Pokémon are really used in competitive play, I used a Tropius on my first run-through in Diamond, and it will always be one of my favorite grass Pokémon. If Rowlet remains a grass/flying type, that would be…OK… it wouldn’t leave much to the imagination, but I think Game Freak is putting emphasis (finally) on the grass starter. One thing to look for in this version of Rowlet is a high physical attack stat paired with a decent speed stat, kind of similar to Sceptile, but without the high special attack.KOl-U2wOsakhKSCFuz9-d4vutF3R85TnUhvyDj8b1PoMy other theory about Rowlet’s evolution would have it evolve into a grass/steel type, which would be…AMAZING. This photo by Masterfakemon exemplifies the clean look I picture Rowlet’s final evolution to have, and almost has a steel type sheen to it. Remember, steel types don’t necessarily have to look all clunky and gray, take Lucario for example. (You can visit Masterfakemon’s Reddit here: n/ rowlet_final_evolution_ concept_by_ma sterfakemon/)

The biggest reason I think Rowlet has a chance to become a steel type is because of it’s possible interactions with the other starters. In Pokémon X and Y, not only did the main types of the starters interact, but so did the secondary types, with Psychic beating Fighting, Fighting beating Dark, and Dark beating Psychic. With the typing’s I will suggest for Litten and Popplio, this typing makes a lot of sense (to me at least), and would really give the grass starters a very unique addition to their roster.

Next up we have the fire cat Litten, and boy are there theories about this little guy. Fo2016-05-20-22-43-45--391306065r this article I will address the top 4 theories, but there are plenty more than that. The first theory is that Litten will be a fire/ground type, which has exploded all over the internet. This theory comes from a supposed leak from the Japanese Pokémon website, but I wouldn’t put much stock into this theory, because if Rowlet kept his flying typing, then Litten gets beat by both his fellow starters, and we don’t want another Piplup on our hands do we?

Besides, this feline LOOKS like a Dark type, I mean…he’s a black cat. My first thoughts on Litten were that he was a Purrloin and a Litelo that got mixed up in a blender. However, I’ll say that his design has grown on me and I think that if the flaming cat were to wind up a fire/dark type, it’d be pretty sweet, and he’d join a very exclusive poke-club. Also, this version of Litten would fit perfectly into the little typing circle I was talking about earlier with Rowlet. Although Dark is not Super-effective against Steel
types, it hits for neutral now after the changes in gen 6, and a grass/steel type would fall over at the sight of fire anyway.

The next, and probably coolest idea about Litten’s evolution, would be to introduce it as the first fire/poison type. This is a type combination that I personally would love to see, and Litten has the possibility for it. The idea comes from the marking on Litten’s head, which is a symbol for Sulfur, which is a poisonous substance. This art I found by Jamsinosoup depicts what I think would be a great mixture of the two types. Although this will probably not be Litten’s evolution line, I thought it was a very cool theory and one worth exploring.


(You can visit the artist’s Facebook page here for more content.

The last, and most simple Litten evolution theory is one that I personally think would be disappointing but earned. I believe there is a decent chance that the fire cat will remain just that…a fire type. The reason for this is that in the 6 generations of Pokémon we have had so far, there has only been one other fire-type starter who did not get a secondary typing…and that was Cyndaquil. In comparison, three grass starters remained pure grass types, and four water starters remained…well water. It seems like Game Freak really likes their fire Pokémon, but may need to step back this one time and let the other starters shine. No matter what, we should look for the Litten line to have strong special attacks and decent speed, and perhaps strong physical attacks as well, similar to the Froakie line or Chimchar line.


(here is a link to blackmailchan’s reddit ments/4iv1ts/popplio_evos_by_blackmailchan_deviantart_sm/d32c0td)

Last, and according to the internet most definitely least, we have Popplio. Now, when I first saw this thing, I too was rather upset. It looks like….a clown…and it is a seal (sea lion)…yay. However, when I took a step back to think about it, Popplio started making more sense, and it grew on me a little. This picture by blackmailchan reveals what I hope Popplio becomes, and if the pink on the collar is an indicator, I believe Popplio will become the first Fairy starter Pokémon. My logic is this…Popplio is a “circus” Pokémon, and the only other clown character in the game is Mr. Mime, who in gen 6 became a fairy-type in addition to psychic. Also, I feel like this would be an excellent opportunity for Game Freak to introduce their new Fairy type to the newer players, and it would also complete my circle of Pokémon types that counter each other. Grass/Steel beats Water/Fairy, Water/Fairy beats Fire/Dark, and Fire/Dark beats Grass/Steel. We will probably see the Popplio line take a defensive stance, like many of the other water starters we have gotten. Since Fairy Pokémon tend to have high special defense, I could see Popplio being a special wall with good special attack and health.

To me, these are the most likely evolutions to the new starters. However, there are many other theories out there, and I encourage you to make your own theories about these new Pokémon as we venture closer and closer to the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Until next time my PUCL pepes,

The Wild Merlin has teleported…..



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