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Nintendo News Issue #1 (One Week of Switch)

Nintendo News Issue #1 (One Week of Switch)

Welcome to the first issue of Nintendo News here on PUCL. Like I had said before, this was going to be a thing if I didn’t have anything to talk about when it comes to Pokemon. And now that the Nintendo Switch has been out for a week, we can talk about this new console now that people have it and are playing it.


I’m not one of those people……


Yeah…. Anyway, let’s get into it.


So if you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so, the Nintendo Switch is out and people are finally getting their hands on the enxt generation of console gaming…or portable gaming, either way. At a solid price of $300 U.S, it is the cheapest console on the market, just like Nintendo likes it. And unlike the Wii U’s launch, the Switch appears to be one of the best selling consoles to date, at over 300,000 units in its first three days, beating the Wii U’s first several days, and only coming about 20,000 units behind the original Nintendo Wii’s first days. However, in typical Nintendo fashion, supply didn’t meet demand, and a lot of people who were planning on getting a Switch sometime after launch (like me) will have to wait for the next shipment whenever they come. (According to the guy at my local Gamestop, I could possibly get a Switch “guarantee” sometime around Easter, take that for what its worth.) Despite this small number of sales, everyone seems to be loving the console.

However, all that glitters is not gold, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception to this rule. While the console is fun, new, accessible, and great, it isn’t without its flaws. One of the prevailing issues with the Switch, just like the Wii U, is its battery life, or lack there of. With a short two to six hour battery life, depending on the game that is being played, this “portable console” seems to need to be wired up a lot so that the game can continue. Luckily, not only does the Switch charge while its played when plugged in, if the system does shut down due to no power, it will automatically save all progress in the game that you are playing and start you right where you left off. But charging the Switch while playing also presents another problem. The console has a built in kickstand for gaming on the go, but when it comes time to charge the system when you’re still on the go, the charging port is located on the bottom of the system. I know this is for when the console is in the dock, but how did they miss this? So when this situation arises, the system will have to either be in your hands, or balanced on your lap in order to play and charge at the same time. But I know, first world problems, this is nothing. That is until we get to the Joy Cons, the new controller that the Switch operates with. As we know, the Joy Cons are completely wireless, making better use of the system’s portability and HD Rumble features. But the problem with this is the connection between the Joy Cons and the Switch itself. Reports have come in from users that have experienced severe connection issues between the controller and console whenever someone or something passes between the two. Even when it has clear line of sight, players still seem to experience these lag issue with the Joy Cons. Perhaps a patch will come out to remedy this, but from what I’ve seen physically, as long as you are moving around violently and don’t have anyone frequently walking between you and the Switch, you should be fine. All in all, these problems are things I can work around, and I know some of these issues will be able to be fixed one way or another in the coming months.

Also, don’t eat any of the Switch games. They taste really bad….which is kinda the point…..


Speaking of games, there are several games that are worth buying at this early point in the Switch’s life, like Snipperclips and 1, 2, Switch. But for Nintendo News, there’s really only one to talk about….



My god. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is clearly something to behold. I’ve never seen a game that has had such an impact on the community so early into its release. I’m serious when I say this, if there was ever a game to compete with the likes of Super Mario Bros 3 and Ocarina of Time for the title of “Best Game Ever”, Breath of the Wild would be that game. The first ever sandbox Zelda title has won favor with nearly every reviewer out there, scoring perfects across the board. Don’t believe me?


Metacritic: 98/100

Destructoid: 10/10
Edge: 10/10
EGM: 9.5/10

Eurogamer: 5/5

Famitsu: 40/40

Game Informer: 10/10

Game Revolution: 5/5

GameSpot: 10/10

GamesRadar: 5/5

Giant Bomb: 5/5

IGN: 10/10

Nintendo Life: 10/10

Nintendo World Report: 9.5/10

Polygon: 10/10

VideoGamer.com: 9/10


I am truly surprised at the amount of perfect scores that this game is receiving, and if you don’t plan on getting this game, then you are getting the Switch for the wrong reasons. This game is a must. Believe me.


And that is it for Nintendo News. First issue and its over something pretty big. Like I said before, when I don’t have anything to talk about in the world of Pokemon, I’ll just take anything Nintendo related and run with it. I’d like to know in the comments below, what do you think of the Switch so far? What game are you most excited for with the Switch? I’d love to hear back from everyone.

And with that, I’ll see you guys in the next issue!