P.U.C.L. #182 Future Game Speculation

Thatch, Ethan, and Dr. Shamu get together and talk about what they hope to see for pokemon in the next year.

Mailbag: What do you hope to see in the next year? puclpodcast@gmail.com

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Link Lost Uke Interview

Me: “So mum, do you like Pokemon?”
Mum: [laughs] “They’re O.K.”

Me: “What are your earliest memories of me and Pokemon?”
Mum: “you having those cards and watching what’s his face? umm, ash, on T.V.”

Me: “Do you think Pokemon was good for me as a child?”
Mum: “I don’t know how educational it was but it kept you entertained and you enjoyed it”

Me: “And what about now, do you think Pokemon is good for me as an adult?”
Mum: “Yes. It’s good to have a hobby or something to escape reality. Not that your reality is bad, but it’s good to have a break from things. That sounded bad”

Me: “Let’s move on. Did you ever buy me Pokemon stuff as a kid?”
Mum: “yes we bought you the cards because you liked them”

Me: “no toys?”
Mum: “no toys”

Me: “What’s your favourite Pokemon mum?”
Mum: “Pikachu”

Me: “Do you know any other Pokemon?”
Mum: “The one that looks like a horse”

Me: “Rapidash? Ponyta”
Mum: “Nah, not them”.

Me: Do you know the names of any other Pokemon?
Mum: “There is a flamethrower Pokemon yeah?”

Me: “Flamethrower is a move that Pokemon use”
Mum: “yeah the pokemon that uses that”

Me: “Charmander?”
Mum: “maybe”

Me: “Charizard?”
Mum: “yeah that’s him”

Me: “Awesome that’s two Pokemon. Not bad. Hey Mum, what are your thoughts on me still playing Pokemon at 24?”
Mum: “It’s funny”

Me:  “why do you find it funny”
Mum: “Because it still makes you a child at heart”

Me: “Do you consider Pokemon to be a serious sport?”
Mum: “No. To me it’s a cute version of Mortal Kombat”.

Me: “That’s one way to describe it I guess. What do you think about my extensive Pokemon plush and figurine collection?”
Mum: “It’s Impressive”

Me: “Thanks. Are you proud of my love of Pokemon?”
Mum: “yes”

Me: “Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share about Pokemon to PUCL?”
Mum: “No”

Me: “And finally, would you recommend Pokemon to your friends?”
Mum: “No son, don’t be silly”.

Me: “Thanks for your time”


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