Constitution of the Pok√©mon Underground Champion’s League Community and Podcast

Article I – Name and Purpose

1. This organization shall be called the Pokemon Underground Champions League (P.U.C.L.)

2. The organization’s purpose shall be to provide quality Pokemon-themed media and content to the masses with the intent to entertain and inform.

  1. 3. This organization shall provide community platforms with which the P.U.C.L. Community can interact, compete, and learn with each other.
    Article II – Statement of Non-discrimination
    1. Anyone who wishes to join the PUCL Community is free to do so. Discrimination on no basis shall be tolerated.
    2. Anyone who wishes to rise in the PUCL Community is free to do so. Time commitments, ability, likability, and enthusiasm are the only platforms of evaluation.
    Article III – Outlining of Community Authoritative Structure
    1. There is a President of the PUCL Community. The President’s duties extend to the administration of the community to the fullest extent. They are the primary content producer, the host of the main show, and the overseer of the other PUCL Staff. The President is unimpeachable and the position is for life or until the time of abdication. There is no election for the President. The President is in fact not a President.
    2. Below the President is the Blackthorn Council. These are trusted members of the community who have proven themselves to be worthy of administration of the PUCL Community. At times, the President may call on the Blackthorn Council to vote on budgetary issues and to advise on matters of constitutional change and community direction. The Council is capped to 7 members.
    3. The Viridian Guild is a larger encapsulating circle group. All members of the Blackthorn Council are, by default, members of the Guild. The Guild is composed of all members of the community who have the ability to appear on podcasts as a primary co-host, be this the Main Show, the TCGCast, the BattleCast, GameCorner, or any other show that may arise. Members of the Viridian Guild are elected into the Guild by a 2/3 vote.
    4. Other Content Contributors also exist in the PUCL Community whether they be writers for the website, moderators on the discord, music makers/show technicians, or artists. Almost all members of the Viridian Guild start as one of these.
    Article IV – Staff Requirements
    1. Members of the Viridian Guild are expected to appear on at least one podcast once every three months. This is the absolute minimum. Failure to do so will result in review and likely expulsion from the guild.
    2. Members of the Blackthorn Council are expected to offer insight into community issues when called upon to do so. Participation in the community through additional podcast appearances, streams, discord or site interaction, or social media is also mandatory. Failure to live up to your role as a community leader will result in review and either demotion to the Viridian Guild or expulsion altogether. An act of additional community involvement beyond the mandatory podcast  appearance is expected once every 3 months.
    3. Applying to become a Content Contributor involves sending your application to the Staff Manager. This application can consist of a sample of writing, why you would make a good fit for the P.U.C.L. team, submission of artwork, etcetera. Approval of an application allows a member of the community to begin content creation for P.U.C.L. immediately.
    4. Content Contributors are free to stop whenever they like. Their work is entirely merit-based. They can be granted additional privileges based on their performance, but there are no expectations other than what you set for yourself.
    5. Every 3 months there will be a community review conducted by the Staff Manager and the President of PUCL. The review will consist of a baseline analysis of podcast appearances, community involvement, and contributions to the community. At this time, potential promotions and demotions will be considered.
    6. Members of PUCL Staff must be 16 years of age or older.
    Article V – Inappropriate Conduct
    1. The President and Blackthorn Council reserves the right to, at any time, ban a staff or community member from any platform necessary on the basis of inappropriate conduct or behavior. Given the number of potential offences that could arise, punishable offences will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
    2. Representation of P.U.C.L. in an unfavorable light by any individual in the P.U.C.L. Staff is grounds for termination.