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P.U.C.L. Featured Team #1

P.U.C.L. Featured Team #1

Team copyThatch: Hello everyone and Welcome to P.U.C.L.’s Featured team. Brought to you by Rhyhorn Steakhouse. If it moves, they’ll serve it. This is a new article where Dr. Shamu and I will be discussing a P.U.C.L. Community team each week. The teams will always be posted above. We exclude EV spreads to prevent people from copying others teams. If you want the spreads you will have to ask this weeks featured team owner, Lightlink5000. Without further to do let’s get on with it and discuss the first pokemon up there Galvantula. What do you think of it Dr. Shamu?

Dr.Shamu: Well, Galvantula is a good lead sticky web or not, which this set is running as well as the ability Compound Eyes.

Thatch: I agree entirely. Personally I am currently running a Galvantula, and it is awesome. I love my sticky web. The one thing that stuck out to me about this set was its choice to run Life Orb. I actually run Focus Sash for that extra turn to guarantee a sticky web or at least a Thunder since Compound eyes boosts its accuracy to 91%.

Dr.Shamu: I have no idea why there is a life orb on it, especially since there is sticky web and thunder wave. It gives me the feeling that this set is trying to do too many roles at once.

Thatch: I would have to agree there. I think Galvantuala is great. But this one seems to over do it.

I’d like to move on to the next pokemon. Charizard X. I think it’s a cool pokemon and while looking at it I love the addition of EQ. It’s something I haven’t seen too much of, but I also see more Charizard Y’s, that could be the contributing factor.

Dr.Shamu: Charzard X is an amazing physical sweeper, set up a D-Dance and you’re ready to go. This set is pretty standard though, it’s not bad, but I would get rid of earthquake for roost in case there are rocks on your side of the field and the ability to recover hp is nice to have.

Thatch: I can definitely see Roost. Stealth Rock is a huge threat as well. Looking ahead I know that he has a Rapid Spinner in Excadrill. But like you said the ability to recover HP is really nice. If for anything else as a plan B.

I do like this Gastrodon, however. I think it’s a fresh take on a pokemon. I haven’t really played against any recently and the use of infestation has really thrown me for a loop. Have you seen anything like that before Shamu?

Dr.Shamu: I like gastrodon myself, and I am very familiar with infestation stall. This is an uncommon set, as far as I know, since usually one would see a physically defensive variant instead of a specially defensive one. My only problem with this set is that it should be running scald over surf, especially since it isn’t a physical defense variant

Thatch: I was going to say. I thought we had discussed an infestation set at some point. You are probably correct though. It seems that is specially defensive instead of physically. I would have to agree with the choice in scald.

Our next pokemon is another one of my favorites, Togekiss. I love getting the hax with this guy. That seems to be exactly what it’s doing. The only thing I don’t really like about this set is that its modest without nasty plot, but that could just be my own preference. I love running Nasty Plot on Togekiss. Combined with the flinches it’s just a lot of fun to play. That fairy typing really does it justice. If he doesn’t want to go with Nasty Plot I would advise a modest nature. Although I supposed he has T-wave.

Dr.Shamu: I have a bit to say about this set, and not much of it is good. First of all if you want recover, run roost whenever you can, since it removes your flying type, along with all of the weaknesses that come with it, even though that’s only until the end of the turn. Secondly, whenever I see a king’s rock on Togekiss, I get annoyed and not because of the fact that it raises flinch hax, it’s because many people don’t know that king’s rock along with any move that has a chance to flinch already, air slash for example, does not work. King’s rock only gives a 10% boost to moves that don’t flinch at all, like dazzling gleam, but even then it is only a 10% boost that is NOT affected by serene grace, since serene grace only affects the secondary effects of moves.

I am kinda disappointed that there is not nasty plot as well.

Thatch: Well, that’s actually interesting. I learned something today. What item would you suggest on a Togekiss over kings rock?

Dr.Shamu: leftovers for this set, but choice scarf Togekiss is also quite nice.

Thatch: Noted. The Next Pokemon is Breloom. This seems like a pretty straight forward cookie cutter sweeper. Goes in hits. Tries not to die with Poison Heal and the toxic orb.

Dr.Shamu: This set is nothing even close to being cookie cutter, which is actually bad in this scenario

Thatch: Well, what would you change about it? Honestly I think I’ve lost faith in substitute. Probably my own inability to play it properly. It just doesn’t fit with my play style.

Dr.Shamu: If you are running Poison Heal and sub you should be running focus punch as well, and leech seed seems very useless in my opinion, you may as well run spore over it giving it more turns to set up a sub and heal. Mach punch is nice, but I don’t think it would work very well at all with this set. Also, the nature should be adamant, since you will hopefully be behind a sub and you want your Focus Punch to hit as hard as possible.

Thatch: That all makes sense now that I think about it.

We should move on to the last pokemon, Excadrill. I actually play this exact variant. Though I can guarantee my spread is different I fiddled with it to give me the advantage in a few situations. I think it is a great spinner that can do more than well, use rapid spin.

Dr.Shamu: I don’t have much to say about this set, it’s just a standard excadrill set, there isn’t anything bad about it other than the fact that it is a standard set.

Thatch: I guess that wraps up the tea
m. I would have to say overall I feel like this team is pretty fragile. I guess Togekiss and Gastrodon can take a few hits. But the rest could fall pretty easily.

Dr.Shamu: This team is balanced type-wise, if one poke has a weakness, there is another to take that hit well. But this team is pretty fragile in-general, one false move and game over.

Thatch: Overall Shamu and I give this team a 62/100. It can function. You just have to be very careful with it.

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