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PDL Draft Day Recap

PDL Draft Day Recap

PDL Draft Day Recap

NEWS ALERT! PDL draft has been Completed and the PDL Season 2 has officially begun! The big day has come and gone! There were a lot of really good and questionable picks over the course of the draft that lead to some great team compositions, so let’s go over some of the key picks from each round and what stood out


The first thing to note is that with the first overall pick, Hydra and the Norwalk Nosepass have selected Infernape. Infernape is arguably one of the best pokemon in T2 because of its incredible versatility but as the #1 overall pick, analysts are questioning the pick when the likes of Kyurem-Black, Lando-T, and other Draft Allstars were available. When asked about his first pick Hydra said, “I think it’s extremely solid/versatile for a tier 2 (arguable tier 1 potential imo,) and considering I was first pick it wasn’t entirely likely that it would make it back to me. If I was planning to put a more desirable tier 1 in my draft I’d probably have gone for that instead, but the main one I wanted (Starmie) usually lasts a while from what I’ve seen anyhow so that worked out”. With lots of very powerful mons in T1 you are bound to get something good even if you take it in later rounds so it makes perfect sense that you could start of the draft grabbing a powerful mon in another tier, especially if you are comfortable with the mon. Other notable picks include: Hershey Herdiers getting Bisharp, Italian Azurils snagging Mega-Mawile and The Belper Beedrills taking Kommo-O.


Round 2 we saw a lot of teams starting to get their cores together, whether it be teams like Minnesota Nidokings grabbing Clefable to add fairy to their Dragon so they are only a steel away from finishing the fantasy core, or the Baltimore Oricorio adding suicune so that they are a grass type away from finishing the FWG core. We also see teams jumping into T3 to grab mons like Krookodile, Arcanine, and Flygon this round. It is also important to note that about half of the teams their S tier picks by this point.


In round 3, we see lots of teams finishing cores or setting them up to be finished, with mons getting sniped left and right it people are picking up alternatives to mons to finish cores. We also see the start of T4 mons starting to go with Baltimore Oricorios  grabbing Rotom-M and Miami Lanturns picking up Ditto. I personally am a huge fan of the Incineroar pick by the New York Yanmegas. Since the hidden ability for Incineroar was just released its value has shot up and I’m really excited to see how they choose to use it in the weeks ahead.


By round 4, 6 teams didn’t have their S Tier pick and the majority of Fairy types have been cleared off the board so this was bound to be interesting. We see both Nidos go in this round by the Miami Delphox and the Belper Beedrill. We also start seeing grass types starting to leave the table like tangrowth and Celebi. Overall it was a round of getting types/cores set up so that in later rounds teams can grab exciting picks.


This is in my opinion the greatest round of picks in the draft. We see mons like, Tyranitar, Gengar, Mega Gallade, Roserade, Mega Garchomp and Salazzle get picked up but we also see 4 T5 mons get drafted. Regigigas, Musharna, Drifblim and by far the best pokemon in the draft league thus far… Linoone. We caught up with Clod9 and when asked about his pick he smiled and said, “Y’all let me have the T5 god! Fear will be instilled into my enemies. I just ask you… What is your switch in to a +6 Extremespeed?” (I could write an entire article about why Linoone is the GOAT but that’s for another day). With the hype of the draft brought to the next level by this round one can only assume we have more exciting picks to go.


After round 5, it was going to be tough to live up to the fire and Round 6 fell short of extremely exciting picks. However there were 3 pokemon that stood out this round in my eyes. First off is Snorlax by the Blackfoot Scrafty. Snorlax is an extremely versatile mon and is very bulky to boot. I’m also a huge fan of the Aussie Komalas drafting Mega-Blastoise. Despite being a good rapid spinner, it has the capabilities of running very offensive spreads as well which is going to be tough for people to handle well. The 3rd pick that I’m a big fan of is Mantine by the Columbus Gallades. Mantine is a very reliable defogger, bulky provides a water immunity but does have a 4x weakness to Electric so we will see how the team shapes up in the later rounds.


In round 7 we see a mix of powerful T1/2 mons and interesting T5 picks. We see Sneasel get sniped by the Miami Delphox and Altaria by the Vancouver Vigoroths. On the other side we see  the London Landos take Weavile and the Baltimore Oricorios taking Staraptor. Powerful picks all around. Alolan Persian also gets takes by the Bedford Necrozmas. Alolan Persian with its ability to parting shot and potentially heal up a mon with Z-Parting shot. That mon has a lot of potential if used correctly. I’m looking forward to seeing how Dennis uses it.


The Pittsburgh Piplups grabbing Empoleon in Round 8 is probably the greatest part of this round. Empoleon not being taken until Round 8 is a travesty because of its great typing, powerful set up and the ability to set up and get rid of hazzards #bestdefogger. I really like Ariados as a webs/ tspike setter which the South Hampton Scythers picked up this round.

ROUND 9-10

I’m going to mention all of the run mons that got drafted in the last 2 rounds. That I’m very excited to see hit the field this season. Mantyke, Articuno, Vileplume, Emolga, Dodrio, Kecleon, Kadabra, Ursaring, Avalugg, Meowstic, and Kangaskhan. We asked R.Sigma about his Kadabra pick and he was quoted as saying, “I wanted togedemaru but that got taken, but i really wanted something fast so i went with Kadabra. It was either that or something dumb like Auroras” It looks like there is going to be a lot of fun in these matches. It is also critical to mention that Geo and the Columbus Gallades picked up Tapu Koko in Round 10! How such a powerful mon survived to the last round is something I’ll never know. 

I apologize if I didn’t mention a specific pick for your team in the PDL, there are a lot of good mons and good picks. I am basing what i found interesting based off what I either don’t normally see, has extreme value in the round or I just really like the mon.


Week 0 Trades

All 24 teams have drafted their teams and several have started making trades right off the back *Cough cough Britishgent*. Lets go over the trades:

It is set up as :Team| Traded Mon| in Tier| with Team| Trading Mon| in Tier|

SLC Mamoswine T2 HFW Mimikyu T2
HFW Mimikyu T2 SLC Mamoswine T2
MIN Breloom T2 Free Agent Forretress T3
MIN Forretress T3 BLP Magnezone T2
MIN Cinccino T4 BLP Virizion T4
MIN Emolga T5 BLP Piloswine T5
BLP Magnezone T2 MIN Forretress T3
BLP Virizion T4 MIN Cinccino T4
BLP Piloswine T5 MIN Emolga T5
BLP Tsareena T3 Free Agent Dhelmise T3
BLP Emolga T5 Free Agent Rhydon T5
DEP Golbat T4 Free Agent Machamp T3
LOL Sceptile T4 Free Agent Ferroseed T5
SHS Xatu T5 Free Agent Espeon T3
AUK Conkeldurr T1 Free Agent Terrakion T1
LOL Weavile T1 Free Agent Haxorus T1
PIP Gigalith T3 Free Agent Mienshao T3
SHS Gastrodon T3 Free Agent Gigalith T3
SHS Relicanth T5 Free Agent Pyukumuku T3
DEP Raichu T5 Free Agent Xatu T5
TOT Exploud T4 Free Agent Turtonator T4


A lot of teams have made trades, to help improve overall composition, matchups and feel. Every week I’ll cover any trades that happened so you the fans can stay informed on your favorite teams.

Power Rankings with Geo -Week 0

Every few weeks Geo and I will be giving our opinions on who we think are playing the best in the PDL based on Record, how the coaches were playing and potential going forward. With 24 teams we are going to be putting together a Top 10. This is not a reflection of the standings but rather who we think is playing the best.

Week 0 Rankings

For Week 0, Geo and I are ranking our favorite drafts. If your team does not make the list, it doesnt mean you have a bad draft, this is all personal preference on who we think has the best draft, since for Week 0 we don’t know how each coach/team will mesh together.

We compared the teams right after the draft before the trades.

Clod9 Geo

Norwalk Nosepass

Columbus Gallades
2 Columbus Gallades  Miami Delphox
3 Miami Delphox  Minnesota Nidokings
4 Detroit Pyroars  Detroit Pyroars
5 Baltimore Oricorios  Hartford Wailmers
6 Hartford Wailmers  Baltimore Oricorios
7 Pittsburg Piplups  Miami Lanturns
8 Aussie Komalas  Italian Azurills
9 Salt Lake Combees  Pittsburgh Piplups

Miami Lanturns

 Norwalk Nosepass

These lists are very likely to change as games are played and teams grow. If you are not on the list and you think deserve to be there, show it in your games. From here on we will be basing this off of how your games go and how well you play. We will be back in a few weeks with more rankings.