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PDL Playoff Recap, All Stars, and Interview with the Champ

PDL Playoff Recap, All Stars, and Interview with the Champ

PDL Playoff Recap, All Stars, and Interview with the Champ

We have one more article for this season of PDL and boy do we have a lot to talk about so without further ado lets jump right into it with the playoffs.

Round 1

In the first round of the Playoffs we had

8. Salt Lake Combees Vs. 9. Baltimore Oricorios

Both teams started out strong but after sever blows by both teams ultimately Coach R.Sigma and the Baltimore Oricorios out performed the Combees and they move on to the Quartefinals.

5. Miami Delphox Vs. 12. Miami Lanturns

This was the battle for Miami. Last year in the 5-12 match we had the battle for Hartford and this year it’s Miami! Momentum was the key to this battle and FackLuigi grabbed it early leaving little to no room for Seth Vilo to regain it. However midway through the match the game DC’d. with the Delphox up 5-3. After discussion there wasn’t much the Lanturns could do and the win was given to Fack and the Delphox.

7. Norwalk Nosepass Vs. 10. Pittsburgh Piplups

Norwalk started strong taking hits and making plays to put Pittsburgh at a disadvantage. This propelled throughout the game until Norwalk eventually outlasted Pittsburgh. If coach Zcron had finished the game and acquired his Mega Bracelet who knows how this game could have turned out.

6. Italian Azurills Vs. 11. South Hampshire Scythers

H3nz is becoming more known for his creative prep that he brings into matches and it was shown here as he was able to stop the Azurill’s 4 game winning streak coming into the playoffs.


After the first round it is time for the top seed of each division to get into the action. We start with:

1. Columbus Gallade Vs. 9. Baltimore Oricorios

Baltimore was the only team to take a game off Columbus during the regular season so it was time for revenge. Coming off the Bye week didn’t seem to phase Columbus as they continued their impressive performance vs Baltimore and took down the team that beat them.

4. Minnesota Nidokings Vs. 5. Miami Delphox

Minnesota got the better of the first time these teams faced off this season and was looking for a repeat performance. The battle started strong for both teams but the Delphox were on a mission in the post season and that meant they had to take down the teams that beat them earlier and that is just what happened.

2. Hartford Wailmers Vs. 7. Norwalk Nosepass

Hartford won the battle they had during the regular season and needed to beat them again to move on. After exchanging a few blows Hartford broke through the strong defenses of Norwalk and moved on the Semis

3. Blackfoot Scrafty Vs. 11. South Hampshire Scythers

The first time these teams played was week 1 and Blackfoot won 6-0 with a well played Snorlax(MVP) so this was looking to be a great rematch. This was a very long and tiring battle as it ended 6-5 as the time ran out in the battle. Both coaches brought very defensive teams that countered the other very well, however Blackfoot was able to score a single KO which was enough to win them the game.


1. Columbus Gallade Vs. 5. Miami Delphox

This was a battle between good friends Geo and FackLuigi. They even got together in real life to duke it out. This was a very close game as FackLuigi was able to have all the answers to take out Geo and move on to the Finals.

2. Hartford Wailmers Vs. 3. Blackfoot Scrafty

Another rematch between teams that played early on in the season, however due to some unfortunate hax turn 1 this turned into one of the most lopsided matches of the playoffs. The Wailmers took full advantage of a lucky Draco Miss and muscled their way through Blackfoot as they moved on to the Finals.


5. Miami Delphox Vs. 2. Hartford Wailmers

This match was hyped up to be one of the best matches of the season as two of the best coaches in FackLuigi and Clod9 faced off for the second time this season. Both coaches have had incredible seasons and knew how the other was going to play but however there can only be one winner. FackLuigi seemed to have the answers to all of Clod9’s tricks and after several incredible plays the game became 3-3 and anyone’s game. It wasn’t until a series of predictions and smart plays that ended with Hartford’s Mamoswine vs. Miami’s Florges. Mamoswine goes for Iron Head and Crits the Florges to win the game for the Hartford Wailmers.

Congrats to the PDL Season 2 Champs The Hartford Wailmers!

PDL Playoff Bracket Challenge

9 people participated in the Challenge to predict how the playoffs would go. 4 People predicted Clod9 would win it all. 3 people said Geo would take the crown and the remaining 2 had Fackluigi and Whimsicott winning it all. Funny enough no one predicted the exact finals but the final match decided who won it all. Congrats to Prof. Snag for picking the best bracket for this Season!

All Stars

This year we decided to have a bit of fun and each team got to send one of their Pokemon to the All Star game from their team. Then the coaches voted on the 3 people they wanted to represent their conference.

Ultra Sun Conference

Coaches:  Geo, RottedMushroom, Lynian

Pokemon: Tapu Koko, Zygarde 50%, Miltank, Crobat, Snorlax, Scizor, Darmanitan, Jolteon, Necrozma, Tapu Fini, Rotom-W, Melotta

Ultra Moon Conference

Coaches: Whimsicott, Bigby, Clod9

Pokemon: Vileplume, Tentacruel, Cinccino, Volcarona, Ursaring, Raikou, Sawk, Jirachi, Togedemaru, Silvally, Celesteela, Victini

from here the coaches each picked 6 mons that they were going to use in the All-Star Game:

Ultra Sun:

Tapu Koko, Jolteon, Snorlax, Zygarde 50%, Crobat, Darmanitan

Ultra Moon:

Celesteela, Jirachi, Volcarona, Raikou, Tentacruel, Vileplume

The teams faced off on showdown. It was a battle of fun techs and Critical Hits. Check it out below:


Interview with Clod9

Clod9: Today I’m joined by one of the best looking coaches in the PDL and the Season 2 winner Clod9!

C9: Stop you are making me blush, but honestly I’m excited to be here!

Clod9: We are glad to have you and may I say you are looking fantastic! Have you lost weight?

C9: YES! Thank you so much for noticing! All this preparation for PDL and forgetting to eat has really helped my figure.

Clod9: Enough with the pleasantries, let’s start at the beginning, how did your draft go?

C9: Honestly my draft went almost exactly as I planned. I went into the season wanting a specific core and I was able to pick it up with relative ease. Granted I felt pressured round 2 to pick Mimikyu and I did, but luckily Lynian wanted Mimikyu and we were able to work out a round 2 trade so I could get my boi Mamoswine. I saw another coach in a league have Mamoswine, Primarina, and Rotom-Heat and I thought that was an insanely good core which really fit with my personal playstyle of bulky offense combined with set up sweepers. Honestly I had notes of what I wanted my draft to look like and besides some of the later picks where I filled in what I was missing I got what I wanted, especially the Round 5 Tier 5 Linoone! One of the favorite pokemon that forces opponents to prep for it whether or not it shows up to battle. Overall I was very pleased. I knew we had a good draft, so I was happy.

Clod9: Who were you most/least looking forward to battling this season?

C9: I love battling so I’m always happy to battle anyone but I will say I was terrified to play against Hydra both times we battled this season. There is something about his playstyle and team that just scares me. On the other side, I was really excited to battle Aggie this season. I helped him a lot last season and I loved watching him grow over the two seasons. Fackluigi is another great opponent because I feel we bring out the best of each other and we always have great games. Other than that I really wanted to face Lynian and Geo and unfortunately that didn’t happen this season, maybe next season!

Clod9: Why did you choose the name Hartford Wailmers?

C9: I am originally from Connecticut and it is a tribute to the former NHL team the Hartford Wailers.

Clod9:  Let’s talk about your season, did you expect to do this well?

C9: At the beginning of the season I don’t think I would have confidently said that I was going to win it all. I really liked my team but there were several other teams that had scary rosters that I thought would have a good match up against me. It wasn’t until probably week 8 or 9 where I really felt comfortable with my team and I thought to myself, “If I can’t win it all with this team, then I probably won’t ever win it all.” I grew to really love my team and I think this season made me a much better Pokemon Battler. I’ve been playing at the top of my game this season and I’ve very happy with the result.

Clod9: Who was your favorite mon to use this year?

C9: That is a tough question that I’ve been thinking about since I started writing these articles back in week 1. I love using Linoone but I rarely got to use it to its full potential. Vileplume is favorite of mine but every week I found myself wanting to bring Primarina cause it almost always had a good match up. Prima was the real MVP of my team this year putting in a crazy amount of work and running a variety of sets.

Clod9: What was your favorite Set that you brought this year and were there any techs that you didn’t get to showcase?

C9: My favorite set that I brought was an Offensive Vileplume that I used in Sun to beat DizzyD. Twinkle Tackle Vileplume is just fun to watch. I really wanted to run a Sub Endeavor Scolipede but I never found the right time to do that. Most of the fun sets that I wanted to use I got a chance to use at some point which made me happy.

Clod9: I assume you will be back for Season 3?

C9: Yes! I would love to come back for Season 3. I have a few Surprises up my sleeve for next season.

Clod9: Can we have a sneak peak into what you have planned?

C9: I’ve told a few people already but if I can get it I will be using M-Audino next season! Be scared!

Clod9: I know I’m terrified. Now let’s learn about you as a pokemon fan. What Pokemon generation did you start with?

C9: I started with Pokemon Red. I clearly remember not knowing how to play the game and had a Venusaur by the time I battled Brock.

Clod9: What is your favorite region?

C9: I’m a sucker for Sinnoh. I have so much nostolgia for that region. That is where I first got into competitive pokemon however Johto is a really close second. I spent many hours playing through that game. All the Gen 4 games!

Clod9: Who is your favorite Pokemon?

C9: ODDISH! That is part of the reason I drafted Vileplume this season is because of my love of the little plant. I will say Furret holds my number 2 spot.

Clod9: If you had to pick: Attack or Special Attack?

C9: 100% Attack.

Clod9: What is your battle style:  Stall/Hyper Offense/Bulky Offense/Balance?

C9: My I really like to set up and sweep which is more offensive but I think overall my best playstyle is Bulky Offensive. Live a hit and Hit harder!

Clod9: Do you prefer Speed or Trick Room?

C9: Speed all the way. If I’m going first I have a better chance to crit or flinch.

Clod9: What is your favorite Weather; Hail/Sand/Rain or Sun?

C9: I do not normally play weather on any of my teams as I despise both Sand and Rain but if I had to pick I would choose Hail.

Clod9: Electric/Misty/Grassy or Psychic Terrain?

C9: I really like Grassy Terrain. It weakens EQ which helps my Poison types.

Clod9: Favorite status to inflict: Sleep/Freeze/Paralysis/Burn or Poison?

C9: Paralysis by far. I love the speed control… and the chance for a wasted turn =D

Clod9: Have you watched the Pokemon anime? If yes, what is your favorite Theme song?

C9: Much like you Clod9 I’m a huge fan of Pokemon Johto, but 2b a Master has become my favorite.

Clod9: Once again thank you again for joining us here this week for the final PDL article this season. Congrats on winning the league. Are there any parting words you would like to give to your fans or anyone wanted to get better at draft league?

C9: “Any team and beat any other team on a given day. It is all about who wants it more and who’s willing to put in the work to get it it!” Thank you again for an incredible season! I’ll be back for Season 3. Wailmer Nation! Fins up!