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PDL Recap Week 11

PDL Recap Week 11

PDL Week 11 Recap

Week 11 down and only 1 more to go! Let’s hope for some exciting games and see how the regular season rounds out over the next 2 weeks before playoffs.

DEP vs. SHS: 1-0

NWN vs. COG: 0-1

HEH vs. SLC: HEH Forfeit

VAV vs. TOT: VAV Forfeit

BFS vs. JAX: 1-0

NYY vs. NJJ: 4-0

BEN vs. MIN: 0-4

PIP vs. MIL: 4-0

HFW vs. MID: 3-0

ITA vs. BAL: 2-0

LOL vs. BLP: 4-0

AUK vs. DCC: 0-3

This week may be the first week we didn’t have a 6-0 victory which is showing that the training over the course of the season is making everyone better, which is making it so that no match is a push over and everyone has a shot at taking someone down. Every match is still important because tiebreakers go down to how well each team does so even if you are not in playoffs, your matches still have value.

Playoff Picture

This week I’ll be doing a breif overview of what is left before we explain exactly how everything is shaping up before playoffs

Corsola Cola

BFS #1 If BFS wins next game

NWN #2

Green Tauros

COG #1

SLC #2

SHS needs to win last game to get to 7-5


HFW #1

ITA wins and is #2 or PIP losses

PIP needs ITA to lose and to win last game for #2

Rhyhorn Steakhouse

MIN win and #1

BAL Win and Guarentee 1/2. Need MIN to lose to get #1

MID Needs both MIN and BAL to lose to get #1 and one of them to lose for a shot at second.

Playoffs at the moment










10 PIP

11 DCC

12 SHS

DCC, PIP, SHS and MIL are all fighting for the last 3 spots in best of the rest. If DCC, PIP, and/or SHS win their last week then they are in if they lose MIL win then there are a bunch of tiebreakers that go into effect and any team could make it in. One week left and it all comes down to a couple games. Not to mention how each team will be seeded.


We haven’t completely forgotten about Pick ems. With only one more week it will come down to how well you can predict what will happen. Only 4 points separate 1 and 5 so anything is possible if you have a good week. We will have a separate system for playoffs that I will explain next week.

Interview with Fackluigi

This week I’m joined by one of the most feared battlers in the PDL, Fackluigi!

Clod9: Thank you Fackluigi for joining us this week. Let’s start at the beginning: how did you prepare for this draft?

Fackluigi: Most of my draft prep for this season was just my draft prep for last season, except I knew I didn’t want to draft anything on my team last season. All I specifically planned was I wanted Infernape or Kyurem-Black round one, in that order. So by the third pick of the draft I basically just looking at my rankings of pokemon by type I had created for last draft with no real plan.

C9: Has your team performed up to your standards so far?

FL: I’m happy with my team so far. There are a few exploitable weaknesses you guys are figuring out, but it’s fun to use, which is about all I can ask for.

C9: With only 1 game left, how do you think it will go?

FL: I’m fairly confident I can beat Bigby. I feel the matchup is slightly in my favor, but one surprise is all it takes to change the outcome of the battle, so it comes down to who preps for all the little possibilities better.

C9: Who are/were you most looking forward to battling this season?
FL: I was looking forward to our battle until I started the process of prepping for it because you were my only regular season loss last year, and I wanted some revenge. That obviously didn’t work out too well. Your team is too scary.

 C9:  I appreciate that! I’m always looking forward to playing you since it usually makes for a good game. Since you have a guaranteed playoff spot is there someone you are hoping to play/avoid in playoffs?
FL: I’m not really hoping to avoid anyone, I want to play the best out there because it’s the most fun. As for people I’m hoping to play, the obvious answers are you, Zcron, Sigma, and Snag because you guys are all of my draft league losses, but revenge matches haven’t exactly gone well for me so I’ll hold off on that one and just say I’ll be happy to play anyone.

C9: Why did you choose the team name, Miami Delphox?
FL: One of my favorite sports teams is the Miami Dolphins, and delphox kind of sounds like dolphin, so I just went with it.

C9: Were there any secret techs that you brought for your matchups that you didn’t get to showcase?
FL: For sure, one notable one was I brought a natural gift hp ground sneasel vs Hydra to catch either the infernape or kelfki, but he brought scarf nape and magnet rise klefki, so the opportunity never presented itself. I’ve also been trying to do a bunch of stuff with the super effective berries, and the situations for those don’t come up super consistently.

C9: Who would you say is the mon you are/were most excited to use on your team this year?
FL: Easily Ursaring. When I get bored I’ll just throw max attack adamant ursaring into the calc and gawk at how much damage it does to everything on the other team.

C9: Being in the Rhyhorn Steakhouse Division is no slouch, and still within reaching distance of the top spot. How has life been in the toughest division?

FL: It’s been fun, having no easy divisional matches with the importance placed on divisional record certainly presented a challenge. Despite not all of those matches going as I would have wanted them to, I’ve enjoyed all of those matches and feel I’ve learned a decent amount by going through the trials of my division.

C9: You literally embody the phrase, “Silent but deadly” as many of us don’t know much about you as a Pokemon Fan. When did you start listening to PUCL?

FL: I first heard of PUCL a little over a year ago, when I met Thatch and Geo through school. That’s what got me into this community. I’ve tried listening to a few episodes then, but I just can’t get into regularly listening to any podcast. I’ll still occasionally turn on an episode when I’m up late studying (which can’t be great for my productivity but whatever) but it’s not very often. I routinely keep up with the discord channel, checking general at least every few hours to see what people are doing, so I’m basically a textbook lurker.

C9:What Pokemon generation did you start with?

FL: My first game was Leaf Green, so I guess that’s technically third gen.

C9: What is your favorite region?

FL: I’d have to say as a region design I like Alola. I always got excited when I would go to a new island, when in other regions when you were travelling across them it would kinda just feel whatever most of the time.

C9: Who is your favorite Pokemon?

FL:. Breloom. I’ve always thought that little thing jumping around and punching stuff was super cool. It was always a staple on my Hoenn teams.

C9: If you had to pick: Attack or Special Attack?

FL: Special Attack because they just have a better feel. Stuff like Thunderbolt and Ice beam seems way more interesting than moves like Brave bird and Superpower.

C9: What is your battle style:  Stall/Hyper Offense/Bulky Offense/Balance?

FL: My preferred battle style is Bulky Offense, but more offensive. Whenever I make a team on Showdown, I always find myself just throwing 6 wall-breakers on a team and just loading into a battle. I’ll legitimately throw a band or specs on 3 or 4 things most of the time.

C9: Do you prefer Speed or Trick Room?

FL: Definitely speed. It’s so much more consistent and gives you the tempo of the match when you have the speed advantage. I put so much value to being able to outspeed the other team when I build.

C9: What is your favorite Weather; Hail/Sand/Rain or Sun?

FL: I love specs Kyurem, so hail is probably my favorite to use. M abomasnow also catches a lot of people off guard with its bulk and power.

C9: Electric/Misty/Grassy or Psychic Terrain?

FL: Psychic Terrain, lele was a core member of my team last season, and sending off psychic or psyshock in psychic terrain just felt so good.

C9: Favorite status to inflict: Sleep/Freeze/Paralysis/Burn or Poison?

FL: I’d go with paralysis for the speed control, even tho they changed that this gen.

C9: Have you watched the Pokemon anime? If yes, what is your favorite Theme song?

FL: I’ve watched a bit, but wouldn’t be able to recognize any of the theme songs other than the super obvious “I wanna be the very best.”

C9: Will you be participating in the Summer League to collect badges this summer or any other pucl event?

FL: I wasn’t planning on it. I’ve thought about doing the Summer League with various things I had sitting in my boxes from PDL or UUTC, but I don’t feel like I’m the target audience of the Summer League, as I have a decent grasp of competitive mons already.

C9: Thank you once again for joining us this week! Good luck in your future battles! That’s all the time we have this week. See y’all again next time!