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PDL Week 0 Draft Analysis and Power Rankings

PDL Week 0 Draft Analysis and Power Rankings

PDL Season 3 Draft Recap

After a successful draft for season 3 it is time once again to over analyze every team and see if they are up to standards. This year I’m going to be analyzing each team based off a set list of criteria that I think are very useful to have on a good team. I will also be briefly giving my thoughts on the each coaches draft and how I think it might fare. I’m looking at all teams post draft before any trades were made. I will be ranking all 24 based off the following criteria:

  1. Do you have 2+ Stealth Rock setters?
  2. Do you have 2+ Hazard Removers?
  3. Do you have a Fantasy Core (Steel, Dragon, Fairy)?
  4. Do you have a Fire Water Grass Core?
  5. Do you have a Pokemon with speed 110 or more?
  6. Do you have a Pokemon with Speed 50 or less?
  7. Do you have a Pokemon with Spikes?
  8. Do you have a Pokemon with Toxic Spikes?
  9. Do you have a Pokemon that can set up?
  10. Do you have some Speed control? (Webs/TR/Tailwind)
  11. Do you have a Grounded Poison pokemon?
  12. Do you have a Ground type?
  13. Do you have a cleric (Heal bell /Aromatherapy)
  14. Did you effectively choose Z captains?
  15. Were both Physical and Special attackers drafted?

To see the full teams and roster check out the HUB:


With that let’s jump right into the draft analysis.

Corsola Cola Division

Columbus Gallade: 14/15

Overall a very good draft. The only thing missing from the draft is a mon that could set up spikes. The cores are a little weak with the fairy type being Granbull and the grass type being leafeon but I’m really excited to see how he uses it. There is lots of set up potential on both the physical and special side so prepping for this team is not going to be easy to do.

Pittsburg Piplups: 12/15

This team hasn’t completed the Fire Water Grass core, which while not necessary to a good draft but it does help out a lot. While the team isn’t weak to hazards not having a grounded poison type means toxic spikes become more useful against this type of team. The sand core I think will work really well this year especially with excadrill which is a terrifying mon both defensively and offensively. Make sure you have an answer for it.

Hartford Wailords: 10/15

The weakest part of this team is the reliance on Silvally. The team has several 1 type mons or mons that fill double up on typing without hitting a lot of important types for a draft such as ground, dragon, and fairy. This leaves Silvally for have to fill those roles. Not only that but Silvally is the only defogger on the team. While there are 2 rapid spinners most times they will not want to have to run rapid spin in order to have good coverage. I’m excited to see how Puckbud will pilot this team.

Edmonton Entei: 13/15

There are 2 big issues i have with the draft and they are not completing either core. Not having a fairy type in draft league i think is an issue with most teams having a powerful dragon type. The other issue is not having a water type to finish that core. I feel that leaves holes in the team. Despite some weaknesses it is a top rated team for hitting all the other boxes.

Pewter City Golems: 10/15

This team has a good mix of Stealth Rockers and defoggers but the double golem pick is a little questionable since they basically fill the same role. Otherwise it seems like a decent draft. Not having any spike setters or a grounded poison can be an issue if used against them.

Heartland Haunter: 10/15

Hazards and Hazard removal are what are keeping this team from being higher. Ferrothorn is the only main hazard setter and i’m not particularly fond of the defoggers of Scyther and Koko. However I’m a huge fan of the Koko-Ferro-Goodra core and there are a lot of other good mons on this draft. I think the coach may want to rethink a z move or two but otherwise I think it has a lot of potential.


Green Tauros Division

Republic City Fire Furret: 13/15

The only thing missing from Clod’s team is the option for spikes and Toxic Spikes but other than that this team is fairly solid. A good mix of offense and defense with decent speed tiers overall. Not much more I can say about my team.

Blackfoot Scrafty: 12/15

This is a really interesting team. There are a lot of lower tiered threats on this team that deserve their spot. The only things going against them are not having a ground type in their draft. That and their team is relatively slow so don’t bring trick room. I’m really excited to see how Rotted pilots this team.

Minnesota Nidokings: 12/15

Snag has drafted a very defensive team this year with mew. It looks like he had a plan going into the draft and then some of the later picks seems to be filling in gaps for his team rather than playing with synergy, but it is snag and he will find a way to do some great things with it!

Belper Beedrill: 14/15

This draft has almost everything you would want in a draft. Good defense, hazards and good removal. The only thing I can fault is that there really isn’t a good mix of special and physical attackers. The team is overwhelmingly physical and I think lacks some special power but with the ever improving british gent, I’m sure he will make up for it.

Star City Staraptors: 14/15

This is another really solid draft missing just spikes from full points. I really like the offensive presence that this team emits. Between Krookodile and Heatran there is a lot of potential and a lot of mind games trying to prep for this team.

Manitoba Magnezone: 14/15

This is one of the best teams drafted this year. It has so much potential. It can do almost everything you want to be able to do in draft league. We haven’t seen M-Sceptile shine in draft league yet… maybe this year will be the year!


Toxapepsi Division

Miami Delphox: 13/15

On paper this team looks disgusting but then when you take another look at it, you realize there is no fairy type on the team. That isn’t a bad thing but it is important to know, especially when team building. Fack is an incredible battler so I know he will make up for it. I think the Infernape Celesteela core is disgusting along with Manaphy and thundurus-I. An offensive team that is going to be a nightmare to prep for.

Thundurus From Down Undurus: 13/15

Sparky has drafted an deadly team this year. There is a lot of physical power with good set up options however, he does lack the special offensive power. Sylveon is the most offensive special threat, while that isn’t bad it isn’t that good either. That might be a point of weakness for them throughout the season but i wouldn’t count sparky out. He is very capable and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

San Antonio Squirtle Squad: 12/15

This might be one of my favorite drafts of the season. Jeremy drafted such good value in every tier and has an incredible draft. The only issue is that he doesn’t have a fairy type. It isn’t needed for a successful draft but it is nice to have. I just personally love a lot of these mons in draft league like Gengar, escavalier and miltank. I’m sure Jeremy will put this team to good work.

Clearwater Magmar: 14.5/15

This is another team that is so close to full points. You may notice the half point that was given and that is because of the lack of physical power on the team. There are several threats like nidoking and hawlucha however nido is usually run mixed and hawlucha needs an SD before it can do any real damage. However it is a team that can do everything you need. Very solid draft.

Glittering Cave Gardevoir: 10/15

I feel that TheBoyGardevior left a lot on the table. After the draft concluded I think he had over 200 free points unused which is not the most ideal thing. This team has a lot of duplicate typings which could be an issue. Granted they are types that do synergize well together. I’m excited to see how he can use this rag tag group of mons to riot against the other teams.

Rochester’s Scalding Volcanians: 12/15

Dennis, despite not having Mimikyu, has a good draft. He showed us in the past what he can do with Volcanion and again it returns to cause more mayhem. I especially love the kecleon pick, because it has so many viable sets in draft league and with protien it can type change like a true chameleon.


Rhyhorn Steakhouse Division

Kona Diamond Head: 14/15

Seth and Ozzy have given into the darkness and drafted semi stall with some breakers. Reuniclus and Clefable are draft league all starts the require prep to be done in order for them not to take complete advantage of your team. I do find this team to be very slow and post draft they still don’t have a water type. I think that is crucial to a good draft but maybe they can make a transaction to acquire one or show us that you don’t need them.

San Antonio Espurrs: 15/15

Sublime checked off every box with this draft. Hazards… he has it. Removal he has it. Set up he has a lot of it! This is a team that took full advantage of the tier list and found some hidden steals in the lower tiers. I really like this team and think that it is probably the most complete. Hats off to you Sublime. Good draft!

Salt Lake Combee: 12/15

Lynian has a really bizarre team in my mind. It looks like he wanted to go one direction and ended up changing half way through. That is also what makes it so interesting and difficult to prep against. Lots of bulk and lots of offensive power. You never know what he is going to bring week to week. I know lynian will show us some fun strats and surprise us all.

San Paulo Scizor: 12.5/15

I really like what Dell has drafted this season. He has good bulk to pair with Zard Y and and Bulu. Outside of those 2 mons I find that his team lacks power. A lot of mons need to set up in some way before they are a threat which in draft league isn’t as easy to do. I think dell is in for a real challenge this season fighting in a tough division and conference.

Houston Zeraora: 11/15

Despite some of the type duplicates and shared weaknesses of the mons of this team, I actually like what Aggie drafted. I think the Aurora Veil offense that he has will be really tough for teams to deal with if he gets a chance to set up. I think this team will be underrated until Aggie shows us it’s true potential.

Dayton Dragonites: 14/15

Dexio drafted an overall solid team. It is comprised of a bunch of mons that have good potential and can be deadly in the right hands. Charizard is tough to play with because of it’s rock weakness, but if you have 4 other defoggers and rapid spinner then it may not be an issue at all. I think we are in for a team with this team because it has so much potential.


Four times this season we will have power rankings for PDL season 3: Post Draft, after week 4, 8, and right before playoffs. Geo and I will both be sharing our rankings along with the community average submitted by the other coaches. For this first ranking I will be purely going off the numbers of the draft analysis, not taking into account the coaches ability. Geo will give his thoughts below and then we will have the community rankings all side by side. We are only ranking the top 12. These are bound to change as the season goes on and do not take into account any trades these teams have made. If you don’t see your name the best thing you can do is win your games and prove you deserve to be on the list.

Geo’s Rankings

So for my rankings this time around it based mostly on draft. I would say 70% the other thirty percent comes from what I could figure out about you as a coach and a player (recent placings in PUCL tourneys etc.). I can already see a few people who ranked maybe a little lower than you would expect and a few probably higher than you would expect. Ordinarily it would be switched and from the weeks following as I do these it will probably reflect that. We have a few new people in the league (new to me) so I am very excited to see how they perform. One of the greatest things though, is that the gap between the ‘top’ tier and ‘bottom’ tier drafts are lessening. As is play among the coaches. So good luck to everyone and happy hunting.

Community Rankings

For the Community rankings we had about 17 people participate. If someone was ranked 1st they received 12 points, 11 for second and so on down to 1 point for 12th. Then we summed up the numbers each coach got and ordered them in descending order and those are the Community Rankings. The point values overall were very close so you never know what will happen on the next go around.

Without Further Ado here are the Week 0 Power Rankings:


1 San Antonio Espurr Miami Delphox Republic City Fire Furret
2 Clearwater Magmar Sao Paulo Scizor Miami Delphox
3 Columbus Gallade Thundurus From Down Undurus Columbus Gallade
4 Kona Diamond Head Columbus Gallade Thundurus From Down Undurus
5 Star City Staraptor Belper Beedrill Kona Diamond Head
6 Belper Beedrill Republic City Fire Furret Sao Paulo Scizor
7 Manitoba Magnezone Pittsburg Piplups San Antonio Espurr
8 Dayton Dragonite San Antonio Espurr Star City Staraptor
9 Miami Delphox Blackfoot Scrafty Pittsburg Piplups
10 Thundurus From Down Undurus Star City Staraptor Houston Zeraora
11 Republic City Fire Furret Salt Lake Combee Blackfoot Scrafty
12 Edmonton Entei Minnesota Nidoking Clearwater Magmar


As you can see we don’t agree on the rankings. Now it is up to you to show us and the rest of the community just what you can do. Who knows, you may even end up on here next time. Until then, Happy Battling!