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PDL Week 10 Recap

PDL Week 10 Recap

PDL Week 10 Recap

10 weeks down and 2 to go. Let’s see how we got to this week:

DEP vs. BFS: 0-6 Forfeit

NWN vs. NYY: 4-0

TOT vs. HEH: 6-0 Forfeit

VAV vs. SHS: 0-6 Forfeit

COG vs. BEN: 5-0

SLC vs. NJJ: 5-0

PIP vs. JAX: 0-2

HFW vs. MIL: 2-0

ITA vs. BLP: 6-0

LOL  vs. AUK: 0-2

MID vs. MIN: 0-4

BAL vs. DCC: 2-0

It seems like the long season is having its toll on the players. Even with the bye weeks a 12 week season is more of an endurance test than a sprint. I can say from personal experience that this is the time were it all matters. When you are exhausted and mentally worn out, is when you need to bring out your A game because the season is not over and playoffs are right around the corner! Speaking of playoffs lets look at how this last week shakes things up.

Playoff Picture

Now that teams are starting to guarentee playoff spots its time to talk about seeding.
The top team of each division will be the 1-4 seeds and will recieve a first round bye. These teams will be seeded based off Tiebreakers.
The second team of each division will make up the 5-8 seeds based off Tiebreakers.
Out of all the remaining teams the 4 with the best record and Tiebreakers will make up 9-12 seeds respectively.
The bracket is as followes:
Round 1:
8 plays 9 (winner plays 1)
5 plays 12 (winner plays 4)
6 plays 11 (winner plays 3)
7 plays 10 (winner plays 2)
For a better layout checkout the playoffs tab on the PDL Hub Just because you have a spot in playoffs doesnt mean you can throw away the rest of your season. Seeding is just as important. On to the Divisions
Corsola Cola
BFS and NWN are the only teams that will represent Corsola Cola in the Playoffs. Which team will be 1 and which will be 2 are still up for grabs. NWN has the edge in Tiebreakers so BFS will need NWN to lose 1 more game than they do to get the top spot in the division.
Green Tauros
COG has clinched 1 for the Division.
SHS and SLC: Win out and you are in as the second seed. Mainly this is looking like it will come down to the final match of the regular season which is a battle between these two teams.
SLC if you win a game even if you lose the last game of the season you will guarentee playoffs with 8 wins
SHS winning 1 game even if you lose the last game of the season will put you in the 7 win spot which may be good enough for playoffs (not confirmed yet)
HFW clinched 1 for the Division
ITA and PIP 1 win puts you in the 7 Win spot which may be good enough for playoffs
ITA has the Breakers over PIP so if the two teams have the same record ITA will take the second spot for the division.
Rhyhorn Steakhouse Let’s looks at how the current standings have these teams arranged according to breakers
1. BAL: 8-2
2. MID: 8-2
3. MIN: 7-3
4. DCC: 6-4
5. MIL: 6-4
6. AUK: 5-5
There are 3 teams that still have a potential shot at winning the Division: BAL, MID, MIN
BAL needs to win out to guarentee the top spot
MID needs BAL to lose one game while winning out to get the top spot
MIN needs MID and BAL to lose a game while winning out to get the top spot
The other 3 teams in the division can still  make playoffs but that will come down to the next 2 weeks.
I want to reiterate that every match is important. There are senerios where the team that gets in is based off how well other people they played did so keep playing your hardest because that could be the difference between getting in and not. It is sure to be an exciting playoff race. Tune in next week to see how everything stands as we approach the final week.



This is the final week for trades and we have some

BLP Rhydon T5 AUK Gabite T5
AUK Gabite T5 BLP Rhydon T5
JAX Hitmonlee T4 Free Agent Cradily T4
JAX Hydreigon T1 Free Agent Goodra T1


BLP and AUK traded Rhydon for Gabite. AUK is still in the hunt for a playoff spot so hopefully this trade will help them achieve that goal. Secondly we have JAX dropping Hitmonlee and Hydreigon for Cradily and Goodra. These trades make JAX’s team bulkier which means harder to take down.

Interview with The British Gent

This week I’m joined by the master of tea, The British Gent.

Clod9: Thank you The British Gent for joining us this week. Let’s start at the beginning: how did you prepare for this draft?

The British Gent: Thank you for inviting me here today. Well to be honest I was 2nd from last for the pickings so I had to come to terms with the fact some of my first picks could be taken so I had to select a few pairs in case something was sniped. Plus the fact I wasn’t going to be at the selection day ment I had to put together a big lost of mons I’d like.

C9: Has your team performed up to your standards so far?

TBG: Well to be honest my team has changed a little since the start but overall yes. I know I don’t have the best results but for me I have improved since last season. My wins have been close but it’s still a win.

C9: With only 2 games to go how do you think you will fare? Any dream crushing in your future?

TBG: Well I have ozzy and zcron left. I’m looking forward to both games. Ozzy beat me last season so I’m deffinetly looking for a win. As for zcron, well I don’t believe I have gone up against him before so I want to have some fun. This dosent mean I’m not going to try though!

C9: Who are/were you most looking forward to battling this season?
TBG: To be honest I look forward to every battle. Every match out there is something to learn from and enjoy. Though to be fair battling Ozzy will be good. There’s no time difference for starters.

 C9: Where were/are you least looking forward to battling this season?

TBG: As before, no one really. There have been some real hard battles though to go up against. Geo and yourself were really tough matches to prep for.

 C9: Why did you choose the team name, The Belper Beedrills?
TBG: Well Belper is the place I live now and the beedrills, well i thought it just went together pretty well. I also love the design of beedrill.

C9: Were there any secret techs that you brought for your matchups that you didn’t get to showcase?
TBG: I took togekiss into battle once but didn’t get chance to show of what it had due to a crit I believe. So I might bring it for my last 2 matches if I can.

C9:  I know your chances of playoffs are over but give us your overall thoughts on the season.
TBG: Overall the season has been a great one! All the coaches have been great fun and have been helping each other out prepping for each other’s matches. Even before we get to the play offs there are so many teams battling it out down to the wire it could be anyone’s game.

C9: Would you come back for a season 3? And if yes what would you do differently?

TBG: Oh most definitely! This is so much fun and I’ve loved it since the beta when we tested it all out.

What I would do differently you ask?


  1. Make it to the selection day.
  2. Put some priority on my team and don’t trade it.
  3. Don’t trade a 3rd of my team away in the first week of trades. Seriously, someone stop me!

C9: Let’s learn about you as a Pokemon Fan. When did you start listening to PUCL?

TBG: I think it must be about 4 years ago. It wasn’t long after I started my new job at the time and i needed something to listen to. I’d never listened to a podcast before and PUCL was one of the first. PUCL also got my love of pokemon raised.

C9:What Pokemon generation did you start with?

TBG: Generation 1. Red and blue. I know in the past I’ve told the story before when I first found out about pokemon so I won’t repeat it but I loved drawing the generation 1 pokemon when I was in school. The whole concept of the game and the pokemon got me hucked even before the games came out.

C9: What is your favorite region?

TBG:  This might go against some fans but I really enjoyed sinnoh. The pokemon, all the legends (yes I will admit there are a few to many), having 400 plus pokemon to catch in the games was mind blowing at the time for me.

C9: Who is your favorite Pokemon?

TBG: My favourite has changed, changed and changed again if I’m honest. I love mawile, beedrill, heracross and medicham. Yes they all have megas but I still find there none mega forms fun to use and run through the games.

C9: If you had to pick: Attack or Special Attack?

TBG: Attack. Look at the above pokemon I chose.

C9: What is your battle style:  Stall/Hyper Offense/Bulky Offense/Balance?

TBG: I don’t really think I have one. I don’t stall, but looking back at the pokemon I pick I guess they are mostly are hard hitters.

C9: Do you prefer Speed or Trick Room?

TBG: Speed all the way.

C9: What is your favorite Weather; Hail/Sand/Rain or Sun?

TBG: I think rain right now. Ive started using it in the summer league battles I’ve been in.

C9: Electric/Misty/Grassy or Psychic Terrain?

TBG: Grassy. Getting that health back is always a good thing. That big Bulu brings it along and right now Bulu is a fave of my little girl.

C9: Favorite status to inflict: Sleep/Freeze/Paralysis/Burn or Poison?

TBG:  Freeze or paralysis. Freeze has come into play before for me and paralysis just messes with people. Stopping someone in their tracks altogether is fun.

C9: Have you watched the Pokemon anime? If yes, what is your favorite Theme song?

TBG: Yes I have and still do due to my little girl. It’s our thing we do together in the morning at the weekend. My favourite theme song has to be the first one now. My little girl was sharing on the sofa and out of no where she just started singing it.

C9: Do you plan on collecting badges or participating in any PUCL events this summer?

TBG: I am indeed! As of right now I’ve battled 4 leaders and have 2 badges. I’ve tried to use the same pokemon but it looks like I might have to change things up a bit.

C9: Now the most important question, What is your favorite kind of tea?

TBG: There’s only one kind of tea you should drink and that’s Yorkshire tea! A drop of milk with a touch of sugar (I know it’s bad but I’ve always been a bit of a sweet tooth.). Stirred  anticlockwise 6 times with a silver teaspoon. Now that my friend is a cup of tea.

C9: Thank you once again for joining us this week! Good luck in your future battles! That’s all the time we have this week. See y’all again next time!

TBG: Thank you for having me once again. Good luck yourself in your forthcoming battles!