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PDL Week 6 Recap

PDL Week 6 Recap

PDL Week 6 Recap

The Season is half over and we have had a lot of ups and downs already this season. This is going to make the second half even more exciting to watch and report.

DEP vs. DCC: 0-1

NWN vs. MID: 0-5

HEH vs. VAV: 0-5

BFS vs. MIL: 5-0

TOT vs. MIN: 0-4

COG vs. BLP: 6-0

SLC vs. NYY: 1-0

SHS vs. PIP: 0-1

BEN vs. HFW: 0-5

NJJ vs. JAX: 0-5

ITA vs. LOL: 5-0

BAL vs. AUK: 2-0

There were a lot of really close games this week with 3 of the matches coming down to the last couple of turns and several matches where momentum swung back and forth throughout the games until the final turns where 1 play decided the entire match. This is just a testament to how the teams are improving and everyone can have the potential to win any game with the right prep and play. The back half is normally where people start losing steam and become lazy in their prep, but you must remain strong and fight through to the end. Every match is important. I started looking at some of the playoff scenarios and every match has the potential to be important, so it doesn’t matter if you are out of contention or barley making it in, give it your all and do your best.


Ever since we the first week, no one has been able to predict all 12 games and this week is no different. The closest last week was 11 and that is just not good enough to be mentioned in the article. With the season half over I’m going to look at the overall standings for the PDLP. We have 3 people tied for 1st with 55 points and 2 in 4th with 54 points so it literally is anyone’s game. All it takes is that one good week to turn then entire league around. Keep up the picks and I’ll catch yall next time.


There were no week 6 trades, but there are going to be a lot next week so look out!

Power Rankings with Geo

Clod9 Geo
1 Columbus Gallades Columbus Gallades
2 Miami Delphox Miami Delphox
3 Hartford Wailmers Hartford Wailmers
4 Baltimore Oricorios Baltimore Oricorios
5 Norwalk Nosepass Blackfoot Scrafty
6 Miami Lanturn Norwalk Nosepass
7 Pittsburg Piplups Miami Lanturn
8 Blackfoot Scrafty Pittsburg Piplups
9 Minnesota Nidokings DC Crobats
10 Salt Lake Combees Minnesota Nidokings


We have a couple of shake ups in the Power Rankings for both Geo and myself and I can say that it was no easy task for us this week. While we may have some a lot of the same picks we differ on who we think is doing well and who has been playing the best as of Week 6. I wish we could put all of you in here because there has been a lot of improvement. 6 more weeks and 2 more Power Rankings before playoffs.

Interview with H3nz

This week I’m joined by one of our friends from across the pond, H3nz

Clod9: Thank you H3nz for taking the time out of your busy day to answer these questions, First off, welcome back to the PDL. How has this season been different than last season?

H3nz: Thank you very much for the warm welcome! I really think that this season is a lot more balanced than the last- I think there is a higher overall play ability and fewer broken teams which is really nice to see.

C9: How did your draft go in your opinion?

Hz: … Quite frankly Clod, my draft was a big mess – I initially ended up with an ice weakness on almost every Mon aside from chandelure and I messed up my tiers at the end and got left with no sand setter- the plan was to pick up gigalith the whole time since it was pretty fair I felt that it would not get picked – especially as scron picked up mega tyranitar but he wanted gigalith to then I planned for hippodown but dispute leaving the points I forgot to pick up a t3 so I ended up with gastrodon. Then the plan was to trade for hippo but dizzy d then grabbed that up after he missed the draft ( a little injustice I felt but oh well, my own fault right). So yeah my draft was one scary event for my team.

C9: With the season half over, how do you think you fare going into the second half?

Hz: I’m really hoping to pick up the slack in the second half as my record is feeling a little dull right now with 3-3 , I did play geo and rotted during that first leg but the second part has sent big names in it to with the Miami lanturns who made playoffs last season and the salt lake combees week 12 who have shown to be formidable opponents already so I’m pumped for that

C9: Who are most looking forward to battling this season?

Hz: Not going to lie it was scron, but once again the PTSD fish made me hand my ass to myself ( more on that later) but I’m also looking forward to playing the lanturns next week.

C9: Is there anyone you are glad you don’t have to face in the regular season?

Hz: Not really, to be honest I love the challenge of people who play really well, would have been nice to see loan ranger return for season 2.

C9: You and Zcron seem to have a bit of an ongoing rivalry, between playing each other several times last season and both drafting sand this year, how does this affect the way you’ve been playing?

Hz: Ok let’s scratch the surface of this big iceberg, the first time I played scron he severely underestimated me and I was on for a 6-0 in season 1 Vs him, but he forfeited, then I had him again week 1 of the playoffs that same season and I thought he would once again play like he did the first time, I choked big time when I had the tools to win and felt the consequences with a loss. This lead me to give scron a few ideas coming into the next week helping him to get to the semi and beat the almost previous unbeaten Miami delphox (fack Luigi) my thinking was if scron beat me he had to at least place well overall.

This season we both seemed to go into the draft with similar thinking just like last season ( when we both wanted galvantula webs) this season we both went for sand and once again scron struck first going for gigalith before me (just like last season with galvantula ) and me seeing this took great delight in snapping up stoutland grabbing the other viable sand rush user, but after a while I managed to get my hands on gigalith.

Finally our game last week was nasty – once again I had the tools to win and threw it by not clicking my screen hard enough this time! I was so hasty to drop the bloom doom on the wishiwashi ( cursed fish that messed me up last season) that I didn’t click my faulty 3ds screen properly and ended up with a normal grass knot, just chipping it into 50% berry range but enough the the z move would have definitely killed, a lesson for all of you,

Click that screen properly!

I hope to play him again if I can make playoffs.

C9: Who drafted the better sand team?

Hz: It was undoubtedly scron, his was hard sand with mega tar and excadrill, true OU stuff, my team, well let’s just say as much as I love that jawline, mega chomp is a meme and stoutland is a PU Mon that almost always runs choice band in smogon teirs due to its underwhelming attack stat, finally my sand setter is the lowest point one! budget sand if you like, with some added webs and t-spikes as well as a few pivots, and then a few monsters like chandelure, designed to function inside and outside sand.

C9: Were there any secret techs that you brought for your matchups that you didn’t get to showcase?

Hz: When I prepped for rotted mushroom I really brought some sauce, unfortunately I was snorlax 6-0ed not best start to the season, but in that game I had rindo berry gastrodon with mirror coat, because of the boring nature of the 6-0 that we both saw as soon soon as team preview happened we played a second game after where he held back snorlax till the end and got to use my sniper focus energy ariados with elecroweb and hp ice, as well as the rindo berry mirror coat allowing me to return 2x the damage on a grassinium z from noivern!

C9: Who would you say is the mon you are most excited to use on your team this year?

Hz: My draft was mainly in support of mega chomp essentially to see if I could make it good (ish) hence the sand and sticky webs, t-spikes, wish and heal bell support as well as zapdos to help bring it in safely with volt switch, it has been a little underwhelming tho as it excels against balance and stall style teams while I have played lots of offensive teams so far that forces it to run lots of bulk to tank hits Vs faster mons.

C9: Let’s learn about you as a pokemon Fan. When did you start listening to PUCL?

Hz: Funny enough just over a year ago now, my parents we going mad on podcasts and I had a look for a Pokémon one, from there I sent in a few mailbags and then joined pdl season 1 and more recently game corner which was a blast, I really encourage readers to try it, hit up snag on discord if your interested 😉

C9:What pokemon generation did you start with?

Hz: Gen 4, I first had a few “freebie” Pokémon cards from a friend and was hooked ever since, my first game was heartgold and I got it pretty soon after it came out, after playing my friends games I was super excited to start !

C9: What is your favorite region?

Hz: Johto, honestly -it’s essentially 2 regions in 1 cause you can go to Kanto too, and of my first game being heartgold I saw plenty of it, it took me months to beat bugsy’s scyther as at the time I only used my bayleef and spammed razor leaf 😂 hence love of scyther and other bugs began.

C9: Who is your favorite pokemon?

Hz: if there had to be one it would be scyther but I have quite a long list of mons I really love including durant, galvantula and yanmega just to name the bugs

C9: If you had to pick: Attack or Special Attack?

Hz:that’s really tough for me, I love hitting stuff hard with physical attacks, from stuff like conkeldurr and mega chomp and watching them drop, but catching people off guard with my skillfull playing of galvantula or watching bug resists drop to tinted lens bug buzz are z of my favourite things of competitive play, for that reason it has to be special I think

C9: What is your battle style: Stall/Hyper Offense/Bulky Offense/Balance?

Hz: personally I like bulky offence but I am a fan of some good old AV buzzwole balance or webs hyper offence

C9: Do you prefer Speed or Trick Room?

Hz: It’s a fact I have a chronic love of trick room be it stakataka OU cheese or last pdl season’s conkeldurr, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love my webs hyper offence, overall button clicking trick room has to be right near the top though.

C9: What is your favorite Weather; Hail/Sand/Rain or Sun?

Hz: I love hail just cause of alolan slash, but how could you not love quillfish rain, then again I drafted sand so it’s a toss up.

C9: Electric/Misty/Grassy or Psychic Terrain?

Hz: hate facing grassy terrain love playing bulu, but lele always needs a dedicated check in team building and Koko almost always has hawlucha with it so its gotta be grassy

C9: Favorite status to inflict: Sleep/Freeze/Paralysis/Burn or Poison?

Hz: burn mostly, but I am partial to the yellow colour (para) every now and then

C9: Have you watched the Pokemon anime? If yes, what is your favorite Theme song?

Hz: it’s gotta be the first diamond and pearl theme, the only Pokémon thing my older sister cares for, a bit of a family meme to be honest.
All in all thanks for having me Clod it’s been fun.

C9: Thank you once again for joining us this week! Good luck in your future battles! That’s all the time we have this week. See y’all again next time!