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PDL Week 9 Recap

PDL Week 9 Recap

PDL Week 9 Recap

The final stretch before playoffs has begun and there are several teams fighting for their shot at playoffs

DEP vs. ITA: 0-2

NWN vs. TOT: 6-0

HEH vs. PIP: 0-5

VAV vs. LOL: 0-6

BFS vs. NYY: 6-0

COG vs. BAL: 0-1

SHS vs. NJJ: 6-0

BEN vs. AUK: 0-5

SLC vs. MID: 0-1

HFW vs. BLP: 3-0

JAX vs. MIN: 0-3

MIL vs. DCC: 0-4

This week brought some surprises and some very close games. There are no longer any teams that are undefeated after this week which means the pressure for a perfect season is off and now the fun can really begin. These games are very close and everyone has a chance to have a strong finish to the season, but lets jump into the playoff picture and how the teams can make playoffs

Playoff Picutre

Corsola Cola Division
  • BFS: to get first round bye needs to have a better record than NWN
    • 1 win guarentees 1/2 for playoffs
  • NWN: To get first round bye needs to have same or better record than BFS
    • 1 win guarentees 1/2 for playoffs
  • VAV: needs to win out to hit 6-6 (potential best of the rest seed)
    • to get second in division needs: to win out, BFS lose out
  • DEP: needs to win out to hit 6-6 (potential best of the rest seed)
    • to get second in division needs: to win out, BFS lose out

Green Tauros Division

  • COG: Guarenteed 1/2 in division for playoffs
    • 1 win guarentees #1 in division
  • SLC: To get 1st in division needs COG to lose out and SLC win out
    • To guarentee playoffs needs SHS to lose 1 game or win out
  • SHS: to get second in division needs to win out and SLC lose 2 of last 3 games
    • Winning 2 games gives 7-5 record which should be good for playoffs

Toxipepsi Division

  • HFW: 1 win guarentees 1/2 in playoffs
    • 2 wins guarentees first round bye or 1 win and a PIP loss
  • PIP: Win out and HFW lose 2+ games to get first round bye
    • To get second in division needs a better record than ITA
    • 1 wins puts them in 7 win bracket
  • ITA: To get first in division needs to win out, HFW to lose out, and PIP lose 1 game
    • to get second in division needs to have the same record or better than PIP
    • 2 wins puts team in 7 win bracket
  • LOL/BLP: winning out can put team in 6-6 (potential best of the rest seed)
Rhyhorn Steakhouse Division
There are so many varients of how this can go im only going to cover how each team can hit number 1 and get the first round bye
  • MID: Win out/ better record than BAL and the division will guarentee 1st round bye
    • 2 wins guarentees 1/2 in division
  • BAL: win out = 2nd in division unless record tied with MID then 1
  • MIN: to get first win out, MID loses 2, BAL loses 1 and MIL loses 1
  • DCC: to get first win out, MID loses 2, MIN loses 1
  • MIL: to get frist win out, MID lose out, and DCC loses 1
  • AUK needs to win out get to 7-5 based off breakers it is very likely that 6-6 will not be good enough to make playoffs for AUK
To show how crazy this can get, after the next two weeks the rhyhorn steakhouse could have 5 teams with a 8-3 record. That would make it where a best of the rest team could have a better record than some of the divisional teams. This goes to show that the Rhyhorn steakhouse is not to be trifled with.


With only 2 weeks left for trades everyone seems to be slowing down as we only 1 trade this week

SLC Landorus-T T1 DEP Zygarde 50%
DEP Zygarde 50% T1 SLC Landorus-T


The Salt Lake Combees trade Landorus-T to the Detroit Pyroars for Zygarde 50%. I think this can benefit both teams as they are trading 1 monster in the format for another. Both have a 4x ice weakness and can set up so there isnt much difference other than the utility of each mon which is up to the coaches to utilize.

Power Rankings with Geo

This is the last Power Rankings before the season ends and we make our final rankings so give it your all in the next 3 weeks and you might make your way into the top 10.

Clod9 Geo
1 Miami Delphox Columbus Gallades
2 Hartford Wailmers Miami Delphox
3 Columbus Gallades Hartford Wailmers
4 Baltimore Oricorios Baltimore Oricorios
5 Norwalk Nosepass DC Crobats
6 DC Crobats Miami Lanturn
7 Salt Lake Combees Blackfoot Scrafty
8 Minnesota Nidokings Norwalk Nosepass
9 Pittsburgh Piplups Salt Lake Combees
10 Miami Lanturn Minnesota Nidokings


There have been a lot of teams that have proved themselves over the past few weeks. DCC started 0-3 and is now 6-3 and near the top of the standings. This only goes to show that the season ends only when you give up and with hard work and determination you can make a difference and climb the ladder to the top of the league. This is just one success story of how teams are improving and that no one should be counted out until the final mon goes down. Keep up the good work and we will see you next week.

Interview with The Seth Vilo

This week I’m joined by the stall master himself Seth Vilo!

Clod9: Thank you Seth Vilo for joining us this week. Let’s start at the beginning: how did you prepare for this draft?

Seth Vilo: I prepared by doing thorough planning about this season’s evil plans. How would I change up my normal team strategy and keep it interesting? How could I resurrect Gen IV teams I had made so long ago? I had the plan ready for Draft Day, only to watch as the linchpins of Flygon and Scizor were taken from my evil grasp. Soooo I reverted to my normal team style with a couple fun new things. In picking the S-tier, I looked up at my girlfriend who was already bored of me staring at a computer for hours drafting, and asked “should I take the fluffy Dragon, or the jet plane Dragon?” So that’s how I started with Mega-Altaria. “Prep”.

C9: Has your team performed up to your standards so far?

SV: Yes and no. I had a lot of fun with it, which is what I was going for. Other than my battle against the utterly terrifying Fack Luigi, I never felt completely unprepared. There was always a way to wriggle out of something. My wave of trades the other week was just my mood shifting; I just really, really wanted to use Latias and Breloom all of a sudden and found a way how. I’m excited to see how they do in the last 3 battles!

C9: With only 3 games to go how do you think you will fare?

SV: I think I’ll do decently! As I write this, I’m pondering how to prep against you, actually, which is my next battle at time of writing. With a few losses under my belt, I feel a lot less pressure on myself to do well, and can have more fun. It’s almost freeing, and I’m really excited!!

C9: Who are/were you most looking forward to battling this season?
SV: Goodness, I’m gunna sounds like a suck-up but I really just enjoy battling anyone I’m matched up with! Newer players and older players alike, I just like having fun. That being said, I am excited to exact my revenge on Zcron…

 C9: I know I’m looking forward to battling you this week,  are there any hints you want to give the readers about our match up?
SV: THE EON TWIN SHOWDOWN! Who will come out on top?? PLAAAACE YOUR BETS! But in all seriousness, I’m hoping to pull a couple secret fun ideas out of my bag of evil tricks [evil laugh].

C9: Where were/are you least looking forward to battling this season?

SV: Oh, so many people… Namely: anyone in my division, my inconsistent Wifi, the battery on my 3DS that I had to replace, even myself on what Silvally to pick this week. Did I mention my whole division? Cause my whole division. RHYHORN STEAKHOUSE!!!!

 C9: Why did you choose the team name, Miami Lanturns?
SV: Here we go! I was Googling team names I could manipulate back in Season 1. I stumbled upon the Miami Dolphins logo, and with my newfound Photoshop skills took on the project of replacing the dolphin with a favorite of mine, Lanturn. I did that, and here we are! The logo you’re seeing was redone by the amazing Ozzy, cause mine was…. Too close to the original to put on a shirt.

C9: Were there any secret techs that you brought for your matchups that you didn’t get to showcase?
SV: There were a few scattered here and there of me trying to be super clever. I had a Rowap + Rain Dance Milotic against Fack Luigi, Ditto strategy in general, and even random Mirror Coat and Magic Coat on some sneaky things. Often, Silvally is my tech I bring that is least used, which is actually physically painful to type as that’s my second favorite Pokemon.

C9: Who would you say is the mon you are most excited to use on your team this year?
SV: Well, given I made a billion trades the other week, right now I’d answer this question with Latias and Breloom. They are another two of my favorites and I’m super excited to find fun ways to play them. What’s that? Why yes I completed that “Favorite of Each Type” chart recently and that’s how I know this, thanks for asking!

C9: You are currently in the most brutal division with 5 of the 6 teams still in contention for number 1. How do you think your division will end up? Where do you think you will fall?

SV: RHYHORN STEAKHOUSE REPRESENT!!!! Bow before us and tremble in fear! Even if I didn’t end up contributing much except 84-turn battles… I think it’ll be decent for the Miami Lanturns, but not as strong as I’ve done before. Both good and bad, as I said earlier. With every loss brings more memes…

C9: Let’s learn about you as a Pokemon Fan. When did you start listening to PUCL?

SV: I started listening to PUCL in about February of 2017. Having gotten into the TCG heavily at the time, I was looking for something else to fill the long car rides of work. I happened upon the Sun / Moon TCG Review episode, and have been hooked ever since.

C9:What Pokemon generation did you start with?

SV: Gen 1 all the way boi!! I started on a Pokemon Blue Version that I got for Christmas one year, bundled with a brand new GameBoy. The rest is history.

C9: What is your favorite region?

SV: Hoenn all the way. Kanto is boring, Johto is okay but never really stuck for me. My most formative years in Pokemon was Ruby and Sapphire. That was also when both me and my siblings could play, what with them being old enough to speak and all, so it unlocked more levels of fun (and getting my butt handed to me by my brother’s Flygon, DARKNESS). I love the trumpets, I love the color, I love the plants, I LOVE THE WATER, and I love the pokemon introduced. #GEN3BESTGEN

C9: Who is your favorite Pokemon?

SV: Sableye all the way. It’s the Stitch of Pokemon.

C9: If you had to pick: Attack or Special Attack?

SV: It’s really mixed here… For setup, Attack all the way. The moves are so much better and more threatening. But for general nuking, (almost) nothing is better than clicking Draco Meteor and watching the opponent be reduced to a fine red mist. If I had a Remoraid to my head, I’d probably say Special Attack.

C9: What is your battle style:  Stall/Hyper Offense/Bulky Offense/Balance?

SV: Haha.

But honestly, I’m not the “STALL” player I’m made out to be, says the defendant from the stand. My teams usually start with an endgame sweeper of some sort that is bulky (Zygarde, Latias-M, Clefable, etc), than a stupid bulky core is built around them. My end-game is always to whittle, and then sweep. But if you can’t break past my defensive line and I don’t have to lift a finger, that’s fine by me!

C9: Do you prefer Speed or Trick Room?

SV: Probably Trick Room, While I like a lot of fast things, it’s not my usual style. Stakatakatakatakatakataka is really fun to use, and I like generally turning the tables Old-Man’s-Chess-Game-Before-A-Bug’s-Life style.

C9: What is your favorite Weather; Hail/Sand/Rain or Sun?

SV: Rain all the way, both in Pokemon and IRL. #BackInGen5, Rain + Volcarona was one of my favorite teams to run.

C9: Electric/Misty/Grassy or Psychic Terrain?

SV: As the Grass-type gym leader, I am contractually obligated to say Grassy Terrain. It also happens to be my favorite outside of contract.

C9: Favorite status to inflict: Sleep/Freeze/Paralysis/Burn or Poison?

SV: That’s a tough battle between Burn and Badly Poisoned. I love both, Poison for “stalling”, and Burn because of its Attack-drop utility. Again with a Remoraid to my head, probably Burn.

C9: Have you watched the Pokemon anime? If yes, what is your favorite Theme song?

SV: I have watched the anime, but really need to watch it more because what I’ve seen of Sun and Moon is incredible. But question two, is that even a question? Original all the way!

C9: You are one of the Gym leaders for the PUCL Summer League, what encouraging words do you have for any potential battlers?

SV: Have fun! The Gym Leader team is all really excited to get this Summer going, and feel free to ask questions and battle again and again! The whole goal is to have fun.

To wrap up, I shall quote the encouraging words of Keldeo, “Fite me.”

C9: Thank you once again for joining us this week! Good luck in your future battles! That’s all the time we have this week. See y’all again next time!