Pokemon Catch-Up: “Pokémon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back” Part II

Welcome to Pokemon Catch-Up! Today, we’re covering the second part of Pokemon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back. The movie itself is a little too long for a single article so I decided to split it into three parts. Last time, we left our heroes in the large hall on Mewtwo’s island where trainers were just getting situated after braving the storm that Mewtwo summoned.

If you didn’t know, PUCL has a movie club that already covered this movie. Unlike this article which servers as a synopsis, the movie club dives into the quality of the movie, the plot, and so on.

As a quick note, I apologize about how long this article took to come up. A few personal things coupled with the dense story of the movie (in comparison to an episode of the show) caused me to be very VERY behind. Part III of the series should take much less time.

Today’s Movie: Pokémon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back


We’re right about half an hour into the movie. Ash, Misty, and Brock have entered the mansion on the “Master’s” island and the lady (who looks suspiciously like the missing Nurse Joy) lead them to the three other trainers that have made the journey. The woman then prompts them to release their Pokemon from the Pokeballs. The door closes and the shot zooms out to show Team Rocket climbing up the side of the building.

They are discussing entering the mansion via a sewer lower down. Mew joins them unbeknownst to the team. Jessie senses its presence but when she turns around, nothing is there.

Meanwhile, our heroes let all of their Pokemon out and they join the other trainers. There’s a trainer who flew there with his Pidgeotto. There’s Fergus who used his Gyarados and rode over on its back. Lastly, there’s another trainer who presumably used her Dewgong.

The light go out and a column of light appears in the middle of a spiral staircase. The hypnotized Nurse Joy announces her master’s arrival.

It’s, of course, Mewtwo.

We cut back to Team Rocket who is making their way through a tunnel. Mew follows them but disappears any time one of the team members look back to find it. They arrive at a ladder.

Back to Mewtwo who finally arrives. The lady announces that Mewtwo is not only the greatest Pokemon trainer, he’s the greatest Pokemon. Fergus immediately protests. A Pokemon cannot be a Pokemon master! Mewtwo uses his powers to lift Fergus high up into the air and then throws him in a nearby pool of water.

Fergus beckons his Gyarados to attack with a Hyperbeam. Mewtwo stops the blast mid air and sends it back to Gyarados who flies back and faints. Mewtwo dehypnotizes the lady and it’s finally, officially, revealed that she’s Nurse Joy.

Mewtwo explains how he hypnotized Nurse Joy and then calls himself a ruler of the world.

Back to Team Rocket. This scene switching is exhausting!

Team Rocket stumbles on some kind of laboratory where a Blastoise, Venosaur, and Charizard are resting in a liquid-filled sack. They bear markings on their bodies that are usually not seen on those Pokemon out in the wild. Jessie walks over to a computer and accidentally turns it on. The computer activates a machine that clones Pokemon. The machine grabs Meowth and removes a sample of its hair.

A projector shows the analysis of the hair and then a brand new Meowth exits the machine into its own liquid-filled sack where it could rest as well.

The computer continues to play back a recording of a scientist. The scientist explains how they found the remains of Mew.

The scientist explains how they replicated Pokemon but made them stronger in the process. Then he goes on to talk about the laboratory’s destruction at the hands of Mewtwo.

Meanwhile, Mewtwo is giving the trainers a little speech. He talks about his imprisonment and his “storm” that will effectively destroy the world and help Mewtwo create his own world. The Pokemon also clarifies when asked that Pokemon will not be spared since they have aligned themselves with humans. Pikachu jumps from Ash’s shoulder and tries to argue.

Mewtwo flings it in the air with this psychic powers and Ash catches and falls with it. A trainer tries to attack Mewtwo with his Rhyhorn in an attempt to catch him but Mewtwo lifts the Rhyhorn off the floor with his mind.

Ash challenges Mewtwo to a match and the Pokemon reponds by waking up the tube Pokemon from the laboratory.

The trio of starter evolutions leave the laboratory. They reappear in the grand hall where Mewtwo continues his story. He cloned the starters to make them more powerful. A window behind Mewtwo disappears to reveal a large Pokemon stadium. The lights turn on.

The other trainers call on their own starter evolutions and Ash summons his Charizard who immediately attacks Mewtwo with a fire attack that the Pokemon effortlessly blocks.

The Pokemon and their trainers relocate to the stadium where Mewtwo stands on one side while Ash and the other trainers stand on the other.

Venosaur steps forward for the first battle and the cloned Venosaur meets it in the field. The cloned Venosaur blocks a Razor Leaf and then lifts up its enemy to throw it out of bounds. The pair of Blastoise are next. The regular Blastoise fires off a Hydro Pump but the clone retreats into its shell, spins, and deflects the attack. The spinning shell hits the real Blastoise and knocks it out of the field.

Misty prompts Ash to forfeit since the clones are too powerful. But Ash isn’t giving up. Finally, Charizard vs. Charizard. Ash tells it to use its speed rather than power. Both Charizard take off.

They trade punches and circle each other in the air, flying above the clouds into the moonlit night. The clone grabs Charizard and slams it into the ground. The real Charizard gets up but falls over.

Mewtwo declares himself the victor and claims his prize by using strange black Pokeballs that have one big eye on it. The Pokeballs float through the air and attempt to capture all of the Pokemon. One by one, the Pokemon are captured despite their efforts to fight, and their trainers’ efforts to shield them. Ash recalls his Pokemon in an attempt to save them but the black Pokeballs capture those as well.

Finally, Pikachu is the last Pokemon on the run. Pikachu uses its speed to dodge the Pokeballs. When the black Pokeballs gain on it, it uses an electric attack to stun them but more follow. Ash runs after it up a staircase that leads to the top of the mansion. He nearly falls to his death but recovers. Meanwhile, Pikachu is exhausted and falls off the staircase. The black Pokeball catch it before it hits the pool below.

The Pokeballs disappear into large openings in the floor that immediately close; however, not before Ash makes it through as well.

In the laboratory, Team Rocket watches as the black Pokeballs are scanned, naming off all the Pokemon that show up on the screen. The scanned Pokemon are cloned and end up in the same fluid-filled sacs as the starter evolutions earlier in the movie.

Ash comes out on a conveyor belt and cuts off Team Rocket before they can say their motto, “I don’t have time for your dumb motto today!”. He jumps after Pikachu’s Pokeball, trying to wrangle it away from robotic arms.

The computer scans Pikachu but Ash’s efforts to destroy the mechanical arms causes some kind of a shortage in the computer. Pikachu escapes the Pokeball and the computer nearly sets on fire. The clones come out in increasing numbers and immediately “hatch”. They exit the lab. The computer finally explodes and lets loose the originals. Bulbasaur and Squirtle run up to Ash happy to be free.

Back at the Stadium, Mewtwo stands in front of his starter clones while staring down the trainers.

And that’s it for today!

This article took an absolutely astonishing amount of time to put together and we still have Part III to go where the epic showdown takes place. Look out for it a couple of weeks from now!


  • When Team Rocket watches the cloning computer scan various Pokemon, they yell out “Who’s that Pokemon?” at the projector which shows a silhouette of the scan
  • When a silhouette of Scyther shows up, Team Rocket calls out “Alakazam”
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