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Pokemon Draft League Discussion with OldManTup

Pokemon Draft League Discussion with OldManTup

Pokemon Draft Discussion with OldManTup

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Clod9: Today I’m interviewing OldManTup about his experiences in Draft League. How Many draft leagues have you been in?

OldManTup: I started off in the GBA, I did a few stints in the PPL D2, I was in the NSTL, another i can’t remember, the NPA so at least 5.


C9: Which out of those was your favorite draft league?

Tup: The one i can’t remember i had a really good team. It was relatively broken and under appreciated. I really liked my run the NPA the Season I was there. A lot of really good people play in that league and I made my first playoff run.


C9: What do you think is essential to a good draft? Something you would always want to plan to have on your team?

Tup: When people ask me what people should look for in their draft the first thing i tell them is to establish what your particular playstyle is going to be in the draft. It doesn’t matter if you have the 6 most broken mons the league you draft in, if they don’t fit a playstyle that you are effective utilizing you are not going to be successful. You might win some matches , but all in all you are not going to enjoy the way you play and you are not going to have the success you should despite how good you draft. Someone from the league (PDL) asked my that question and they showed me a draft plan. I was like, “This is the team that you presented, this is how that team is going to play. Is that your playstyle”. That was something they hadn’t thought about. That is something that happened to me the first times I drafted and I struggled. I struggled hard. I was drafting good mons as opposed to drafting mons I’m familiar with or that fit a playstyle that I am comfortable with. To finish off this question with a story. If I were to sit down and make a draft plan. I like bulky mons. I like having switch ins to everything. Mons like Hippowdon, mons like Zygarde 50% (Which is banned in PDL). Mons like that. Mons that can take a hit and sustain themselves. Those are the cores of my team. As well as pivot mons so volt switch and u-turn. Those are the things i look for when building a team. So you need to make a list. These are the thing I need on a team to be successful. Then pick what you think is most important to you. For me If I see Zygarde 50% in a league, granted I’ve only gotten it twice, but it’s a mon I know is successful and I can run with. Another mon I like to draft first round is Excadrill. It has fantastic typing, underappreciated bulk with its hit points. Even without sand support it can fit on most teams.


C9: You have a really interesting take on what is essential for a good draft. A lot of the times you hear you need a couple things that can set up rocks or mons that can get rid of hazards. Which makes you pick specific mons versus what you are saying which is to pick to your playstyle.

Tup: Now for a lot of people that is high on their priority with. It is just my specific playstyle. I don’t 100% need SR on one of my top value mons in order to be successful in the way i play. I don’t draft mons that are weak to SR so hazard removal isn’t high on my list. If the people drafting are use to OU then that is going to be higher up on their list of thing than someone who just plays to the beat of their own drum.


C9: What’s your worst habit you have when preparing for a draft?

Tup: My worst habit when trying to prepare for a draft, is leaning to hard on the people who are helping me with my draft. (Front Office). A lot of the times when I’ve drafted not to my playstyle, I’ve leaned too hard on the recommendation of the people who drafted good mons for my team and not good mons for me. A good example, is the GBA D-league S2, when M&J TV was debuting in draft format. He was paired up with MegaMogwai (Who was a coach at the time). Mogwai drafted him a beast of a team. But it wasn’t a team M&J TV could play with so he struggled. It depends on what you plan on going into the league to do. Are you going to have fun, hang out with friends, or are you going to be more competitive. I try to balance them both but the competitiveness usually ends up a little higher. That’s why you have to draft a team that you enjoy because you are going to have to enjoy it whether you win or lose. You don’t want to sit there with a team, shaking your head asking yourself, “Why did I draft all these pokemon” A lot people can fall into the trap of, “Oh this is really good. A lot of top draft competitors take it so I’ll be successful with it.”


C9: What would be your Round 1 Pick 1 if you couldn’t pick Zygarde 50%?

Tup: It depends on the league that I’m in. A lot of the leagues that I’m still affiliated with, I’ve been with for so long that I’m familiar with the draft tendencies of the coaches I’m playing with, That I know when i can let something that in one league i have to pick in Round 1, I can let slide a few rounds. In the GBA particularly one that comes to mind is, my favorite mega to draft in Ultra Sun Ultra Moon, is M-Beedrill and that never ever gets picked.


C9: Why do you like M-Beedrill so much?

Tup: M-Beedrill has like 130-150 attack plus adaptability. So you have Adaptability U-Turn and that does so much damage. My last match in the UUTC was against J3di DJ. I had M-Beedrill out and he had Galvantula. Granted I was Adamant M-Beedrill but it clean one shot it. I just wanted switch priority. I think it’s underrated. It doesn’t have the best coverage and has maybe 3 sets but its so good. Especially in draft. There are not a lot of things on every team that are common counters to what M-Beedrill brings to the table. Most teams have 1-2 things that stand in the way of M-Beedrill setting up and just crapping all over a team. This isn’t the case for OU since Lando or Celesteela Counter it.


C9:  I know you were a part of the NPA which is a 24 person draft. The PDL is the same with a 24 person draft with is very different between the standard 16 team draft. What are the main differences you’ve realized between the 24 person draft and the 16 person draft?

Tup: The things I’ve noticed; The more people you have in a draft the sooner you want to pick your low tier value mons. Usually they stack the upper tiers and the lower tiers (T4, T5) are just filled with the leftover stuff and nobody has anything. There are 3-4  good mons, Don’t get wrong there are good mons, but the crem dela crem stuff that you want that can fit into a team you might have to take Rounds 3,4,5 as opposed to letting it fall to your 7,8,9 pick. Other than that you don’t plan heavily when you have a draft of that many people, cause if you over plan, you are redrawing your draft plan 3-5 times in a single round.  


C9: Where do you want to be placed in a draft/ Where do you think is most optimal ?

Tup: Optimal is either the wheel picks, First or last, or relatively close to that because generally you are getting relatively close picks. It’s forever between you next picks but you have guaranteed a pair of mons that you can pair together, that give you an optimal synergy for your team. I’ve noticed that when I’ve been there, it’s easier to build a more synergetic team. Opposed to when you are in the middle of the draft, and I’ve been there and I hate it, it’s like you get to pick 1 mon and you have to hope that something that pairs well with that mon is available 16 – 30 picks later. You find a lot more parody in a league with more people, because no one ends up with a really broken team because they got good picks in the draft.


C9: Is there any pokemon that you’ve hated going up against or causes annoyance?

Tup: It usually is something i like to play with. Gliscor is what first comes to mind, cause if you have a competent opponent it will just ruin your day, unless you happen to knock it’s toxic orb off or burn it when it switches in the first time. It gets healing through that. Sustainability through roost. It’s 4x weak to ice but if the guy has a good draft it is just one of the mons that doesn’t have to be terribly bulky cause it has enough speed and power and can just rain on your parade.


C9: The first thing that comes to my mind is Mamoswine because I find between the ground and ice moves most teams don’t have a good switch into it but onto a different topic, What advice do you have for people that are on a losing streak, especially if you start off behind.

Tup: I actually have a lot of experience on this topic because I am the all time losingest coach in the GBA. The first season I only had 1 win and i won a crit. One of the last seasons i was win less. I never made playoffs in the GBA and I think the best I’ve done is an even win loss record. But i mean, Keep your head up. Learn from your mistakes. All i can say is watch your replay. Figure out where you went wrong and try to not make that mistake again. There are some matches that you are not going to win based off your teams match up vs another team. There was a team in the UUTC, one week where i was looking and the guys team and I thought, “Unless the guy plays (t)rubbish I’m not going to win.” It wasn’t that i didn’t have confidence in myself it was just the 10 he had vs the 10 i had , I just didn’t have an answer for certain mons. Keep your head up and push on through. Understand that nobody is perfect and nobody wins all their games in these formats. Make it learning experience and try to come back better the next week.


C9: Who do you think is the best player  for someone new to watch to learn about draft league format and it’s strategies?

Tup: There are a couple of people that come to mind. First is Pokeaim, if you don’t know him or heard of him your head is under a rock cause i think he is the most popular and successful person when it comes to what we do on the youtube. Another is PokeMEN aka John. He just became PG so you can watch it with your kids. He is very good about explaining what is going on in his matches. El Scizor from the GBA, if you can get through his thick German accent, he is very good, especially with his team builders. He usually has very detailed descriptions and shows his evs on screen. He almost always goes through explaining why things are the way they are. Gym Leader Geo is one of my favorite people I’ve ever played draft format with. He always plays so unique it’s someone you can watch to get a better understanding of how to put unique techs into your team that will help you beat things. (Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVZvUG-ic34 from the GBA Season 5. It’s one of the best cases of using a unique set to beat a team)


C9: What is a mon you think is underrated in draft league format?

Tup: The first one that comes to mind, because it is one of my favorites to use is Miltank. Miltank is almost always nestled in T4,T5 and it is SO good. It plays the cleric role, it sets rocks, it has 100 base speed and it’s a tank! IT can set up, it has thick fat and sap sipper. You are stacking resistances on top of your self. Ice and fire are usually two of the biggest weaknesses you have worry about synergy wise and having a Pokemon in your back pocket that can resist both of those and is only weak to fighting which is super easy to overcome in draft league. I love it. I can sit in there for day and heal up, or curse set up, and even body slam to spread around that yellow magic (Paralysis). Another mon, is Mismagius. That thing needs a team around it. It doesn’t work on every team. It has 105 speed, and insane special bulky which is overlooked. It has just enough special attack to be useful, and can calm mind or nasty plot up. I think it’s undervalued and when put in the right team in an attacking role it can just drop bombs.


C9: Besides the GBA Season 9 are you in any other leagues and
will you be uploading more draft content to your youTube?

Tup: Not currently. The only other league im active in is the NPA and I don’t think they are coming back until Gen 8. While I’m in the GBA and NPA I try not to do too many other things since they are large platforms and it takes a lot more time to provide the content that that platform requires.


C9: As a parent, and a Pokemon fan, have you brought the world of Pokemon onto your children’s lives and do they enjoy it?

Tup: My older daughter does more than my younger daughter. My older daughter is a spitting image of me when it comes to things in nerd culture go. We all go out and do Pokemon GOing together, we always try and do the community days. For those that don’t know my children are soon to be 13 and 8. My oldest daughter plays the game, not competitive, just enjoying the game the way it should be enjoyed.


C9: Do you ever show them your video and get their feedback?

Tup: My oldest daughter is subscribed to my channel and watches them but not so much. She isn’t huge into competitive battling. It’s more like, “Dad you have this pokemon on your team and it’s cute,you should have used that one” Which makes perfect sense.


Now for the lightning Round!


C9: What is your favorite region?

Tup: Kanto


C9: If you had to pick: Attack or Special Attack?

Tup: Physical Attack


C9: What is your battle style:  Stall/Hyper Offense/Bulky Offense/Balance?

Tup: Balance with a dash of switch initiative


C9: Do you prefer Speed or Trick Room?

Tup: Speed


C9: What is your favorite Weather; Hail/Sand/Rain or Sun?

Tup: Sand


C9: Electric/Misty/Grassy or Psychic Terrain?

Tup: None, They all suck and I hate them with a passion.


C9: Favorite status to inflict: Sleep/Freeze/Paralysis/Burn or Poison?

Tup: Yellow magic all day every day!


C9: What is your favorite draft league story?

Tup: IT was in the GBA and it was only my favorite because it was successful. I was playing against Foofoo who was a coach in the GBA at the time. He had a crobat and it was his last mon. I bluffed the entire match that I was scarf heracross and it wasn’t. I had 3 left and he had 1. He was just convinced that he was getting a stone edge to the face and i clicked Earthquake. He was faster than me and went for roost. So he grounded himself and I went for Earthquake. I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much until I watched it. He live records so i got to see his live reaction when he uploaded his video. I’m not good at bluffing i’ll be 100% transparent with that and it worked and he was just aghast that he was faster than me.


C9: Thank you very much for joining us this week and pick your brain on draft league.

Tup: No problem, I just want to let all the PUCL Draft League competitors to know I wish you all luck in the upcoming season. Hopefully if the stars aline I’ll be joining you in the next season and we will get to play each other. IF you have any questions, not that I’m a super expert or anything I’ve just been around the block, hit me up. My DMs are always open. Some of you already have, but feel free if you need. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out and ask for help.


To listen to the full interview see the link below: