Pokemon Halloween Costumes in Japan!

Hey PUCL peeps!

It’s Scron with a quick and fun article from Japan! This night, morning for most of you, I went to Shibuya to take pictures of Halloween costumes, and have decided to share the Pokemon-themed ones I found with you guys! Enjoy!


Alolan Exeggutor confirmed!


What a terrifying costume. I feel bad for the Pichu plushie.


Lots of Pikachus. I’m hope the clown didn’t find them…

dscn0711 dscn0712 dscn0723 dscn0737

I got the Pokestop!

A trio of Charmanders!


If you haven’t listened to it yet, check out PUCL’s Halloween Episode and our other spooky articles! See you around!

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