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Pokemon News Issue #105

Pokemon News Issue #105

Pokemon News


Welcome to issue #105 of Pokemon News here on PUCLPodcast. And boy do we have a lot of new information this week. Nintendo unveiled quite a lot of information about Pokemon in general, so let’s break down all of it right now.


First up, we have several new Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. We have both new native Pokemon, Alolan Pokemon, and other “creatures” that might be Pokemon.

Our first Pokemon is Jangmo-o, the Scale Pokemon (Dragon Type)


Something tells me we are looking at Alola’s resident pseudo-legendary. It has the abilities Bulletproof and Soundproof.

 Jangmo-o has the pride of a warrior, although it remains humble about its capabilities. In its pursuit to become stronger, it never neglects its training.
Because Jangmo-o uses the scales on its head for both offense and defense, it never turns its back to its enemies. Many Trainers see this behavior and take it as proof that Jangmo-o is a valiant Pokémon.
Jangmo-o gather in harsh locales like canyons, where no other people or Pokémon are around, to live together as they train.


Our next Pokemon is quite the specimen indeed. Say hello to Type: Null, the Synthetic Pokemon . (Normal Type)


Yes, that is how you pronounce and spell Type: Null’s name. And it is one very “interesting” looking Pokemon.

This Pokémon wearing a mask has been dubbed “Null,” meaning nothing.
The shapes of its front and hind legs are clearly different. The reason is that Type: Null was constructed to synthesize the strengths of various Pokémon, enabling it to adapt to any situation.
The mask fitted to Type: Null’s head is a piece of equipment designed to control its latent powers. It’s extremely heavy, so it also serves to hinder Type: Null’s agility.
To complete a certain mission, there was need of a Pokémon powerful enough to rival those Pokémon often spoken of in mythology.

Overall, I like the design of Type: Null. It proves how experimental Sun and Moon is being right now. And I can tell there are going to be more Pokemon like Type: Null, maybe even in this news issue….

Remember how I talked about Alolan Rattata last issue and how Alolan Raticate was going to be a thing? Well, here’s Alolan Raticate. (Dark/Normal Type)


Because urban areas are their main habitat, their diet is higher in calories than ordinary Raticate. As a result, they have become hefty.
Alolan Raticate prefers to eat only fresh fruits and high-class ingredients. There are rumors that a certain top-notch restaurant takes advantage of Alolan Raticate’s taste buds by bringing it along when choosing ingredients to buy, and having it taste test new dishes.
Alolan Raticate continually stockpile huge amounts of food in their nests. They mostly prefer to send out Alolan Rattata to gather food while they themselves stay home in their nests and just eat.

Now how are we gonna kill this one…?


And we have one more to look at. But is this a Pokemon, or something else? What we do know is that it is categorized as an “Ultra Beast”. Code named: UB-01.


UB-01’s body is composed of a glass-like substance. However, it’s constantly changing shapes, never settling on one.
While evidence of something like a survival instinct can be observed in UB-01, no one knows whether it has a will of its own or any emotions. It’s said that, for some reason, its movements resemble those of a young girl.

Young girl huh? I wonder….


But its all just speculation….maybe….


That is it for new Pokemon in Sun and Moon. But that was not all that was revealed with the game. Let’s get into some juicy details about the game itself.

We are now getting our first look at the differences between Sun and Moon. First up, turns out that Sun and Moon are set 12 hours apart from each other. Say for instance someone is playing Pokemon Sun at 2:15 PM. Someone who is play Pokemon Moon at the same time will playing as if they were playing at 2:15 AM. A cool detail to include given the material that they are working with.

A staple with different versions is the inclusion of version specific Pokemon. The only detail that is revealed about this is the Verdant Totem Pokemon encounter. In Sun, the totem Pokemon is Gumshoos. In Moon, the totem Pokemon is Alolan Raticate.


Next up, we have the introduction of new people to the Sun and Moon family. First up, opposition of Team Skull, we have the Aether Foundation.


Led by President Lusamine, her branch chief Faba, and his assistant Wicke, the Aether Foundation’s is a complete juxtaposition to Team Skull.

The Aether Foundation works in the Alola region. The foundation’s goal is to care for Pokémon that have been hurt.
The Aether Foundation has constructed an artificial island called Aether Paradise. There, they not only provide shelter for Pokémon, but also conduct various research projects. It seems that the main character will also be able to visit Aether Paradise during the adventure.

Aether Paradise sounds like the island in the middle of the region map. Its nice to know that this group is doing good things in the Alola region. Can’t wait for them to turn evil…


Speaking of evil, Team Skull has a new recruit. Meet Team Skull Enforcer, Gladion.


This young man lends his strength to Team Skull as an enforcer. He places a high value on being strong in Pokémon battles. His partner Pokémon is the mysterious Type: Null.

It will be interesting to see what Gladion will do for Team Skull. Given that he wields the power of Type: Null, something doesn’t quite seem right with him.


Finally, two familiar faces are coming to Alola all the way from Kalos. Welcome back Dexio and Sina, assistants to Professor Sycamore.


They may look like their on vacation, but instead, they are on a special assignment directly from Kalos itself. Dexio and Sina entrust the player with a special item call the Zygarde Cube.


Looks more like the Zygarde D12 if you ask me. Anyway, this special item allows you to capture Zygarde Cells as you journey throughout Alola. According to the official Pokemon website, “If you collect lots of Cores and Cells, the path to finding Zygarde in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon may become clear.” This item will be your ticket to either capturing Zygarde or powering him up.


And while we aren’t getting an actual Pokemon Snap U anytime, Sun and Moon are giving us something relatively close. This is the Poke-Finder. 109

Using your handy dandy Rotom-Pokedex, you can take amazing photos of Pokemon on your very own Instagram-esque profile, allowing others to like the photos you’ve taken. It will be interesting to see what kind of photos players will take.

One last thing, just like how Gen 1 Pokemon are getting an Alolan version, Kanto’s very own professor is getting an Alolan form as well. Meet Samson Oak, Professor Oak cousin.


Could he possibly give us our first Alolan starter for our journey? Only time will tell.


And that is it for Pokemon News. Man that was a lot of information to cover. Anyway, more news will hit us on the 14th, so stay tuned for more Pokemon News.